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Section 4 / Page 161


The public is now buying on mass portable net appliances equipped with MMS (Multi Media Messaging Service), in other words, camera equipped smartphones etc. Plus devices equipped with GPS / 3G / 4G W-CDMA / GPRS etc, which are connected to always on networks, this means that the public are now becoming willing participants in a surveillance state. The powers that be are probably laughing their socks off, I mean after all these years of having to divert taxpayers hard earned cash into paying for surveillance, here the public go and do it for them. Always on networks connected to millions of always on CCD cameras, whilst using facial recognition software, God criminals will have to find a new career and so will most of the police force, for that matter. After the terrorist attacks globally, New York, London etc, then the public will be easy to convince that this is a good thing. The big problem with this type of surveillance society is more long term, it could ultimately induce a form of paranoia within society that is not healthy. Interpol is also unifying its efforts to defeat global terrorism by allowing instant communications between all police databases worldwide?

Its strange to think, that in the near future there could be networks out there recording everything we do, our data shadows will be able to deliver very accurate profiling and on everybody. It's already happening (see the patriot act or Vista), but this is nothing compared to what is about to happen. So forget the RIP act, smart networks gathering targeted marketing data will mean that there will be no hiding place from every junk email marketer on the planet. Anyway do you remember in the old days, when people used to say things like, "where are you from", Liverpool, London, New York etc, followed by, "oh, by any chance do you know, John, Ste or whoever, lives down Kelsey street or 1st Avenue", etc. In the near future, smart networks could know each and everyone of us, personally, (very Minority Report also checkout RFID, the latest technology the public have become paranoid over.. Compared to what is to come, then the public obviously have no real clue as to where this is all leading.

The networks and smart devices of the future, may have a much greater situational awareness than any of us, just imagine all these new mobile web cams built into phones etc, all feeding back real time images into smart A.I. controlled networks. It will be like having, a couple of million eyes all watching and feeding back into the great machine. Of course it is all part of the move towards Mobile Commerce, this is were people will no longer carry money, they will just have a mobile device, which will transmit both their location and payment, to any local services or goods required etc. New online digital ID systems such as Microsofts .NET passport system and systems using the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) show how the masses could be tracked and manipulated into becoming part of this corporate / state run society. Go to a bar, pay for a couple of drinks, it could all be recorded and in many ways, do it too much and not only will your bank know, but your employer may also find out? Camera equipped mobile devices, M-commerce + real-time tracking of everybody, bloody great, hype, hype, hype, sell, sell, sell, the human race is just so bloody stupid, the bigger picture is just terrifying, once you can truly see it. This is also why the powers that be, want everybody to get a bank account and join the cashless society, the black market dies and then only the real criminals, i.e. the corporations and the rich, can truly make any real money on the side?

Imagine the future, when we can all get independent TV reports via the net, it may lead to some cool reports, imagine this, today the C.E.O. of some company paid himself 230 million dollars, oh yeah and some poor people died, because they couldn't afford some basic medicine. I wonder if the watchers will eventually become the watched, as we all tune into the truth?

Or will society become more divided as we all become sucked into our own virtual realities?

Anyway I recently watched a TV program that showed a computer program that was capable of reading micro expressions; you know those little tell tale signs that give away when youíre lying. Apparently itís being employed by some government agencies for their own purposes. So what happens if you employ this software in conjunction with an MNN type system? Letís see now, everybody is hooked up to the web via their new net devices and everybody is using web cams, so if employed in the right way or the wrong way, then these government agencies and A.I. systems could ask you a question over the web, and then tell if youíre lying, spooky! Imagine people could use advanced realistic avatars and convince you that you where talking to a friend, when in fact you could be talking to an advanced A.I. interrogator, these could be used by all a sundry and for many purposes, this could become the spyware of the future?

Google has their own spybot planned for your living room

Here's what Google says: "Imagine that you are watching the latest episode of Friends on television and discover that the character Monica is pregnant. So you want to chat, comment or read other viewers' responses to the scene in real-time." By eavesdropping, Google says it could offer you relevant websites automatically, perhaps even generating them on the fly. But connecting to gossip and social networking sites is just part of Google's plan.

Google also says it could add a personalised layer of information to TV images themselves. "While watching a news segment on a celebrity, a fashion layer is presented to the viewer on a television screen," the patent says, "which provides information and/or images related to the clothes and accessories the celebrity is wearing in the news segment."

Very useful for the viewer, but what's in it for Google?

"Additionally, personalized layers may include advertisements promoting products or services related to the news segment, such as a link to a clothing store that is selling clothes that the celebrity is wearing."

Some insurers are now using lie detector technology in their call centers, if you try to make a false claim, then the software can tell, even if the human in the loop can't pick up on it. Now of course the machines can even interpret body movement, I think its time to start worrying (1984 style,) big brother really is watching. Oh well I suppose we could always use it in business deals or even better on our friends or partners, maybe lawyers could use it in court or on clients. Imagine a politician making a speech or in a debate and everybody has downloaded a copy of the latest lie detector software, all installed and ready to run on their brand new grid equipped mobile phone and with the results and reactions being fed back in to the great, online public opinion poll, instant democracy, God where will it all end?

Agile Lie Detector is a real-time lie detector for your Series 60 mobile phone.

Telling a lie that a person does not dare get caught at is stressful and this form of stress can be detected in one's voice. Being able to measure the amount of stress certain questions or topics of discussion cause to a person is an effective method of indicating deceit.

Agile Lie Detector measures the amount of stress caused by lying in a person's voice and displays this information in a graph in real-time. When using the headset Agile Lie Detector provides you with a visual indication of whether or not someone is lying to you.

As I said this technology could affect everyone.

Was WMD an excuse or a lie, in the future we may all know, after all as the bible say's:-

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.?

The always on networks could be watching us all the time and possibly learning from us all the time, be scared, total surveillance is coming soon. I heard a startling statistic the other day, not sure if it's true, but I heard that there is now one surveillance camera for every 14 UK citizens?

The military have their own version of big brother, it's called combat zones which could be adapted for use in civilian surveillance. Although this could lead to a smaller police force, it may also in essence lead to more unemployment, adding to the chain reaction scenario. But for now, we have the google desktop?

Carnivore / Echelon / CALEA

Transport Secretary Alistair Darling has confirmed the government is looking at introducing a pay-as-you-drive system of road tax, with satellite tracking being Whitehall's preferred way of monitoring the motoring habits of the UK?



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