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Section 4 / Pages 159 - 160

Me / The powers that be, and the system

The powers that be are also born into a system, that has in effect formatted their brains into viewing the world in a certain way. Most rich and powerful people have benefited from these systems, but these systems can also blind these people to some of the problems that the rest of society faces. The problem is, that these people have inherited and benefited from a system mostly setup by the elite, for the elite and as these systems have mostly benefited them, then changing the system to any large degree, could damage their position. So unless they are willing to abandon the very thing that makes them rich and powerful and this is important, then it remains in their best interest. to maintain these systems. So  even if A.I. and nanotech reduce current systems to rubble, the powers that be will probably do their best, to hold onto their power utilizing current control systems, for as long as possible. After all, it's these systems that give them, the power that they currently have, so they probably won't want to give then up, without a fight.

As the man said - Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't.

Modern society has now progressed to a point, where most of us can now see and understand how and why the system works, but not for the poor. The proverbial stick and carrot syndrome exists throughout most levels of the system, the promise of being rich and leading a comfortable life is the carrot. The level of commitment, dedication and struggle needed to succeed at most things at least for the poor, is somewhat heartbreaking to watch, and yet that is exactly what most of the rich and powerful seem to do, they just watch, they could help, but most donít. Part of my view on this, is down to my real life experience of millionaires. Whilst being unemployed and bankrupt due to having been ripped off, by a pair of thieving, lying bastards, sorry ex-business partners (married couple), just my personal opinion of them. I then found myself working on the business proposal upon which this book was originally based. So after being ripped off by the aforementioned scum bags, I then made the same mistake and fell in with two more, in other words I then managed to acquire another pair of business partners, who as they put it, where worth a bit.

Anyway whilst preparing the business proposal for a presentation to BT Openworld, I noticed, that whilst I was doing most of the work and killing myself trying to get it right, my partners where living and enjoying their lives as normal. I had no money at this time and yet I was supposed to get a job, buy a new suit, pay the bills and make sure the proposal was perfect, whilst having every single question BT's experts could ask me, well and truly covered. Because at the end of the day, the technical knowledge possessed by both of my business partners, equated to slightly less than zero. This in effect meant BT would be asking me all of the questions, (no pressure honest). This at least in my eyes was one of the biggest things I had ever tried to do, i.e. trying to sell a multimillion-pound concept (fingers crossed?), to a major telecommunications company and I wanted to try and get it right. This as you can imagine took up a fair bit of my time, but having no money, just seemed funny to them, honestly Harry Enfield's - I am considerably richer than you, sketches, paled in comparison to these two.

Their idea of helping, was to ring me up and tell me that there had been an article in the Sun newspaper, which informed them that computers could now be taught to learn. I thought hang on, this maybe news to both of them and the Sun newspaper, but machine learning in the form of Boolean Algebra etc, had been known about for quite some time. Also check out Claude Elwood Shannon (godfather of the modern information age, a bit like an American version of Alan Mathison Turing), oh yeah, then they went on to tell me that somebody had digitized Tiger Woods?????????

They then faxed British Telecom, instructing BT that my proposal should be looked at, sooner rather than later, because they didnít want somebody else, pipping us to the post as they put it. This should tell you two things, one you donít need brains to have money and two they completely misunderstood the overall concept. During this rather trying time, I asked my business partners to help me out, I managed to come up with enough money for the new suit, God knows how, but I did find myself struggling to pay some bills. So I asked them for some financial assistance, now keep in mind, that without me and my work there was no proposal and without them, there where fewer contacts.

So they lent me £100, to help pay my phone bill, as I had been using the net a lot, so as to help find out a lot of the information I needed to complete the proposal. As BT had yet to unbundle the local loops, so cheap broadband was not available in my area at the time. Anyway this resulted in my partners, who are property developers, they own an industrial estate etc and are worth about £1.2 million pounds, as they told me, coming down to my home (in the Mercedes, not the Lexus.) and telling me I should get a job and have more pride in myself. (I had just been made bankrupt and lost everything, through no real fault of my own, the business went pop and it was mostly down to mismanagement by my partners, I didn't even get paid, for the year of my life these idiots stole from me).

Anyway I then had to listen to half an hours worth of phrases such as "Weíre not made of money you know", they had just spent 10 grand on having their garden landscaped, and "You could get a good job if you tried". I then reminded them of the fact that the proposal didn't write itself and if it came off, then they would be taking fifty percent of whatever it made. At this point they begrudgingly coughed up some cash and told me never to ask again, which I never did. One of them remarked that if it did come off, then they would give me a £100,000, because obviously somebody of my intellectual and social standing (this was implied of course), would not know what to do with any more than that?

Anyway I had originally put together a promo video and small presentation of my concept, this is what originally got BTís interest and  managed to get us invited down to Openworldís head office. We all went down to London to see BT and for the first time in my life, I was supposed to make a professional presentation to a major corporation and to somebody I had never met before. So with two rich idiots in tow acting like they where very important people, and with me feeling pretty penniless and not having had access to the resources or time to get the proposal right, whilst having no real dialogue with my partners, we made the presentation.

The person we where supposed to meet couldnít make it, this resulted in a slightly junior person seeing us and resulted in my business partners getting slightly angry about it, (this was their idea of showing BT, that they where not just little people, but special and they wouldnít be treated in this way). I thought fine, but considering we where doing the selling, then could they please shut up and stop making this harder than it already was. The presentation resulted in minor interest by the person we met and then we all went back home and went our separate ways. We then got a fax back from BT asking if we could elaborate on the concept, this was met by another fax from my genius partners, needless to say BT didn't get in touch again after this, I wonder why - read the fax?

I havenít seen or talked to my so-called business partners much since then, any ideas why, boys and girls. But I did get a phone call from them, about 6 months after the presentation, asking me very nicely mind you, if I had made any money out of it yet, I said no, and he said oh well, I will fold the company then. But remember if you do make any money, then do get in touch, it was a Ripley moment. I would just like to add that in my opinion these people, are nothing more than self serving sharks and I bet if this eBook makes any money, then these people will probably try coming after me, for what they think, is their hard earned 50%, even though they haven't helped a stitch.

I haven't heard from them for over 5 years. I think they're a right pair of smarmy sods, they are the type of people who will smile at you, but only if your going to make them richer. They are, as you might have guessed, a married pair and the funny thing is, one of them is the second highest ranking person within the local college education authority, she is into power and from what I can tell, is still trying to brown nose her way into politics. This scares the hell out of me, because with people like this in power, then who the hell needs enemies, no wonder the average person finds themselves being shafted.

This all leads me back to the system once again, I mean, as far as my partners where concerned they had not really lost anything, yet I was left high and dry after months of work. I guess, I feel just like a lot of other poor people, living in an invisible prison, an economic prison that controls almost all aspects of ones life, as I said, this is not about money, this really is, about control. Most people would say, well stop doing what you are doing and go and get a job, but writing this, is a job, it takes up more of my time than any job ever could. It often makes me think, it must be easier to get a non skilled job, or become a singularly skilled individual, who then looks for a buyer. This is the trap I find myself battling against everyday, I don't want to spend the rest of my life, just making some shareholder richer.

Anyway the point is, I did learn a lesson from my so-called partners and that is, donít bother helping people, unless there is some benefit for yourself in the process, but it's not a lesson I wanted to learn. This also seems to be a major part of how the system works for most people, but most of all for the rich and powerful.

George Bush junior proved this principal, when he didn't ratify the Kyoto protocol, and why is that? Ö Votes, there are less green votes, so he went with the majority that helped him. Of course the fact that he was CEO. of the Bush Exploration, Oil & Gas Company, has nothing to do with it - honest. To me this is just like when Krupp, (Texas oil men and friends) helped Hitler, here is what we can do for you mine Fuhrer, now what can you do for us, I mean who cares if the planet gets f***** up in the process, at least we'll all be making money. On that note, Iraq has over a hundred and ten billion barrels of oil under its soil, at roughly $75 dollars per barrel (or even higher the way its going) = not a bad investment, the war didn't cost us that much, just a small blood price. On that note, we should get most of the evil doers, sorry world leaders put them in a field, give them a gun each and see how long it takes them to broker a peace deal?. If only the world worked this way, just remember you're part of the world, so it's partly your fault, when you go along with all of the things you don't actually agree with, remember this, you have just as much right to be here, as anybody else.

The rich and powerful teach and preach all the time, but itís mostly a case of do as we say, not do as we do, so no wonder they fail as role models. Keep in mind it's all about money or should I say, the power money brings with it. We have to implement a new system for the sharing of the worldís wealth, you canít have people starving to death whilst other people try and figure out whether they want to take a helicopter or Learjet to work. I think John Q said it best. In essence, he said, don't be a stupid working class hero like me son, just make as much money as you possibly can, because that's all that counts?, it's horrible, but he was probably right. The working class mentality is not necessarily wrong, but within the system we currently employ, this mentality will only get you screwed, especially when faced with real world problems or should I say economic problems.

I have said it before and I will say it again, we are ALL equal, so letís stop trying to play God over one another and wise up. The human race is right on the threshold of doing something amazing, the technology we are now creating could free us all from work, so allowing us all to live as equals. This can only be done if we are all willing to give up, at least some of the pre-conceived notions, about who we think we are. We are just human beings, not Fred the butcher or Gordon Brown the Prime Minister or the spotty student who works in the burger joint, we are all the same. So the sooner we ALL realize that, then the better off, we will "ALL" be. This is the lesson that the rich and powerful must learn and probably more than the rest of us. Education is the key, but not the type we currently see, i.e. what training do you need, followed by careers advice, now what job do you want, I mean how about some real education, in philosophy, ideology etc so allowing people to see the big picture.

I see the teenagers on the street causing trouble and know they have never thought about thinking, most can't even rationalize their own actions, because they where never taught how to. The art of thinking about thinking has been lost, on this generation. Just imagine if the advertising budget for Coke or McDonalds etc, was spent on teaching these subjects to kids, rather than turning them, into brain dead consumers. I just wonder if society would become more considerate and enlightened or possibly more revolutionary?

I must say though that the UK government is getting creative in their approach to mass social engineering, because after all that stuff with BT etc, I became classed as part of the long term unemployed and I was forced to go on a government training scheme. (Paulines pens?). This entailed going to a place where they teach you, how to get a job, including basic interview skills, basic I.T. training etc, oh it made me laugh, but if I didn't go, then they would stop my dole. (Reward and Punishment it's everywhere, a little Pavlov conditioning for the masses?).

I have been in this position and I have met Pauline, except her name was Cathy and she had an even more egregious personality than Pauline? I think this has to be the lowest point in my entire life and it was only with hindsight that I fully realised the power of television, because if I had the money to buy a spy cam at the time, then I could have made millions. In retrospect, I know I was supposed to have filmed what went on down at this employment zone, but I was so demoralized in so many ways that I found it almost impossible to muster the energy to go, never mind make a documentary, Michael Moore style.

If I had, then you would have seen me sitting in a classroom just like the one in the video, being talked at in the same way. I said you won't believe who recommended his publisher to me the other night, Noam Chomsky no less, not even a flicker of interest passed her eyes. I then tried explaining who he was, I was met with only one response, contempt. I was then told by Pauline, sorry Cathy, that I had no I.T. skills and that the word eBook was copyrighted by Apple?, I thought hang on a second, I think I will just give John a call and see if he can get in touch with Woz and see if that is true?

I also told her that I had a recommendation from the top A.I. scientist on the planet, her reply, what's A.I.? Anyway this assault on my senses went on for about six weeks until I finally found my own job as an I.T. consultant, working at home over the net, thank God. They threatened me with toilet cleaning jobs, they screamed and shouted at me and treated me like crap. God I thought this would make great TV and it would run and run, real David and Goliath type stuff, the little guy vs. the system?

What you have to consider though, is that these people are just local people employed to do a job and their job is to make me sign off, no matter what. You see employment zones are run as a public private partnership, in which public money is used to finance a private company. The company makes money like this, they are given six months pay that should go to the unemployed person, but instead it goes into the companies bank account. Now if the company get's the unemployed person a job before that six months is up, then the company get's to keep the money left over. So the quicker the company gets you a job, the more profit they make, so in effect the companies turnover is based on how many unemployed people, they turnover, if you get the pun?

I honestly beleive if I had filmed what went on, I would be a rich man by now and the world would be shocked and awed into rebelling against the system. The power of TV is such that people never believe anything anymore, unless you show them and I could have put millions of people literally in my place. Pauline above was nothing, you want to try genuinely facing people who are that stupid and ignorant, who hold power over you. This is a long story, that I will explain as you read on through this eBook.

So there I was, being taught basic interview and I.T. skills, by a person who knew nothing, so at this point, I said just type my name into Google, what for!, I said just do it, if you want to see my point then try it for yourself (Alan Keeling, by the way).

Or to give you another clue - my handle is HAL by the way - taken from 2001 etc, if you didn't already know:-

So if you find yourself in a similar position, then remember this, they have yet to pass a law that say's it is illegal to be unemployed, because if they did, then halve the rich in this country would either move out or suddenly create job titles for themselves?. Always keep in mind, that it has nothing to do with a job, but it does, have everything to do with money, so if you find yourself in a similar situation, then say hey look, I would like to become a cheeky girl, now what training is available and what qualifications do I need for that. Or even better, tell them that once the markets bounce back, then once again, you will be able to live of everybody else, rather than coming direct to the government for a hand out?

Don't worry, if the system has labeled you as being dumb, your in good company, Einstein was classed as being mentally retarded by some of his teachers. Anyway the top A.I. guy in the world, (see email), did describe my eBook as very creative and then went on to say in another email:-

I think Heaven or Hell did have an impact on me, because I did become bolder in my own assessments of the ethics of doing certain kinds of AI and robotics which could have bad side effects. You have to think, how on earth, could a guy in my position, influence a guy in his, as I have said before, it's all a mind game, more fool most of us, for playing along..

Of course these people are geniuses in the field and I am just a humble idiot boy, but Einstein was a patent clerk?. Ok maybe these scientists understand the specifics better than any of us, but most academics live in a bubble and never fully understand all of the applications or implications of their own work. The thing is, the sheer amount of work and technological progress we now see going on throughout the world, is going to change society in ways no amount of planning will prepare us for.

It's funny thinking back, the job centre asked me to fill in a form, the following question was on it, do you have any hobbies etc, that you think would highlight other skills you may have etc, I put down, I am interested in A.I., nanotechnology, grid computing and quantum physics - I was asked if I was taking the piss. I said NO, God only the other day, I was talking to the top A.I. guy in the world, how about yourself, she looked at me and said, yeah right, now just put your X there son?. I said no honest, I can even give you his email address, it's, go on, ask him yourself, look she said if you knew people like this, then you wouldn't be here now would you. Why couldn't I just be mind wiped like most people, God it must be easier to live in ignorance, after all, all you have to do, is not learn anything, that's got to be easier.

Ending up like Schmidt is my worst fear, how about yourself?

The UK government tells you it's wrong to sponge off the state, have you seen the adverts (how much did they cost), for people signing on and working on the side, if you do this, then the benefit fraud investigation service, will hunt you down and prosecute you etc. I thought hang on, who pays the politicians wages, oh yeah that would be the tax-payer wouldn't it, sorry that's not sponging, their working for a living honest, oh yeah and what about that millennium dome thing etc. I mean how much do they think, people can actually earn working on the side, its not going to be that much, that's for sure and in no way as much as doing lecture tours (Mr.Ian.D.Smith) on the side or acting as a mouth piece for industry etc. Demonizing this section of the public can be likened to shooting oneself in the foot. It reminds me of the tactics used by the Gestapo in WW2, they turned the public into their stooges, making everybody spy on one another. Mind control - the Stazi ultimately failed and so shall the powers that be, with any luck. The system uses all sorts of tactics and mind tricks so as get you to comply, its beyond hypocrisy, when you see adverts saying it's wrong to work on the side, followed by the next advert saying, join the navy or army today, become a trained killer and become all that you can be. Obviously they think most people are stupid enough to buy into this.

So when the state tells you its wrong, to work on the side and you should snitch on your neighbours, when all they want to do, is earn an extra buck, then that's obviously ok, and when the state tells you it's ok, to go and kill people in a foreign land, then that's also ok, what's wrong with this f****** picture?

The poor are always the real victims in any system, because they are first economically isolated, them funneled or channeled into doing the bidding of the rich (i.e. join the army and get killed today etc). Think about it and then you should be able to see the grand design. It's almost like some massive black op being run by the state, but just like all good black ops, if you can do it in plain site, without the majority noticing, then all the better. This of course, is all part n parcel of the ongoing and relentless battle by the governments of the world, to control the hearts and minds, or to be more precise, the inner psychological workings of the masses. You have to question any system that treats human beings based on their monetary value. Because let's face it, if I had money, then I wouldn't had to have gone through any of the BS, listed above. I once did a business deal that once made my company over £3000, in one day, my friend saved for 7 years whilst doing a crap job and managed to save £450 pounds. This is the truth about the working class mentality, that the government tries to lock you into.

When the UK government gets a computer in every home along with the introduction of a 12 week dole system, then most dole offices and current recruitment agencies hired by the government, will probably be downsized, because the average dolee, will probably find themselves being automatically job matched via an advanced software system, and then informed via e-mail, of the interview they will be forced to attend. And with web cams etc, then it will all be done over the net, plus they will probably hassle you everyday, via vid and email. Your online A.I. controlled virtual government overseer will probably call you up everyday and it will know, if you have any work to do that day. This new government controlled software system, will then tell you which job needs doing in your local area, because the database says you have the job skills to do whatever it is that needs doing and of course, if you don't do it, then no money will be paid to you. I think, this is a possible future the poor face, economic control of the masses will take on a whole new meaning. Slaves of the rich and powerful, bloody morons, because they themselves will ultimately become victims of this technology, that's if their not careful.

The powers that be at first won't care, after all you where stupid enough to let them do this to you, so of course they will. Today's children are being set-up to become the next generation of products that can be exploited by this new type of caring society. They always say, hide the biggest lies in plain sight, look and you shall see.

The truth is, Britain still operates the feudal system, its just in stealth mode, with the Queen still being the lord of the manor, its called eminent domain and as Dave (local friend) would say, we are all peasants. I say sell the gold coach and the crown jewels to Mr. Gates for about $?? billion and then go and feed some sick and poor people, of course, then he could wear the crown and we could all call him King?

Hope is a terrible thing to live in, especially when you know thatís all youíll ever have, signed by me on behalf of the relatively poor.

Opinions we all have them, mine are based on my real life observations of humans, who seem to see, no way out of the misery of their own life's.

Anyway don't worry about me, I'm no threat to the system, as soon as I've made my money, then I will stop attacking it.

 This is known as the systems, own inbuilt self correcting mechanism:-

 I.e. the more money you make, the more the system works for you (other people), so the less likely you are to attack it, this is why the poor don't stand a chance, because after all, you have to be rich, before most people will begin to take any notice of you, like I said, its an amazing setup. So if I do make any money from this eBook, then people may say, well your just as bad as the people who you have been having a go at. This is of course, yet another part of the setup. So a lot of people who speak out and yet profit in anyway from speaking out, instantly get trapped by their own rhetoric, it's a catch 22, which has in fact, been once again, engineered in advance, by a system, that is ultimately cleverer, than any one individuals ability, to have any real effect upon it............. well that is, unless their rich, if you see the point?

Your dammed if you do and dammed if you don't?

My excuse for charging you for this eBook, I didn't make up the dammed rules, I just hope this eBook helps explain some of them to you?

Of course if you do achieve any real type of power, then the powers that be will try to suck you in and then try to turn you to the dark side or more likely just try to ignore you.

As I said, you can be as smart or at least as knowledgeable as you like and even be smarter than the people giving the orders, but at the end of the day, if you want to get ahead then get some money, it's the only real way, out of being treated like crap.

In my experience people like money not people.

As I said:-

Me / The powers that be, and the system

I wish I had filmed what happened to me, but I think this clip sums up my position?


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