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Section 4 / Page 151

Me On My Soap Box

The world seems like such a strange place, so many people wondering around all with their own personal agendas and doing whatever it is that seems important to them. I always like to  look at the big picture, because when you do, you canít help but see just how pointless most of it is. Most of what currently goes on, just seems like background noise to me, I hear all of these people talking all the time and yet very few actually saying anything worth listening to. I do believe that there is a massive silent body of people in the world, who are right now all thinking the same thing and I think that thought maybe, "letís just stop for a second and take stock of everything, and letís see if we canít find a better way of doing things".

This is no longer a political issue or a money issue, itís a people issue. The amount of unfairness and general crap that goes on, especially in the name of money and politics, is just par for the course. The average person is not the type we see on TV, the average person is I believe capable of making their own judgments about whatís right and wrong. The system says freedom and justice for all, what it should say, is freedom and justice for the people who can afford it.

The way I look at it is like this, if you take money out of the equation then we are all equal and thatís just how I like to deal with people. I have met millionaires who are completely thick and yet talk down to people because they think they can. If you kiss up to them, then they may smile upon you and bless you with some of their wisdom and cash. What we should all do, is tell most of them, to go swivel, thatís my message to some of the rich people, who think that money gives them more rights to being on this rock than the rest of us. I seem to have spent most of my life either unemployed or working in crap jobs, I have also  been involved in four businesses, but being unemployed, has given me the time to write this. Most people would like to be rich, me included, but itís not about being lazy or having enough money to sit on a beach for the rest of my life. Itís about having the money to get out of the box, for somebody like me, the box is my house, no money and the prospect of doing crap jobs between now and the time that the problems pointed out in this eBook come about. Whilst also being able to move, so avoiding the local tracksuit wearing skinhead teenagers, who seem to think hurting people, is their God given right.

It often makes me think, do the powers that be, actually want a totally crime free society, at least at street level or are they happy to let some terror exist?. You see social control, comes in many forms, so if you let people buy their own little cells and even keep them scared with a little street violence etc, whilst also making them all a little mistrustful of each other, then at least the majority of prisoners, will keep quiet and bolt themselves in at night?

I say help people because you can, not just for monetary gain. Ok I admit, most of the tracksuit wearers mentioned earlier are beyond help, no amount of rationalizing with them, is going to stop them, from wanting to kill you. Personal experience has taught me, that avoiding them, is at least for me, my only real option, well at least if I wish to stay alive. It's also why I don't want one of those crap jobs, most people and the government keep telling me I should happily take. I think Chris Rock said it best, there are black people and then there are niggers, in white society, we also have niggers, these are the people who will smile at you, then rob your house, when they know your out.

Of course there are many types of people in the world, but I do despise the practical type, you know, the people who seem to have no thought processes beyond their chosen profession, want your door fixing, no problem, dishwasher plumbed in ok, you know the type. These well trained mass produced drones are a product of the system. But just try having a conversation with these types of people, outside of certain parameters, i.e. Try hitting them with a bit of philosophy, cosmology, physics and you will probably soon see a huge difference between your basic model and theirs. Itís quite a remarkable situation, but I see it happen all the time, you can ask these people questions so far outside of their perspective, that itís as if you have asked them to compute PI, to a million decimal places, in other words it actually makes them angry. I come across this type of cognitive dissonance all the time, God I love that phrase, it sums up so much.

These people should just stop sometimes, take a deep breath and contemplate the true nature of the universe and themselves, I do it all the time, but thatís why I donít fit in most of the time. It also means that trying to get me to do any type of standard 9-5 job, is like trying to reformat my brain, or telling it to throw out all itís ever learnt in favour of doing something it hates. What I hate, is the people who try to tell me what to do, just because somebody else has told them to tell me, i.e. most civil servants, (itís like wake up, try thinking for yourself.) The Naziís had a similar policy, they used to love the people who didnít think for themselves, it made their ideology easier to impose, itís also making corporate and government ideology easier to impose on us all.

Itís all those hierarchal command type structures once again, I mean look at Bill Gates, at one time he was a nobody just like the rest of us and in my book he still is, now heís one of the richest men in the world and people now do what he tells them to do, why? Well the simple answer is, because he pays well, but what does he know that most of us donít. The same goes for most politicians, who the hell are most of them, just people, so why does anybody listen to them, money and power thatís why. So if weíre all stupid enough to let most of these so called fellow equals, run our world for us, even though it is a mostly an unfair and corrupt world, then in my mind it stands to reason that most of the people running it, are also unfair and corrupt. Go watch a film called Election, it highlights these issues better than anything I could ever come up with.

The people at the top have created a maze for you to run around in, it's called the economic trap. This includes first providing an education system that seems to give you, just enough information so as to perform the tasks they want you to do. They then make sure you are presented with the choices that are mostly in their best interests, not yours. So you are now a happy little worker drone ready and willing to except orders from your boss or any authority figure, don't question it, just get to work, then you can buy all of the shiny things you are told you want. Happy of course you are, because they didn't teach you to question, they taught you to obey. The maze they have created for you, is deep and perverse, but most of the powers that be think that this is the correct way, for most people to be governed, but the question is do you feel happy, equal and enlightened or repressed?

Question everything, accept nothing and you are well on the path to enlightenment.

Ever since Charlie Chaplin kicked an authority figure in one of his movies, the masses have latched on to the idea that what is politically correct is not always morally correct. Personally, I think I have moved beyond materialism, I would just like some peace of mind, how about you?

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