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Anyway back to the present, companies that currently use and exploit people or workforces throughout the world, will just as likely exploit an A.I. or virtual workforce. Itís like introducing a bunch of people into a society that are willing to work for next to nothing and never ask questions. Most employers will jump at the chance of using such systems, once the competition starts using them, this is the fateful problem we may all soon face. As I said on the site - the global economy is based on stock market investment and most investors don't care how companies make money, as long as they do. Lower overheads = higher profits = higher return for investors. So if companies are currently prepared to use cheap 3rd world workers so as to maximise profits, then once available, they are bound to use an even cheaper software based or virtual workforce. If you read this letter from an economist, then he gives the impression that this will never happen on the grand scale described throughout this eBook, but I believe that it may only take a couple of unscrupulous capitalists, using cheap software so as to lower their overheads within an open market, to set the chain reaction scenario in motion. This is when democracy and capitalism may come to blows, always keep in mind, that revolutions and civil and major wars, have come about, with even less provocation being needed?

At the moment there are millions of programmers throughout the world all trying to get computers to understand what it is we want them to do. This situation will eventually be turned on its head, as the programs and computers evolve, they will become increasingly capable of understanding anything and everything. Computers have the ability, as do we, to correlate data from many different sources and then process that data into new and insightful thought.

At present we consider ourselves smarter than machines, but this could soon change, with the global introduction of smart devices linked to increasingly smart networks. Computers will eventually have the ability to process the same types of data and from the same types of sensors that humans have, this will eventually lead them to being more capable than any human, the time scales for this coming change are small when compared to human history. This of course will all depend upon whether or not society will allow it to happen, which of course it will, because it has already started.

I looked at a typical job the other day, a receptionist at my local doctors and realised that the hardest part of the job was teaching the people how to use the IT equipment. I then realised that if you cut the human out of the loop, then the process could become even more streamlined. As future communications devices, biosensors and networks develop along with EVA's, then the receptionist job of talking to the patient to find out what's wrong, inputting all that information into a computer system and then passing that info to a doctor, could very easily be bypassed. From the Hello girls to the Strowger switch?

Considering that a lot of jobs, especially back office jobs are actually like this, then the redundancies could be massive, the chain reaction may just be a short technological step away. Check out, this show's UK government plans to streamline (cut jobs), in yet another way within the medical profession. You add that to online health monitoring i.e. allowing your medical status to be checked at home via increasingly smart medical technologies and then you add that to a virtual online doctor or diagnostic type set-up, and guess what?

Anyway virtual doctors, now have virtual patients to deal with, so who needs humans?

I have this immense pressure upon me to go and get a conventional dead end practical job and forget about all of this and just work within the system, pay taxes into the system, right up until the time the system, I believe, will collapse all around me. If you have truly understood this book, then how mad or insane would you have to be, to do that, but thatís exactly what society and social conditioning is telling me to do. This is about people showing some common sense and approaching these very real problems, that are about to affect us all, on mass. So making the powers that be understand, that we do understand these problems and if they donít, then they really shouldnít be making decisions, about things that they really donít understand.

After watching the parliament channel a couple of times, I have gotten to see just how some decisions are made at the highest level and itís not usually a case of well informed debate, more a question of powerful people making ill informed decisions that best suit their own agendas. Political parties are like warring tribes and in that sense, they seem more interested in getting into power, rather than looking out for you. They will lie, cheat, backstab whatever it takes, just to get your vote, whilst at the same time, they will superficially agree with you, as long as it gets them what they want. 6000 years of civilization and yet nothing much has changed, to them its an ongoing game, to us its the same old crap, A.I., nanotech along with all these new technologies, will change the game, so the rules will have to be changed.

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