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Section 4 / Pages 148

A wake up call plus the Skycar and the common good?

The coming problems outlined in this eBook, should make us all wake up and see the dangers, because this is a very dangerous time for the human race, more so than in any other time in human history. If we are to use this technology and evolve robots capable of becoming are workforce, then I believe that this technology or advanced software should be controlled and legislated in its introduction.

This could be done by implementing the software needed in solid state form, i.e. in hardware only. With a set of basic models designed to do specific tasks, so allowing them no freedom to evolve past their original programming, obviously they would need to have some learning abilities, but these abilities should be limited and very tightly controlled. Of course in this future you will need a globally controlled populace (that should not be taken literally), a different type of economic system and everybody agreeing to the policy, so it’s probably not achievable. Mind you after the terrorist attacks on America then you never know, if they can form a global coalition however shaky against terrorism, then maybe they can do the same when it comes to the global proliferation of A.I. and nano technologies, but I doubt it.

Of course you know all this because you’re a smart person, if you are one of these smart people, then do the world a favor and join in the fight. The fight is to get the rest of the world’s population up to speed and hopefully not let the powers that be use this technology to further their own goals, especially if those goals are in conflict with the common good. The common good, is about getting everybody the same standard of living, that’s for the people who want it, not just for the people who can afford it. In Jordan Pollacks article, intelligentethics, he describes the year 2045 in which the ford motor company puts out a nano-design blue print for their new car. He describes how much it will cost and the fact that nano-assembling robots, build the cars in nano factories all over the world, with no employees needed. Ford in fact, just employs a few designers and basically pockets vast amounts of profits from the sale of the design and build rights to a possible global market of new car owners. Thus the RPE (revenue per employee), goes through the roof plus the CEO and shareholders, think great, we have no employees to pay, equals loads of profit for us, so everyone's a winner?

The wake up call is this, currently over 30% of internet traffic is considered to be used by P2P users sharing files of all description, in a virtual / nanotech future, then this could mean that people may not pay for anything. This may annoy the current powers that be, but as I see it, this could become a good thing, if implemented correctly, this means that the human race could move beyond materialism and screwing each other for a dollar and concentrate on doing things that lead to a better society. Western culture and materialism has infected the whole world, but unless an alternative to the current reliance on fossil fuels is found, then green house emissions could  spiral out of control and then money will no longer matter. In this future, human survival instincts could take over and chaos may rule and technology itself could be seen as both a hindrance and a help, as always, it is how technology is used, rather than the technology itself.

Also just as this eBook is shareware, then I think there will be plenty of free (open source) or shareware designs for cars, boats or just about anything floating around on this global internet / grid of the future. Plus the trade in deals for future goods, could make today's recycling efforts seem silly in comparison. So when the wife, sees the new skycar she likes, she say's honey I'm just going to get in touch with the A.I. controlled virtual dealer, via her built in retinal / thought activated view phone.

She say's to the dealer, this is the one I want, which one madam, say's the dealer, she then uploads the VR scanned image, she captured earlier via the built in camera, she had sown into her clothing, ok says the dealer. The dealer then instantly checks the design out with the central design bureaus or Intellectual property register and the avatar tells her, no problem, that design is freely available miss. Ok she say's I will get the car to  fly itself over to you later. The dealer say's ok, we will let the automated nano-factory do it's work overnight and tomorrow your new design will fly itself back to you. Great she say's and the motor industry goes pop?

This could be the demise of many corporations, just as information is currently seen as being freely available, at least to most net users, then in the future, the masses may speak with one voice and that voice may say, "we are not going to pay for it", especially when we can get something just as good or even better, downloaded and manufactured molecule by molecule, for free? This technology could bring about a new era, no more Haves and Have-nots, equality is within our grasp, if we are wise enough?

I believe, this is the way it will have to go, that's if the human race really does want equality for all.

From the digital to the physical and all for free or do we keep screwing each over for a buck?

Ultimately this could be seen as the real choice, between Heaven and Hell?

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