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The network was envisioned as holding detailed information on each connected user, purchasing habits and such like, so the moment a user logged onto the network, then that user could have been greeted or targeted by a personal greeting from a famous celebrity etc. These virtual assistants could then have introduced the user to any special deals or whatever else was going on within the system.

The system was seen as taking this idea one step further. So if the system contained a virtualised model of letís say New York, held within its VR database and a user was doing a bit of virtualised shopping or just a bit of virtual tourism, as they passed a virtualised environment such as a music store,  the system could then have automatically targeted both the sights and sounds coming from that VR store, hopefully enticing the user in. This is known as push, i.e. the information is sent down the line deliberately targeting the individual. Pull is the opposite, in effect dragging information from the end user, this was to be used so as to help gather targeted marketing information.

These marketing techniques where to be scaled up a notch, so if the system contained the virtualised images of a users favourite group or singer, the system was seen as being able to add those sounds or images directly into the VR environment. This could have given rise to more marketing ideas, than can as yet be imagined, of course the local franchisee and overall franchise operator (database owner), would be charging the user for that experience.

Businessís could have been given access to both local and global customers and its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) potential was seen as being huge.

The addiction shown by some people to TV and games could pale in comparison to the addictive qualities of VR. Research suggests that TV and games are so addictive, largely due to their ability to stimulate our "orienting response". Advertisers are already using this knowledge within VR for their own advantage and this type of targeted marketing, is making VR's return per user (Arpu) enormous.

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