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Virtual communities are a massive growth market, with companies like Second Life attracting new users daily, each new user is of course a potential new revenue stream. These types of communities are self-developing in nature to a large extent, which in effect means less work for the developers of these types of systems. This self development is a great attractor, as all of the possible permutations for most real communities are beginning to exist within VR, but even more so, because of the sheer diversity of environments that can be made available.

Eventually the TV audience will want access to these types of sounds and images. So the system was seen as offering users a large virtualised image database and a list of big name stars and in that sense, there is no reason to think that the mass audience won’t want access to this type of content. People love VR, some people may say NO, but the same thing happened with talking movies, but once the public are given the ability to interact with their favourite actors and participate in many varied ways, then this will mean that TV as we know it today, may go the same way as the silent movie.

From the showman to the traveling theater troop, the next step came with theaters, arena's, the coliseum, then came radio, film and TV, now it's the Net, the next step, is the virtual show, with a possible global audience and a revolution may ensue because this time the audience will truly become part of the show.

As always, entertain the masses, but make sure you have one hand in there wallets.

VR communities will become the norm and the phone will probably be seen as old hat and a new 3 way medium will be born.


Educational uses for the system

The system could be used to teach in a fun way, imagine being able to have 3D battles or lectures inside a blood cell or on the surface of a parrot’s wing. This should allow kids and adults to see the world and the universe from many perspectives. "Edutainment", uses for the system would have been incredible.

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