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Section 4 / Page 147

My Basic Model Continued

Anyway back to my basic model, so I zoom into the Earth and see all of the things that are going on. From my initial perspective, i.e. from the outside of the multi-verse looking in, then most of what goes on down here, doesnít make a whole lot of sense. It does when you look close up and see how blinkered most humans are, but you would think that the human race would have got it's act together by now.

Anyway, I can also dive in even further and see the structure of atoms and then go even further into the realm of particles and right down to visualizing structures, such as superstrings etc. The Cosmic Journey continues and I understand that you may also be able to do this, but before you become too complacent upon your pedestal, watch out for those minds that can also travel in time, both forward and back. Once you open your mind to the possibility, will you dare to step out of the NOW and into an even larger universe? You may think it's impossible in reality, so it must only be your imagination at work, until you realize, that just maybe there's more going on than you think. It took me a long time to see it, it took me an even longer time to believe it and for a man who believes in the laws of physics, it freaked me out, enough said, before you call me a crackpot or a psychic? All this zooming about and being able to visualise and receive all this information, doesnít half make you think?

Personally, I think Einsteinís theory of relativity along with his famous energy equals mass times the speed of light squared equation, did not go far enough. It may have helped define peopleís perspection of the known physical universe, but I believe everything and I mean everything, is relative to the observer. What I mean by this, is that even though science tells us at one level how the universe is, on another level that view could be completely wrong. This can be born out by the view held by the people who believe in quantum physics and all of the other people who donít. Einstein by all accounts didnít, anyway the point is, if there are more than four dimensions which apparently there are, then how can any of us truly come to understand all of these extra dimensions?

Try keeping up with me here, we now have the ability to mathematically model these higher dimensions, but the average person (me included), has a really hard time trying to model or visualize these higher dimensions. If you work on the premise that the current basic model shared by most of us, is in general, just based on our current best scientific understanding and taking into account that science is always teaching us new things (X 3872 ?). Then is reality what we currently perceive it to be or is it something that we have yet to discover. If we haven't discovered it yet, then how can any of us truly understand the real relationship that we maybe having with it?

The truthful answer is, that nobody will ever be able to give us a totally accurate view of reality, well not unless their God.

So A.I. systems will have to become as flexible as are own minds, that's if they are ever to understand reality in the same way humans do, even though reality, is in effect a subjective experience for us all.

Anyway to help us define the multiverse most of us belong to, we usually go on what we can either observe or mathematically prove or test using the scientific method. This leads me to believe that in our defining of reality we may have overlooked something and I think that something is a question of our own perspective. So the age old thought experiment, of what would it be like to be a two dimensional being, should also be applied to our current three dimensional state?

I.e. if you have no depth perception, then how do you perceive depth, in a similar way our perception could be just as blinkered. In other words, as three dimensional beings will we ever get to see the big picture, if you see the point?.

There are apparently 11 dimensions, but for a while there, it was hotly debated as to exactly how many dimensions there where. Twenty was the going rate at one time, well that was the figure given by most cosmologists, (itís a math's thing, so donít worry about it). This is the number of dimensions that where supposedly available at the beginning of the big bang, but it seems that our universe is now content with just four or is it six?. Now the real scientists or mathematicians out there, are probably putting there hands in the air and saying, hey stupid thereís nothing special about dimensions, after all we dreamed them up?

So I include this to satisfy the egg heads out there, I am not talking about some equation describing a point within some non-visual hyperspace model or degrees of freedom, I am talking about the things that we really canít see or perceive, so shut up.

However, if you are one of those scientists that thinks that there is a logical and completely explainable answer to everything, then it maybe you, who needs a reality check. You see, for most scientists and mathematicians it is all about the numbers, (personally I blame the Liber Abaci for all this), anyways this is how it really is for most of them, they are using numbers to describe everything. They then use those mathematical equations or proofs so to help describe reality (a form of logical  positivism taken to the extreme if you ask me). This once again comes back to the perception problem. Although numbers can be used to describe everything, it only works if the numbers are right and of course they are always going to be right, once you accept reality. So if you have understood what I have just written, then you may see, that there maybe a hell of a lot more to reality, than any of us currently think.

"Sorry," if you didnít understand any of that, but for all the people who did, then hereís a message, I will meet you on the other side where no shadows fall?

I often wonder what the raven must have been thinking, as the lightning hit the tracks, this is the world as I see it, relatively speaking?

Mathematical logic?

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