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 Section 4 / Page 165

I have seen how the rich live and it is at the expense of the poor.

The rich and powerful can afford to employ other people to generate wealth for them, the poor can only afford to be exploited by this set-up and it is a set-up. I know a couple of millionaires and they all share common personality profiles, they all put themselves first at the expense of everybody else around them, (not you Tommy). So I have come to realise, after living on this rock for a while, that if you put your own self-interest first and not give a damn about the world or other people then you can get ahead. Look after number one and you can make it, this is not a lesson I wanted to learn, but I am tired of having to work within a system that allows people to be treated as just paid slaves for the rich and powerful.

The very rich have nice toys to spend their wealth on, boats, fancy cars, planes, nice homes etc, being poor I wonder how I am going to pay the simplest of bills and how much of my budget goes on food or clothes etc. My problem is I see the big picture and I canít help feeling that most people are scared into submission by social and governmental conditioning along with their perceived position in life. They donít speak out against things they know to be wrong because most of the time, they think they canít do anything about it anyway. So most of us just accept the life we are born into, not really asking some very fundamental questions, the main one being, why is it like this. I mean the whole world and everybody on it has become increasingly conditioned into accepting whatever role they maybe playing. To me itís like where all actors just playing roles in a play that never seems to end (clichť maybe, but still true). I see myself as no different to world leaders or to a starving African, itís all the other people who donít see themselves in this way, who I believe are the problem.

The Nuremberg trials concluded that evil could be defined as a lack of empathy and I believe, this is societyís biggest problem. The competition shown within the corporate sector, along with certain government decisions that can affect millions of peoples lives, shows that empathy is not high on the list of priorities when it comes to decision making. The problem for business is that if you show too much empathy towards the competition,  employees or other companies etc, then this in effect, acts as a counter agent to profit and thatís not good business. This can be seen as a form of evil built into the system and thatís exactly how I do see it.

If we are all willing to accept, proliferate and promote the business model (greed), within society then is it any wonder that the world is the way it is. The lack of empathy shown within the business world is something that kids are now having to learn and accept, thatís if they want to become good and profitable business leaders, which is what they are being taught to become, thatís if they wish to succeed in life. The capitalist ideology is  hierarchical, but is it right, it subjugates the people at the bottom to the will of others, I say NO, because I have learnt a different way, how about you. What's good for business, is not always good for the human race?

I have fallen out with millionaires even though they have been useful to me, because I believe, if somebody is an arsehole, then they should be treated like one. The funny thing is, if I had been subservient and nice to these rich people, then it may have led to a job offer, thus leading to me becoming a politically correct citizen. But instead I signed back on the dole, so becoming yet another scrounger, a bit like most shareholders really? So remember become a sycophantic arsehole, so making most of the rich, along with your government happy or say f*** you and make yourself happy, financial suicide, but morally correct. God, just think of all the wasted opportunities I have had to get ahead, the problem for me is, I don't see why it is, that I should fit in with people I don't consider to be very nice human beings or very bright, just so as I can get a job.

That last paragraph defines the whole problem in a nutshell and if you wish to understand the world we live in, then you should do your best to wrap your mind around what I have just written. If we wish to change the world for the better, then we will have to discontinue using the business model as a way of doing things and employ a new model that incorporates empathy as a guiding principal. Otherwise the masses will always fall victim to the inherent evil, just exampled within the current set-up. If your willing to accept that there will always be rich and poor, then you are also doomed to accept that you are capable of becoming either. I'm sorry I should have shown more empathy in this eBook, towards the rich people I have met throughout life, after all, I bet they have nothing but nice words to say about me?

Question - does the richest person in the world have any more right to the food that he or she maybe eating compared to the poorest? This is a question within an ethically fair society that is non-debatable. Of course both have equal rights to it, but we don't live in an equal or ethically fair society, this is a society dictated by the business model and it is this model at present that is dictating the fate of the human race. So following this ideology to its ultimate conclusion will more than likely result in the chain reaction scenario. Mind you by now you would think, that I would have learned to keep my mouth shut and go and get a normal job and learn to live as a good citizen. Youíre born, you work, you die, living is only something you get to do, if you can afford it and in that sense, I currently canít, so I just sit and type, hoping that one day my words will in some small way, change the path we are ALL on. (In-between working for peanuts). Hopefully and ultimately saving us all, from the path the global free market economy (no such thing) and the business model has in store for us all.

The truth is Earth shattering when you take a look at the numbers, take these figures into consideration, world population is roughly 6,5 billion, so this means the worlds richest man Mr Slim, has taken roughly ten dollars of everyone on the planet.

Anyway I started with, I have seen how the rich live and it is at the expense of the poor, I was watching a program the other day called "your Fayed", all about Mohamed Al Fayed, better known as the boss of Harrods. He took a trip from London to Scotland in his private jet and it was stated within the program, that this trip, would be costing about £15,000 pounds and the journey time, was about halve an hour. Whilst on the plane, he talked about world poverty and how it was getting him down a bit, plus how it made him sick, to see so many poor people in the world? So I carried on watching and during the adverts there was an advert saying, why not become a teacher, the one with the van der graph generator which makes the teachers and the kids hair stand on end. You know the advert, if you live in the UK at least, the one which the spin doctors thought, would evoke happy memories within you, of childhood and school. The advert with the happy go lucky well behaved kids and the smiling teacher in the foreground, Christ just how naive do these spin doctors think we are? The truth is, my friend works in a typical inner city school, he describes the kids as insane, the teachers as hopeless and the bosses as stupid / overpaid, morons who couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery. He's not actually a teacher, he's an I.T. technician, who describes the school as a war zone. The point is, the advert said, the reward for working as a teacher for a year in one of these war zones, would be the absolutely astounding amount, of roughly £18,000 pounds a year, before tax. Roughly the same amount, Al Fayed spent in halve an hour?

My message to the powers that be, poor doesn't mean stupid, it just means poor.

One more thing, would you really want your kids to be taught by people who are dumb or naive enough to be persuaded to become teachers via a recruitment campaign like this, if I had kids, I'd teach them myself.

Day 1 - Economics

Day 2 - Learn to sell.

Day 3 - How not to be manipulated.

Day 4 - Buy a private jet and then worry about the poor?

As this is the poor page, then it makes me wonder if Bob and Bono, plus all of the people who tuned in to Live 8, realized just how much the capitalist ideology itself, is responsible for how the world is. Relatively speaking it is the capitalist ideology, that has managed to bring about the great divide we see between the haves and have-nots. We can pump as much money as we like into solving these global problems. but unless you see the inherent inequality built into the capitalist system, then the problem of rich and poor, will always exist? You have to fix the ideology, if you want a more permanent solution to the rich and poor problem. Governments know this, but still do nothing, because nobody wants to deal with the implications, that such a radical ideological shift may bring about, especially to their own power base?

The human race has always needed a workforce, in the future, this may no longer be the case, if so, then just maybe we can as yet, truly make world poverty, history. Think of it like this, Live 8 was all about ending world poverty, but if you asked most of the people there, to go drive a truck full of aid, into some disease ridden, war torn hell hole, then how many real volunteers, do you think you would get?

Now imagine a world inwhich nobody could get ahead of anyone else, based on how much cash they had?

If this could be done, then just maybe, the human race could grow beyond the petty differences brought about, by the illusions of  wealth and power?

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