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I believe that being self aware, is just our brains way of dealing with all of the electrical impulses being permanently fed into it, via our senses. This theory would explain most of the behaviour we see exhibited in both animals and humans. The behaviour of humans has become increasingly standardised via social conditioning and via the implementation of training procedures, such as language, reading and writing along with the standard education most people now receive. The basic model currently instilled through this standardisation process, is to make people believe in the work ethic.

Society has also set up other systems allowing some people to extend their basic model by moving into higher learning or learning the skills needed for whichever job they wish to do or more likely economically forced to do. This is to produce standardised products (doctors, electricians etc), most humans can now be seen as just standardised graded products that can be bought and sold. This old style formatting as I like to call it, is likely to cause major problems in a future, where most of the work could actually be done by increasingly intelligent machines, that will in effect be designing and evolving themselves. Most people’s minds will have to be reformatted, otherwise the belief in money and the work ethic, that is currently instilled, will be in conflict with this new technology, which will more than likely result, in the problems exampled in this eBook coming about. I liken this to us all having to reboot are brains, with a new operating system. Windows can be seen as the framework upon which a million apps have been launched. The basic Windows for most people is the state education system and as I see it, we will all have to adapt this programming (teaching), so as allow both ourselves and the minds of the next generation to comprehend the new reality, this technology will bring about.

Another look at the future could see a different type of problem appear, instead of this technology creating communities it could actually divide people into even more diverse groups. The sophisticated networks now being built should allow us all to have personalised VR front end user interfaces, this coupled with advanced photo realistic CG images, may mean that today’s current couch potatoes could look like Olympic athletes. A situation could develop where the majority of people hooked into such systems, would prefer to stay within their own  custom virtual worlds rather than dealing with the reality of the real world. So making today's current TV audience look super healthy.

On that note what has to be understood, is that TV and the spread of the mass media, has helped to join the world plus it is helping those who pay attention to help in the gaining of the knowledge required to make individual choices about the world they live in. The intelligent amongst us, can usually see past the spin doctors and are capable of seeing at least some of the underlying truths that govern our societies, this is becoming the norm for a lot of people. The truth is no longer a commodity that can be portioned out at will, by the people who may think they control it. The truth is the only thing that will eventually set us all free. Once the self aware A.I. genie has been let out of the bottle then it can never be put back in and then just like the atomic bomb, we will all have to deal with its proliferation and more importantly its use.

If machines do become smarter than us, then the powers that be, won’t be able to protect themselves anymore than the average person. In fact they will probably be in a lot more trouble than the average person, due to their increasing reliance upon this technology. The funny thing is, when the powers that be want to get most humans to do what they want, they usually use fear or money as an incentive, it just makes me wonder what incentive they will use, to motivate a self-aware machine into doing their bidding. The powers that be may control the minds of the masses, but who will control the mind of the machine?

One of the most worrying things about all of this, is that this eBook has been seen in its proposal format, by Starlabs, Marconi,  BT and Vodaphone and the general opinion was, that they already knew most of this. Although the scary bits had been left out, the really strange thing was that none of these companies seemed to care about the social impact of what they were doing, only how much money it was going to make them. At the end of the day it has become obvious to me that VR and A.I. are integrally linked and in that sense, there are plenty of people working under contract who understand and see this stuff for what it is, but NDA's prevent them from discussing or dealing with this stuff openly. Its this cloak of secrecy that is currently hiding some of the issues from public view. As an independentt observer I have seen how all the pieces of this jigsaw fit together, but this has not been easy, I have in effect had to read everyday as much as I can so as to see the big picture.

Hopefully this book will make people more aware of the issues, we may all soon face?

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