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Section 4 - Page 149

Military intelligence - an Oxymoron

I feel another random quantum fluctuation happening somewhere deep within my cerebral cortex.

Lets explore the possibility that a hacker, rogue government, terrorist or bad A.I. system, manages to get hold off or access to a quantum computer, I mean, would this lead to every current computer security system in the world being breached and could this lead us all into economic disaster. This is because a quantum computer used for code breaking purposes at least in theory, could compute every possible permutation to a possible problem in no time at all. So the standard RSA cryptosystem, would become obsolete however large the key. Once again if we wish to use this technology then we have to consider all of the possible consequences. I wonder what Whitfield Diffie would say about this?

The basic model concept by the way can also be seen in how certain weapons systems work. The military already use VR style target acquisition systems, such as the ones built into the Tomahawk cruise missile. I.e. allowing the targeting system to compare real world input to onboard data, so allowing it to become a true fire and forget weapons system, autonomously navigating its way to a target. Obviously to scale such systems up to the level suggested within this eBook, is problematic at best, but the militaries own advances in these areas and the nets development will inevitably lead to an MNN type system being realised. Ladar and the seeker head used on Storm Shadow, the UK version of Tomahawk, used in Gulf War 2, show's what is possible in the area of 3d mapping and pattern recognition.

Anyway, the so called battles of the future will be fought in what military planners like to call the info-sphere. In other words, whoever has or controls the information will win the war (see the Joint Global Command & Control System). The A.I. systems of the future maybe able to dominate in this type of war, simply because they could absorb, process and respond quicker than any human. If this technology gets away from us or terrorists unleash some type of bad A.I. attack, then the human races ability to fight back will come down to one type of defence. That is, we may have to pull the plug on everything and in so doing, we would also in effect destroy the global economy, because that Virus, worm, Trojan or bad A.I. program maybe capable of hiding out, in any and almost every device connected to the internet (millions of cloned copies). I can actually see this being a distinct possibility, mind you one giant E-Bomb should take care of the problem. The digital battlefield of the future could be turned against the human race, especially if A.I. and these new technologies are not very tightly controlled and on a global scale. If certain war technologies are introduced by many countries i.e. space based weapons, unmanned weapons platforms (as the JSF looks like being the last manned US warplane that will be produced) and something does go wrong and all of the little blue dots are turned into red dots by some terrorist, hacker, bad A.I. or unforeseen problem, then this could be the end of us all. A small problem could very rapidly escalate into something much worse?

Official DARPA animation with a slightly different sound track


The digital battle-space - left click zoom for full screen

I call this the Terminator scenario, remember the speech within that movie (T1), the one that goes something like this:-

All stealth bombers become unmanned and then fly with a perfect operational record. There are even rumours that the new F35, will be capable of being flown autonomously. Anyway Sky net gets built (network centric warfare systems) and then becomes self aware on such and such a date and then starts to learn at a geometric rate, it then decides our fate in an instant. Armed unmanned weapons platforms have already been used over Afghanistan in the shape of the Tomahawk cruise missile and spy drones equipped with hellfire missiles + the X-45A is already flying. These and future combat platforms will become increasingly autonomous and even if the fire control circuit is controlled via a two way data link from the ground, then there is no reason why a bad hacker or bad A.I. program etc, couldn't seize that link (see SIPRNET). The military have this innate belief that they can control the technology they develop, but as soon as human being's are introduced into any mix, then nothing is truly safe and secure. Mind you, a bad or rogue A.I. system may decide to use a biological or chemical weapon, so as to take out the human race, after all it wouldn't affect them much. China is said to be developing all sorts of weapons, such as robot soldiers and nano satellite weapons. In fact most developed nations are working on some aspect of nano-weaponry, this would make today's chemical and biological warfare systems seem positively primitive in comparison. Bloo goo?

You only have to look at the terrorist attacks on  jet airliners using missiles, to know that we can not control or keep weapons out of the hands of the bad guys. The global proliferation of nano-weaponry is an incredibly scary and very real probability. Also I believe the military and the powers that be won't be happy until they control everybody and everything, but common sense tells me that unless you disarm the whole world, then there is no real security. I think we must all be insane to allow all these so called rulers, to get away with developing these types of weapons, its a form of madness, have we not learned anything from the past?

Ever since the movie Star Wars came out, I think the military have been envious, I think they saw the Death Star and immediately said "WOW" we've gota get one of them. From that point on we've had Star Wars, son of Star wars now its the Ground-based Midcourse Defence System and I don't believe the powers that be, will ever be happy until they get the ability to vaporise a single individual or continent via some type of space based death ray. The US air force's own literature says that they will have to become globally dominant in space, it's normal military thinking, control the high ground and you stand the best chance of winning? Their latest space based laser plans for the year 2012, along with the "PLAN", doesn't seem to have taken into account, the possible A.I. and nanotech chain reaction theory, as I said, I want off this bus.

US.: National Policy on Ballistic Missile Defense

Restructuring our defense and deterrence capabilities to correspond to emerging threats remains one of the Administration's highest priorities, and the deployment of missile defenses is an essential component of this broader effort. Plus the U.S. military is studying weapons designed for outer space, including metal tubes, or rods from God, which can be fired at Earthly targets from the heavens above.

If we ever do make it into "outer" space, then I think the powers that be won't be happy until they know everything there is to know about the Universe. That's as long as they have got control over it and they also have the option to blow it up, you see for these people it is all about control, I call this, the I wanna be GOD syndrome. At the end of the day, all life seems to develop or have survival instincts, it is one of the few guiding principals behind all life. So if A.I. does develop even this most basic of instincts and the powers that be decide they can not control it, then they will try to stop it and in the process. a new type of species war may develop. This may develop into a global battle for survival of the species, in which case the Matrix and Terminator may not be as Sci Fi as many people think?

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Author Alan Keeling