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Section 4 / Page 156

The System And you

Most people are now born into a system that formats their brain into thinking in a standardised way. This formatting usually goes something like this, we learn to use our senses to comprehend our environment, this is seen in babies when they use their senses to explore everything, how things look, smell, taste, feel and sound etc.

Humans have now mastered the art of speaking, so this is another sort of formatting imprinted onto the brain. The mind develops through this formatting, allowing us to communicate, most societies have now introduced another set of formatting tools through the use of an education system. These systems, teach most of us how to read and write etc, whilst also imparting a type of social and governmental conditioning. This conditioning can be seen in many ways, from the approximate 9-5 routine imposed on kids at school, thus preparing them for a 9-5 working day, to the type of education received, all geared towards educating the masses into working or should we say producing wealth for the state and powers that be. In school most of us also learn to accept a hierarchical system, making you feel powerless, whilst also making you subservient to the will of authority figures.

This type of conditioning sets most individuals down the same path, i.e. they leave school with the mindset of having to either get a job or move into further education so as to get a better job. This conditioning is to me, almost sinister in its nature, it instills a kind of state induced mind control right from birth, which of course is the point. The state induces an overwhelming belief in the work ethic, from the introduction of career officers to the general feeling that everybody should aim towards getting a good job and if you donít then you are a loser , this is wrong.

Having gone through this type of system, within a standard inner city comprehensive, I can tell you for definite that if I had asked my career officer, to find me work in A.I. or become a stock broker etc, then I most definitely would have been chuckled at and promptly steered in a different direction. Now lets twist that around, imagine I had gone to Cambridge, Oxford or Eton and I was asked what I wanted to do and hypothetically I said, I would like to become a plumber or a shop worker, I hope you get the point.

The powers that be hope to implement this type of brain washing procedure globally by 2015, it even has a name, its called Psychopolitics. The truth is, that this type of psychological conditioning is somewhat to blame for a lot of the problems we currently see in western society. The average person without a large income or good job is increasingly being made to feel like a loser even though they are disadvantaged right from the word go, even though they are told they have been given the same chance as everybody else (bullshit).

This feeling can be seen in its most extreme within some elements of youth culture, where we find whole sections of todayís youth feeling extremely disgruntled by their perceived position or social standing. These kids are under no illusion as to what life is all about, which is money. It's almost a case of the system trying to keep everybody so busy or focused on learning one job skill, that they don't have enough time to learn enough to work out, exactly what it is, that the system has done to them, which I personally believe is the case. Just try questioning the work ethic, then wait and see, just how long it takes, before people begin to treat you like a heretic. It's not about work, it's about most of us buying into a self perpetuating system that doesn't really work, at least not equally for us all and it never will, so we must ALL try to find a better way of doing things.

We are all different, but the system does it's best to turn most of us into standardised items, don't worry though, there is  resistance to this type of mass brainwashing, thank God. In the East, mind body and spirit is handled in a completely different way, I think the children of the West could learn a few things, from the East.

Money seems to play a large part in this conditioning, the question most asked in todayís society, seems to be, who are you, but it seems to me that the real underlying truth to this question is, are you of any use to me and how much money do you have, (part 'n' parcel, of the social networking philosophy). This is an ethical delimar that strikes right at the heart of some of the major problems currently seen within most of western culture i.e. we are not instilling good values. Money seems to be the yardstick by which we now measure the value of people.

This is instilling a form of disenchantment within the poor that will carry on building within society as the problems highlighted throughout this eBook begin to come about. More unemployment, or what will increasingly be seen as  menial labour available to the masses, this will be compounded by an increasing feeling of disenchantment, this I believe, will just help fuel the chain reaction theory. The lay offs after September the 11th and the redundancies in the I.T. sector, just adds up to a whole lot of disenchanted and pissed off people, trapped in a world, that's not dictated by fairness but by a fundamental imbalance, when it comes to the sharing of the worlds wealth. This situation can not go on indefinitely without major problems arising. I think the French, Austrian and in some ways the Dutch elections was a sign of things to come. The mood is obviously there and just as obviously, there are people who will both appeal and capitalize upon it and mostly for their own ends.

People are just looking for job security or a good job for life, with good or reasonable pay, but only the naive still believe in this myth, there is no such thing anymore. The system has screwed up big time, it has been hijacked by big business and big business doesn't care about the individual, it cares about money. Student suicide was up 400% in the UK and I believe, one of the major reasons for this is because people who are not wealthy, are like logs going down a fast moving river, they have no control over their own destiny, they find themselves paddling like crazy trying to find any safe shore (economic security). I like to consider myself as reasonably smart and I also know that I could have jumped into the academic river, but I don't want to drown, just like so many others, but considering the coming changes, then only the very rich, maybe able to find a safe harbor, at least in the short term. The problem is, that most young educated people are trying to build a life, but the ground beneath them is extremely unstable and they know it. It can not continue this way, because these people are the future and if they don't have a solid foundation to build upon, then obviously things will get worse. I can hear the capitalists, "look, being poor is the greatest motivator, the free world has ever come up with"?

There is also a more human aspect to all of this, which the powers that be have a habit of ignoring, probably because they don't think we even have the intelligence to ask the question. The question is, "what does it mean to be human", I mean does it for instance mean that I should spend the next 30 odd years of my life, working as some slave drone, in some dead end job or am I more than this?  The powers that be don't like you asking these sorts of questions, because the system, doesn't  have any nice answers for you. Most answers you see, will probably lead to even more questions, which will in turn, probably mess with the programming, they have spent years trying to instill within you.

On this note I would like to add, I thought about calling this eBook, "There is no point in being smart and philosophical when your poor, it just leads to boredom and frustration".

Anyway, it does seem to me, that most people just end up falling into the roles that their economic circumstances have somewhat predetermined for them, which has to be wrong, but this is also why the system and the rich keep on winning.

By the way, the system works at it's most basic level via reward and punishment, from school to work, from the consumer society to academia. The instilled illusion is, the harder you work the greater the reward will be and at every level. Of course this system, is still an illusion, because the people who set it up, don't usually work to these values, it is mostly in place so as to maintain the status qou and mostly for the power elites own ends. Just keep in mind that if we are all stupid enough to buy into a system, that turns most of us, into standardised graded economically and to a large extent, ideologically controlled rent a products for government and industry, then we shouldn't be surprised when we get treated like that.

The powers that be know that if we are stupid enough to turn ourselfs into these types of standardised products, then it's because we haven't worked out the set-up or don't have the means to get ourselves out of the trap that they have set for us, either which way, they usually win. The system is mostly there as a control mechanism, which in part, is to make sure the masses, don't revert back to more basic instincts, we are animals after all, no matter how many heirs and graces we might like to put on.

Oh yeah and before education?, consumerism and the state, we had and still have religion, be good and you will go to heaven, be bad and you will go to hell (remember it's your choice). Reward and punishment, it works at every level, God being the ultimate awarder or punisher, so even in death the system will get you. God, it doesn't get much clearer than that?

But to spell it out, as beating the slaves is no longer socially acceptable, then if you want to train, motivate and control the monkeys, then apply reward (money) and punishment (no money)...... wage packet = shiny things, no wage packet = no shiny things. Good grades, bad grades, parenting, social standing, law and order, reward and punishment it's everywhere. I think it's about time, the human race grew up. Economic control of the masses, can not be the only way the system can work. In light of certain new technologies, we may all soon, have to find a new way of doing things, 6000 thousand years of rich and poor, it has to change, eventually?

Of course, the masses are nothing more than pawns, in the ongoing mind game that is the system.... the system trains you to believe in money, it then uses that believe so as to control you. The system needs you to believe in money, so as to control you, it is, the greatest social control mechanism the rich and powerful have ever come up with. Without this believe, the masses may rise up or do something equally as unpleasant, the question is, now you know all this, what will you do?

By the way, it's not really about money you know, its all about social control and economics,

 but I guarantee you,  nanotech / A.I. / virtual workers etc, will throw a huge spanner into  the status quo, of the great machine?

Most of the people at the top who understand this monetary based ideology, will do almost anything it takes, so as to keep the public believing in it. It is a shame that most of the public don't understand just how much they control themselves, due to this believe system. The suffering this causes and at so many levels, the pain and hardship affecting so many. I mean, how many people find themselves in terrible situations, because of money, as I said it doesn't have to be this way. The poor are born into economic slavery, this is the truth that the people at the top don't want you to grasp, it is all part of the ongoing battle to subjugate and control the minds of the masses. Keep in mind, there are now only two superpowers left in the world, the American Government and it's friends, the other is the people who give them that power, this means you.

The problem with most politicians is that they like to consider themselves as being smarter than the general public, so they use propaganda (sorry public relations), so as to reduce the complexity of any public statement to the masses, they will try to define things in the simplest terms possible, so as to get the public to understand whichever statement they wish to make. This reduction in complexity is seen as the best way to treat the masses, e.g. Saddam bad, the West good. The point is, the system is not good or evil, it is just a system that appears to work, which is better than a system that doesn't.

The thing is, the people at the top, think that as long as the system works at least for the majority, then why mess with it. You see, one of the things I am trying to do with this eBook, is to make people understand what the system is and the role they are playing within it. Now if your one of those people who already knows all this, then I am sorry for wasting your time, but I hope I have enlightened at least some, in some small way. If you don't like what I am saying, then stop reading - it's a free country?

Once you understand the system, then you can make informed judgements about it, which is just one of the reasons why I have written this.

The biggest problem as I see it, is that the development of smart A.I. and nanotech is going to introduce a new factor into the system and the social mix, this is a factor that the system was never designed to handle because the system has always needed a work force, but A.I. controlled virtual workers, will become cheaper and more reliable than their human counterparts. At first this may seem like a good thing, but it wonít take long before the luddite mob will turn angry, especially if it upsets their delicate balance of what they perceive as right and wrong.

The capitalist system as many capitalists will tell you, trusts in the great unseen hand, in other words the self determination of each and everyone of us, to want to get ahead. It's biological in nature, most of us are driven to procreate and most of us wish the best for our offspring, so within the capitalist system, this translates into money, the more money you have, then usually the better life you will also have. But the Wealth of Nations, in a future society prepared to utilize this new technology to it's N'th degree, will no longer lie in self determination, I believe, it will lie in global co-operation, but not by the elite, but by the masses - on all sides, making the elite and the extremists history. Live 8 said 8 men in a room can make a difference, it makes me wonder if the other three and halve billion people who tuned in to watch it, didn't say to themselves, hang on we represent over halve of the worlds population, why the hell do we need 8 men in a room to decide for us? Maybe this is a vision of the future, with the net and the mass media coming together, allowing global mass democracy, to play a more decisive roll in world politics?







The right thing, is for us all to live happily ever after, by managing to live in harmony with the environment and this new technology, whilst making sure it doesnít affect peopleís income or more to the point, peoples living standards. This is going to be very hard to achieve within the confines of current economic policies or should I say the current systems we have in place, especially considering how smart and cheap this technology may become. On that note, the mobile phone and home PC have only been with us on mass, for about 10 years, so the proliferation of smart devices should be just as dramatic. But the big question is, are the masses, the economy and the ideology, ready for all the changes, that this new technology could bring with it?

As I said above, politicians like to consider themselves to be smarter than the average person, but soon these people are going to be faced by an increasingly educated I.T. workforce, that will probably understand the issues raised in this eBook, a hell of a lot more than they do. So the people at the top are going to have to become extremely I.T. savvy and fast, that's if they don't wish to be trampled under foot by a public backlash. against what is seen as their perceived and real ignorance of the what's happening in the I.T. field, along with the effects that this stuff will have on everybody.

For proof of this, if you look at some UK government spokespeople talking about the pensions crisis and how we will all have to work into our 70's etc, then it's a case of real ignorance, because as far as I can see, none of these experts, seem to have factored in, any of the issues raised in this eBook. Mind you, if the overlords can't even send email, then what do you expect. It's funny, I recently seen on TV, a government advisor talking to a 20 year old bar worker, asking her about her pension plans for when she retires, I thought this is one of stupidest things I have ever seen. Anybody who honestly thinks the world will be anything like it is, 50 years from now, is just kidding themselves. It's astounding to think these people get paid to give advice, I liken this scenario to somebody trying to sell a pension or life insurance to an average worker in Germany, in the year 1910?

The masses and a lot of the people at the top, are what I like to call the tomorrow's world generation, these are the people who have become dubious of how technology will impact upon society. Technologies promise and in their eyes, technologies ability not to deliver on those promises has left these people blinkered, when it comes to seeing the truth about how technology will soon impact on society.  I believe there is a wave of technology coming, that they are blind to, simply because they either don't want to see it or because they have become extremely sceptical or just plain ignorant of what's happening, within many fields of technology.

At another level, there is the coffee house Friends generation, who seem to go to into hypesleep every time Ross mentions anything to do with science, this is a real reflection of how the masses perceive science and technology in general, (i.e. boring). As this technology matures, then these people are in for a massive shock and this shock could also lead to a hell of a lot of social turmoil, the likes of which has not been seen, since the dawn of the industrial age, I also believe this will be one of the first signs, of the chain reaction scenario, taking shape?

Global warming, A.I., Nanotech, factor these things into your future plans, because if you don't, then your living in ignorance and most of your plans will add up to nothing more, than wishful thinking. The system has no real solutions to the potential nightmares raised in this eBook, so your on your own, unless, you have enough money to move away from any potential disaster areas. The Tsunami in Asia should show everyone, that people have no defense against large scale disasters and if these types of things start to happen in the western world, then economic turmoil could lead to a breakdown in social order, causing chaos. Written before Katrina, God I hate being right, but if global warming does raise sea levels across the globe, then this type of thing is just the tip of the iceberg and if this does happen then we may look back at this time in human history and ask ourselves, how come sea defenses could not be afforded to be bolstered, but billionaires are allowed to have billions?

The system is called capitalism, which is why things like this can happen, think of it this way, if there was money to be made from building adequate sea defenses, then businesses would invest in it. Investors usually only invest in things when they can see a profit at the end of the day or more to the point, the Rex's, ask first, what's in it for them, rather than, what's in it for us?

But, that's why we pay taxes and elect governments, so they can spend the wealth produced on these worthwhile causes. For worthwhile -see IRAQ, no sorry that was due to WMD, no it was to get rid the of a mad man and his regime, but as far as I can see, the neocons and Bush are still in power? Of course we should all concentrate on what these people do right, rather than what they do wrong, well oil prices have gone up, sorry not their fault, that would be OPEC?

Also keep in mind, that your treasury bills or 401(k) plans will be no good to you, if your dead or more likely your country is under six foot of water and it will be no good blaming or looking to the system for help, because it probably won't exist.

Keep in mind that if these types of  things come to pass, then the powers that be won't be able to redefine the problems, as they have so often in the past, because in the future when the masses have access, to true unrestricted global communications, then the truth, shall out?

Finally the system a definitive explanation:-

If you are willing to buy and pay into a system, that allows there to be rich and poor - then you are part of the problem - see the truth of it.

The poor are told to seek employment - the rich on the other hand - seek to employ - exploitation is another word given to this situation.

It is an imperfect system, for an imperfect world.

Ultimately, we are all the system.

So in that sense, if we want equality, then most of us will have to change.

The people who think that if you tell the public the truth and mess with the system then there will be chaos,

 then these people should know,

 that chaos is all around us,

 it's just that,

 we live with the illusion of order?

I wonder what would happen if we all stopped believing in money?


Now please watch:-

The Assassination of Richard Nixon

If you haven't already.

A film for all those people, who can see the truth in it.

But don't kill anyone and just remember, there will always be another Rex to take the place of the one you aim to destroy, but if we change the ideology in the right way, then being a Rex won't count, because hopefully within this new system:-

The Rex's will become the outcasts?

What's my real beef with the elite, it's the mind games that they know they play with the people at the bottom?

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I don't have the time to individually respond to every email, so I thank you in advance, for your help.


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