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Section 4 / Page 166

The public consciousness

The public consciousness is currently being guided somewhat by popular television. I think that the next wave of net experiences and the growing use of popular eye candy being developed for the net, may mean the public will grow into distinct groups. These groups will probably develop somewhat like the current TV audiences we see today, with the science groupies and the soap fans etc. This is going to be a telling time for the next generation, I mean a global group consciousness could develop using this technology or maybe the different factions will develop online war.

This will be interesting to watch, international power games, may give way to true people power, with global online users forming massive lobby groups forcing the powers that be, to give into their demands. Power is given, not taken, so if people down tools en masse and tell the minority (i.e. the powers that be), that they refuse to work unless their demands are met, then democracy could take on a whole new and much truer meaning. This could bring about huge confrontations between the powers that be and the general public.

Having belonged to the old hack / phreak scene, it was curious to watch how people who had never met in person before, could get together and develop communities. The development of online communities at present, is still limited by both technology and the fact that the mass of the public are still not online. When this changes to everybody being net savvy and online, due to broadband uptake along with easy to use interfaces, then the world will be a different place and considerably smaller in a manner of speaking. We may all in some strange electronic way, come to know each other. So the powers that be may find themselves, quite literally being watched and scrutinised all of the time, so their actions and decisions will then have to be made for the good of the majority, else the majority may lynch them. Democracy may take on a whole new meaning soon, so when Tony Blair spends over three and halve million on his new home, then tells people minimum wage is reasonable, then the power elite may one day be shown the true scale of public outrage, in the new virtual town halls of the future.

On the public theme, I had a conversation with an IT illiterate not long ago, who knows a bit about both me and my eBook, he said to me, that all of the things I predict in my eBook will never happen, because, "THEY", will stop it. My reply was, who are "THEY" and at the same moment, I realised an incredible insight into the average mind, "THEY" means somebody else. So I said, could you stop it, he said, well of course not, you know that I know absolutely nothing about computers, so I replied, so do you think the average person or the "jungle guy" could stop it, he said no. So I guess then you mean, scientists, corporations and governments etc, he said yeah of course. My reply, well, these are the same people who are being paid and paying to invent this stuff, so who are "THEY" again? The reply, I don't know, somebody. I said, well it's like this, it has taken millions of programmers, scientists etc, all over the world to create this stuff, so the chances are, that no one small group or individual could really sort it out and lets just say, all this new technology does get away from us, at that point, I don't believe any or even all of us, could stop it. At which point he said, well it will never happen in my life time he is 38?

So who is your John Conner or Neo, personally I would get all of the best hackers and crackers in the world and then go after all of the smart A.I. systems. First thing to do, disrupt it's lines of communication, hack, crack and break all of the communications protocols, then call ourselves Quartex the next generation?

My tribute to JS?


Small Cog - Big Machine

Each individual on the planet can be seen as just a processing unit within a network, each individual having their brains formatted or programmed for specific tasks. The scientist could not exist without the farmer and the farmer would have less tools to work with, without the scientist. This interdependency plays itself out in many of the relationships we currently see in society and it also shows that the work done by one person cannot be judged as more important than the work done by another. If the scientist had to take time out to grow his or her own food, then more than likely they wouldn’t have time to work on science. This interdependency is going to create major problems within society if the chain reaction scenario takes hold. Established parts of this interdependency network, may begin to crumble simply because other parts of the network have already succumbed to the chain reaction, so helping speed up the process.

The internet challenges the traditional status quo, because it allows information producers to talk directly to information consumers, with little or no middle management involved, this lack of a middle management processor, i.e. governments / editors etc, is a revolution in the making. I sometimes see all of us, as nothing more than content, being processed (middle managed), formatted and pushed through a network. At present the powers that be, somewhat control this network and therefore the content produced. This is done via a standardised education network and work-placement programs etc. As technology progresses and the internet takes a hold, along with easy to use net interfaces, then people should start talking, this could lead to the content (i.e. us) defining ourselves, rather than the powers that be. Every time, this has happened in the past it has led to revolution and with the amount of people now capable of interfacing at the virtual level, then this could lead to the biggest revolution ever, I just hope, it's non-violent.

This eBook is a good example of information producer, meeting information consumer (in other words you), at the virtual level, with no middle management involved, as this eBook has been written entirely by myself and published by myself and your feedback has gone through no filters or changes so as to reach me.

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