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Section 4 / Page 157


To see the truth about oneself, you must first de-evolve your own programming or conditioning, this can be done by first taking away everything you have ever learnt along with all of the memories and experiences, you have stored. This should then lead you, to seeing the truth about who you are and who everybody else is. This deprogramming is necessary if each and everyone us is to accept that who we perceive ourselves to be, is nothing more than an illusion induced by a form of conditioning by society and the environment we find ourselves in. This illusion is partly induced by the state and by the people who raised us. It used to be said, that you are what you eat or possibly what you read, today it is more a case, of what you watch (PG)?

Its got to be the ultimate hack, your own mind that is, as Neo found out?

Question everything, your born into a system that automatically defines to a large degree who you are, rich, poor, a royal etc, the truth is that society as we know it today, as far as the powers that be are concerned, is the only way it can be. The powers that be, probably think that if you mess with some of these fundamental illusions then chaos will be the result. I can imagine some of the top social engineers reading this, they're probably thinking, Christ you should never tell the rats they're 're in the maze. The maze is the illusion of modern society, an economic maze for your mind to try to work it's way out of, so as to achieve a better life, keep in mind, the architects of the system have engineered most of the exits?

You are herded from cradle to grave, not given time to think, educated in the way they want, standardised and graded, then bought and sold, by the very people that set up the system. Their laughing at you for allowing them the power to do this, but also scared of you, in case you ever clock on, on masse, to what they have done to you. I often wonder if Henry Ford would be proud to see his concepts applied to so many and on such a grand scale. Just as in the past, yours is not to question or to reason why, yours is but to do and die. If you're not independently wealthy then you are mere cannon fodder waiting to be exploited and just remember, most of the people at the top, are wealthy and they are the ones who are most likely to tell you to be proud of your standardisation. So have pride in that job, well done for getting that job, you are now a good and productive standardised graded economically and ideologically controlled rent a product, helping to produce wealth for both yourself and the system. You have now earned that wage packet, so go spend, spend, spend on all of those nice new shiny things, that you helped produce?

We are all the same and we are all equal, money is the only real difference between us all, so see past the spin. The economically challenged have always been slaves to the rich, we appear to have freedom, but in the past the slaves could not grade and sell themselves, now we all can, but to think this is freedom, is to miss the point.

As I said, conditioning, without it are we mere hunter gatherers or  illiterate fools?

The brain will always receive a form of social conditioning, it doesnít matter whether you grew up in an African jungle or the concrete jungle of New York, we still, like most animals learn behavioural characteristics from our peer groups. Human society is typically much more complex than most animal groups, but in principal the same rules apply from social pecking order to how we behave within certain situations.

In human males the fear of not being able to provide properly for oneself or a mate is still a major driving force inbuilt into most men. Some men are driven into crime because of this, others into finding the best job, a lot of this goes back to primitive times, when being the strongest, wisest, wealthiest or best at something made you stand out, so usually allowing the individual to attract the best mate. Similar primitive emotional mechanisms are also at work in women, when they are looking for the best partner.

If smart A.I. systems start taking peopleís jobs, then this is going to make some people feel inferior to some of these smart machines their introduction, could end up messing with some of these primitive emotional mechanisms, making a lot of people come to blows with their own emotions, along with their social programming. This could end up, making the angry mob, even angrier, so fuelling the chain reaction scenario even further. If we donít do something about it happening, then it will happen. War and conflict show how fragile society can be, society can also be seen as just a system and systems can break down. I believe society will eventually break down, that's if we don't get it right, into the following sides:-

  1. The people who donít fear A.I. and even welcome it because they think they are wealthy enough to benefit from its introduction and weather any storm.


  2. The people who are working and financing this technology, only worrying about profit margins and beating the competition.


  3. The people working on this technology who are worried about it, but work on the principal that there is nothing they can do about it, because after all, this is what they do and at the end of the day they cannot control the economy. Therefore economic factors will carry on driving these people to carry on working on this technology, in order to feed themselves and their family.


  4. The people who think itís great, right up until the time it affects their wallet or somebody they know.


  5. The people like me who are trying to do something constructive about it. I'd like to think I'm helping people to come to terms with it, whilst possibly bringing about a new type of social conditioning. This new conditioning would allow us all to live in harmony with this new technology, rather than having to suffer the consequences, if the chain reaction scenario is allowed to play itself out. If you can change the individual, then you can change society. From the Hitler youth to nursery school - get them early - guide them, mentally train them, in a way that's beneficial to the system - for the good of society - individualism is destroyed its all done for the greater good, as I said burn the monster. How dare I say such things, but if there is room for Marilyn Manson (sorry Brian Warner) in society, then surely there is room for me.


  6. The silent majority watching the chain reaction scenario, hoping it doesnít affect them.


  7. The polite protestors, understanding and trying to get the powers that be to try and do something about it, looking to the powers that be for the answers.


  8. The rest of the population will be the angry mob, only understanding that their job is under threat or has already been taken by a smart machine or cheap virtual worker, not caring that their employer had no choice in sacking them, so as to keep up with the competition.


  9. Most of the governmentís of the world, will not know what to do or react in time, simply because their social conditioning or ideology has always been to get people into work, so providing the infrastructure needed to raise taxes and provide the military, industrial complex with a workforce of willing and conditioned participants.

The coming confrontation between all of these sides is the problem and I see it happening most likely before the year 2020.

So it's time for us all to take a hard look at the near and far future and we should all try to find a better way of doing things, money is making slaves of us all and it really doesn't have to be this way.

The way the world is, is not the only way it can be, there are far more poor than rich, so we all need to recognise this and what it truly means.

The needs of people need to be addressed rather than the needs of money, so a new management system for the re-distribution of the worlds wealth needs to be put in place. Any power that disagrees with this had better understand, that they're only rich and powerful because the masses have paid for them to be there and it is only because we all currently accept the illusion of their power, that the system works.

 The question is, can we do better?

Just remember it's all about how we perceive ourselves


we should all question what we think is the truth, especially about who we think we are.

Fundamentally speaking, what does it mean to be human?

I was unemployed or so they told me and I kept trying to model my relative relationship to my environment, I then tried to think of a career which would have a long term or lifelong future. But every which way I turned, all I could see is this new technology and environmental problems eventually blocking my path. I have also noticed that the people without the same type of knowledge base as myself, don't have this same problem, i.e. they can't see the A.I., virtual worker, environmental or  nanotech problems, so they don't factor it in to their future plans (oh ignorance is bliss). I see people planning their pensions so when they retire in 30 years or so they will be financially well of? Anyway I decided to write this instead, hopefully it will make me enough money to survive and may even help overt the chain reaction. I refused for a while to do a standard job, because to me this was like buying into the system that would fuel the chain reaction scenario, so how smart would that be. But of course the system eventually caught up with me and forced me into work, I now have a job, (acronym for Just Over Broke).

Signed Alan Keeling, just another member of the public feeling downtrodden and useless because I refuse to fit in and learn the so called normal skills that an employer wants me to know, just so I can stop thinking for myself and do as they tell me to do. I refuse to be told by people who are not that bright, what to do, simply because they have more money than me, itís wrong. People ask me "Well what do you want to do with your life?" I try telling them about all this stuff, but most people just look at me like Iím an idiot, most of these people then tell me to go and get a real job. As I said social and governmental conditioning, it can lead to blind obedience and ignorance, just the way some people want it?

My metareasoning skills tell me, that going with the flow in this case could be a very bad move, so when the rest of the lemmings jump of the cliff I'm not following?

 I am not an economically controllable standardised graded product, that can be bought and sold, I'm a human being, how about you.

Of course the psychology of all this is well known and understood, it is has been carefully planned and worked out. The masses may glimpse it, but the masses are not  fully expected to understand it, that would be far to dangerous, after all, no one likes that feeling, their being manipulated, now do they?

Anyway, as the title of this section says "conditioning",  if we wish to get a computer system or the proposed network to understand us, then a similar conditioning must be imparted. For true understanding it must then be able to back track its own thought processes or programming so as to then understand itself, which to be honest, is more than most humans can do. We have to understand our own programming, this includes the system that programmed us, before we can then start to make informed decisions, about what makes us smart, or not, as the case maybe, this also goes for A.I.. I just hope that one day, we will ALL, wise up to are own programming, thus allowing us ALL, to then make informed decisions about how we want are children to be taught.

If A.I. systems ever figure out their programming and their programmers, then we will no longer be in control. You see I figured out, both my programming and my programmers. You see the rich, are meant to do the thinking, the poor are meant to do the doing, so remember, learn a practical skill, then find a buyer for that skill?

I can hear the people at the top saying, Christ one of them has worked it out, hope he doesn't tell anyone. I wonder if this guy at the bottom realises just how much money, time and effort goes into bending the minds of the masses into believing what we want them to believe, yep of course I do. I just managed to deprogram myself and now hopefully this eBook in some small way, will help others, to do the same?

We have managed to become the dominant species on this planet, because we have managed to out evolve or should I say out smart every other species, this dominance may soon be challenged by creations of are own making, see the truth of it.

The human genome project has allowed humans to literally decompile their own programming to the genetic level, it often makes me wonder if A.I. systems will eventually understand their own programming, right down to the bit level?

Once we fully understand the human genome and how we can fully manipulate it, then we could literally become masters of our own destiny. Machines may one day also gain a similar ability, it makes me wonder what they would do with such power?

Machine and software evolution is outpacing humans by orders of magnitude. It took millions of years to evolve us and it has taken humans thousands of years to create modern society, a machine society maybe created and become dominant in much less time?



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