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Section 4 / Pages 154 - 155

The Borg

At the moment people run the world, but machines are increasingly being used to sort and correlate all the data available and on every person on the planet. I liken this to the 1940ís, when machines produced by IBM, where used by the Germans to more efficiently conduct the holocaust. People have somewhat become nothing more than mere number.

The organising of people into tightly controlled manageable structures, via work, pay structure, social standing or pecking order, is great for the people at the top. I remember seeing a politician on Net TV, spouting the usual rubbish, telling people how he is better than his opposite number in another political party, followed by the usual dribble about his party being better than any other. The public are so pissed off with this, most donít even bother voting, partly because itís like voting for which child you would like to  run the country. The truthful answer, is probably none of them, at least thatís what I think, the silent majority are thinking. Smart people selectively watch TV and most of us know that we are guided, controlled and generally only presented with the options that are in line with well established guidelines, laid down by the power elite. I say Mark Thomas for world president or how about the Dali Lamar, they've got to be better than Bush Jnr (you can almost see the strings). And after watching the century of the self, we should all know what modern democracy is really about? Thank God for the like's of John Pilger and  Michael Moore (its good to hear a different side).

Big business has always tried to whip the global workforce into a frenzy of consumerism, but everybody knows that the worlds resources using current day manufacturing techniques, cannot sustain this type of consumerism on a global scale, especially with the materialistic nature of the human species. That said, using nanotechnology should help us gain a nearly 100% clean and cost free manufacturing base, allowing us all to share in the wealth, as some politicians would say, but I don't truly believe that most of them have honestly thought through, all of nanotech's possible implications.

The current sharing of the worldís wealth, sees me doing my best to survive on sod all a week and Bill Gates not being able to spend the daily accumulated P = C e rt on his ?? billion dollarís. Is right of course, thatís just the way things are and so it will continue until the day I die?

I wrote this book to hopefully help myself get out of the box and hopefully allow anybody else who reads this, to better comprehend the box that they may also find themselves in. The box is set to tighten soon, with certain open government policies directly impacting on the average person once again. The classic big brother scenario is about to be unleashed in a very real way. The introduction of networks linking government and banking databases to some degree, will mean that the moment that you present some form of ID to a bank or other such organisation, then that bank or organisation will know almost everything about you. Itís already being planned and implementation is probably not far off.

The current state of the worldís economy is most felt, as always, by the people at the bottom of society, the current smoke and mirrors campaign is to blame things on terrorists or illegal immigrants, I find this quite funny. You see in the 1950ís or was it in the 60ís, Britain had so many jobs available, that they actually advertised in other countries to recruit a large enough workforce. So the UK will import and export people when it suits the government of the day, hypocrisy is alive and well, in high places. Immigrant workers are welcomed, if they are willing to do the jobs, the locals don't want to do and at a cheaper price, not to mention the irony of an old imperial power, built on the backs of slaves, complaining about foreigners coming in and taking over etc?

The worldís workforce is being forced to downsize or work for less at least within certain sectors for two main reasons, global competition and smarter technology. Maybe the powers that be think that if we all use smart cards rather than cash, it will allow every transaction to be monitored and therefore taxed, thus allowing the system to triumph. The black market is currently helping to sustain some of the most needy in society. This may not be legal to some degree, but ethically it is the only way some people in society can make ends meet. The state has a habit of thinking that it can meet everybodyís needs, thatís if everybody plays by the rules. If everybody who is capable actually gets a job and pays fair taxes into the system, then the system will work and be able to provide all the necessary services. As Iíve said before, what jobs and why should everybody become a corporate entity, what ever happened, to individualism (sorry didn't mean to spread such a radical and dangerous concept). Of course the people at the top don't mind us all being individuals, it stops us organizing and keeps us all scrambling to get ahead of each other, dreaming of becoming as rich as the people, we normally find ourselves complaining about, just remember the more money you make, the more taxes you will pay. so you'll never win.

The current state of play is, youíre either wealthy or you work, if you donít work then you canít pay the bills and if you donít pay the bills, then eventually you will be made to go to jail, great system for the rich. Become a team player and you will be rewarded my son, bollocks, you are more likely to be exploited used and then spat out at retirement age, Iíve seen that happen. You could save for years, then watch some fat bloke fall of a boat taking your pension with him?

So while I could be made to slave away in some dead end job, I could be forced to watch my predictions come true and then listen to all those working class drones around me, say "Hey Hal (nick name) have you seen whatís going on with this virtual reality / A.I., nanotech, global warming stuff, itís really scary?". Yep I wrote a book about it years ago, but only me and the top A.I. guy in the world read it?

I think, the powers that be are living in the past and they are about to be bitten in the arse, by environmental and technological monster, far beyond theirs or anybody elseís control or imagination.

Anyway the next step is probably for us all to be implanted with net devices, (see Verichip & the new digital flesh), capable of keeping track of us all and transmitting everything we do and say, all feeding back into the great machine. We could all end up, as just service engineers and data collectors for it. (Check out BTís soul catcher concept). I can imagine a time when all babies will be genetically engineered and come complete with their own built in IP addresses. The powers that be, will probably sell us all on this type of thing, by telling us it will lower crime, Mr Gates himself, has already affirmed that implants are inevitable?

Eventually I foresee a piece of software capable of being installed on some very futuristic portable hardware, that will contain all of the information mankind can put into it. This I foresee happening in one way or another, simply due to developments in processing, compression and storage systems, all with unimaginable capabilities. These developments should allow everybody to carry around with them, the sum total of human knowledge. Along with smart systems capable of explaining all that information and in a format that will best suit the individual, and in effect, the machines will become the teachers?

By this time, technology should have evolved to allow our minds to be plugged directly into some type of software holding device, allowing us all to know and understand everything. Add this to increasingly sophisticated and discreet wireless communications, that could be hidden or implanted in our clothing or ourselves and there you have it, electronic telepathy, between both machines and each other - sharing every thought and mental image with everyone else connected to the network, did anybody say borg or even worse the thought police?, its the P2P of the future. Of course with this level of sophistication, the human body may no longer be seen as useful, as we all upload our minds into the great machine?

As Stephen Hawking said, we may have to merge with machines or suffer extinction, it has already started, with electronics already having been implanted in some of us, so we could all soon be on a very slippery slope. In the near future, I believe we will see implanted earpieces that can receive calls, then implanted microphones capable of voice communication with PDA phones etc, then permanent connection to the net, soon, we may all begin to merge seamlessly into the future that many cyberneticists dream about. A transhumanist society, in which we all end up as better beings, each of us electronically linked and communicating with each other, evolutionary behaviour dictated not by common sense, but by market driven realities. The brain machine interfaces are coming, with new sciences such as Neuroinformatics leading the way, we could all soon be turning ourselves into the borg?

It's comical when you see most of the legal system trying to tame and keep up with technological developments. The system can't  react fast enough, and if its having a problem now, then just wait till it has to deal with some of the coming problems highlighted in this eBook. The virtual lawyers will be making a fortune, but I can just imagine, judges sitting in council chambers reading Windows for dummies, whilst ringing tech support lines asking questions like, what's deep linking and do you think I should rule against it or what?

Just remember what happened to Kevin Mitnick, I.T. ignorant judge meets a case he doesn't understand, so excepts whatever the government say's.

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