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Section 4 Pages 152 - 153

Smoke and Mirrors

I think there is a great policy in place, itís the same policy that has always worked for both politicians and magicians, itís called distract the public with smoke and mirrors, so they donít see the truth. The truth is always the first thing to die, when you have to become a sycophant to fit in with both society and a two party political system, or one  party the way itís going, that anybody who cares to look can see the truth in, as in itís all bullshit. The average person may as well just shut up and do as theyíre told; itís the only way to get ahead, if I had done that, then I could have had a good job by now, instead of being economically forced into the one I'm in.

Its all about control and perception, if I said to you we are going to spend 40 billion dollars on improving public transport and hospitals, or 20 B2 stealth bombers, I think only the insane would say yes to the bombers (yes I understand the concept of force reduction). Now then, another way is to say do you put a cost on our nations security and the safety of our citizens, of course not, how much do you need. The powerful and the spin doctors form public opinion, they have to, otherwise they won't feel in control.

Ok bit of a soap box dance you may think, but consider this, we live in a society that is quite prepared to except homeless people, ask yourself why. Is it because you except it or because society excepts it or because the ruling class has told you, that this is just the way it is?

Personally I don't except it but then again I don't have much control over how the world is run.

Anyway I would now like to share an observation with you:-

I was in Burger King once and outside across the street I seen a homeless person begging, looking tired and hungry, I then seen one of the staff throwing out a couple of burgers just because they had been on sale just a bit to long. Open your eyes and you will see that the old slogan of everything you know is wrong, might just be right, especially when it comes to your value system. When you extrapolate this into global terms, then all the food wasted etc and all the people who are hungry equals one very strange system. On a more fundamental note, understand this, food can be produced enough to feed the world, but food production is regulated in line with economic considerations, rather than the needs of the hungry. Farmers are even paid not to plant crops, thus decreasing surpluses and therefore raising prices, of course the worlds starving etc, could be fed, but it is obviously more important to protect the illusion of economic prosperity, rather than providing real prosperity. (Pause and just think about that for a second - please). Most of us place a value, on all the wrong things?

Anyway it seems like the state along with some elements of society are willing to except homeless people because at the end of the day, it acts as a built in fear factor. In other words the state is showing you, just what could happen to you, that's if you do not get with their program, it also at least in my mind, shows the absolute bloody mindedness of the overlords. It at least to me, is a sign of a very sick society, if you want more proof of this, then how come David Beckham makes front page headlines with a broken foot, at the same time the Middle East exploded?

Not everybody is capable of becoming an economically viable product, because life just isn't like that. Also the price performance model or the cost price analysis system, can not be used in a future economy that is prepared to use A.I., it's unlikely humans will be able to compete. The name given to this type of thinking or future economic vision is the technocracy, it is a vision of the future that may be seen as fair and level headed in some ways, but my guess is, that even these dreamers, have not factored in a lot of the problems this eBook raises.

The current system seems to have in effect dehumanised most of us, the poor, the hungry, the homeless are all in these positions because must of us have been indoctrinated into a system that has told us, that it is ok to be part of a world which is like this. If you wish to see the truth, then you have to see your own role in this. Once enough people change, then the system will change, because each of us is the system, free your mind and see the truth.

Next, net voting should allow the one person, one vote system to work in a totally democratic way, with a true representation of public opinion forming government policy (because a cross in a box every 4 years is not democracy, it's just another smoke and mirrors illusion). But Net voting may mean that the majority would always have the casting vote, so public opinion would no longer be a matter for debate, it would become a statement of fact. But keep in mind, even when net voting takes off, you will probably only be given the options the powers that be want you to pick from, as I said it's all smoke and mirrors, it's just an illusion to keep you happy and content.

Mind you by the time they fully implement net voting, then A.I. experts will probably be capable of explaining the pros and cons of any decision being voted on, whilst predicting the outcome of any policy changes and better than any current day politician or assessing body. Come to think of it, if that does happen, as in one person one vote along with billions of connected net users, with secure net voting systems and all tied into advanced A.I. systems being able to reliably predict the outcome of any changes, then who needs politicians or most civil servants. Let's down size them, it would cost the taxpayers less, but then again, that would just add to the unemployment domino effect. Politicians and most civil servants may become economically unviable, smart software being able to do most of their paperwork. Hey, they may even end up homeless, mind you who cares they should have got a proper jobs in the first place?

I liken this type of future, to the current use of weather forecasting programs, one of the worlds fastest supercomputer is being used to model global climate change (see - the NEC Earth Simulator). Computers now have the ability to process or take into account many more variables than any one person, so producing more reliable and accurate answers, based on all of the available data. There are all sorts of modelling programs available, from predicting how stocks and shares will turn out, to horse racing, itís all going the same way,  better modelling (smarter software) = less errors. Just remember people are just as fallible as machines if given incorrect data. A recent survey showed that one in five people, still think's the Sun goes around the Earth?

Ask any social anthropologist they will tell you how to model individual and group behaviour, computers or smart software can do much the same thing. In general most people and groups can be seen as just following a set of behavioural patterns, which are relatively easy to model. I.e. get up, bathroom, breakfast, (deal with the kids - optional), car, work, talk rubbish all day, then back home for tea, deal with the kids, a bit of TV then bed - go back to line 10 cls, sorry I mean then wake up and then repeat the whole process all over again.

People may become nothing more than children to these smart machines, thatís if they donít kill us all first. It seems strange talking about something that hasnít happened yet and yet to me, itís inevitable. It also seems to me, that only the human race would be stupid enough to develop something that has the potential to kill everybody on the planet, just for monetary gain, or to make life a bit easier. As I said, the only way to use this level of technology at least safely, is to do away with money, so not letting commercial pressures decide all of our fates. The A.I., nanotech / robot problems are coming and they are going to become huge issues, for both the public and politicians alike.

Most politicians are not I.T. literate, they maybe able to use Windows and Office (or maybe not), but thatís not going to help them understand the next generation of smart devices or the software controlling those devices. They will probably ask some sycophant in a white coat, to explain it to them. So that they can then go and give the public some nice calming answers, these answers will obviously be politically motivated. Whilst these answers, will also go to make the politician saying them, look more I.T. literate than he or she may actually be. This is a disaster in the making, with most politicians not even understanding the problems, so God help us all.

I quote Hitler - the masses are blind and stupid + what good fortune for governments that the people do not think, he may have been crazy but if an idiot like him could get an entire nation to go to war, then he was obviously right.

Of course the bigger question is, why are the masses mostly blind and stupid?

As I said, just par for the course, just smoke and mirrors, because the truth is, weíre all pretty screwed if we donít do something about the coming A.I. / nanotech and the global environmental problems on the horizon.

I do my bit, I have never owned a car, mind you, I could never afford to run one, even now I'm working, plus I haven't had a holiday in over 10 years and my girlfriend has worked her whole life in a 9 to 5 job and yet never had a holiday outside of the UK, I kid you not.

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