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Section 3 / Page 138

The Bus

Imagine your on a bus (the bus being the world) and in the back as normal you have all the usual idiots killing each other, over money, oil, land, religion, ideology etc. Then you take a look around at the rest of the bus and see that most of the passengers are either asleep or too busy working to notice where the bus is going.

Now I like to think that I am a reasonably observant person and for about 20 years I have been staring out of the front of the bus and in that time I have seen the bus heading ever faster towards a huge concrete wall (nanotechnology and A.I.). So I look to the side of me, only to see a whole bunch of people squabbling over whose going to drive and I don't actually see many of them noticing the wall. (Then I watched Horizon)

So anyway this eBook is my way of putting my hand up and saying hey have you guys seen the wall yet or what? Now if nobody takes any notice of me, then fair enough, but hopefully this eBook will make me enough, so allowing me to get off the bus, thus allowing me to move to Easter Island when the proverbial shit hits the fan. (Send an e-mail to, if you also want to get off the bus). I liken the current scenario to Germany in the early 1930's, with a few people telling the masses, there are a lot of problems on the horizon. Most dismiss the warnings and say no your wrong, if we all work hard then we should all be able to make mone and get on etc?

Anyway back to the book.

There seems to be three main camps developing within the I.T. industry, the first is the people who donít see or understand what is about to happen. The second are worried about it, but are apathetic about it, the "yeah, but what can we do about it brigade?", the third group are becoming like me,   seriously concerned. Look at the latest job cuts in some of the telecomís and technology markets, this is affecting the workforce not the real moneymen. Once again, this is just another small part of the short sightedness of the economic experts at the top not truly understanding all the factors involved or not caring about the people at the bottom. These job cuts show how market forces can dictate the common mans destiny. The common man is just looking for some type of financial security and future. Market forces are increasingly controlling the destiny of most companies and the individuals who work for these companies, if this is allowed to play itself out to it's ultimate conclusion then the chain reaction, will occur.

The problems are going to get worse, because there is a communications gap between most governments, corporate suits and the boffins. The suits have a habit of only listening when you are telling them something that is advantageous to either them or their wallet. This situation is perpetuated throughout all levels of industry, this makes it very hard for the message to get through to the very people who actually have the power to prevent or do anything about it. This could be the downfall of us all, with the suits and the moneymen pushing the boffins to fulfill their need to beat the competition in the interactive or smart A.I. interface stakes, therefore drowning out the cries, from a small band of people warning them of the dangers. This being the point of this eook, it is meant as a wake up call to anybody who can get their head around it, so hopefully allowing the small band to grow into something more substantial. As I said send an e-mail to, lets see if we can be heard.

The moneymen are only interested in making money and corporations are in the business of making money. So the chances are, that a few people warning them of the long-term dangers will not stop them from wanting to stay in business thus beating their competition, so making them even more money. Keep in mind, there are still people who can not program a video recorder, but if a businessman was told, hey look we have invented a new remote control that understands everything you say to it and it can be used to control your new e-home, then there are plenty of investors who would put money into it, but at the same time, wouldn't bother asking how it worked. This is how A.I. and it's proliferation may come about, no controls, just a rush by investors and technicians trying to produce products that allow the masses to utilize ever increasingly sophisticated interfaces, just to make more money.

It has always been commonsense to the moneymen, to let other people worry about the technical details, so allowing them to worry about the more important problems, like how much money is this investment going to make. British Biotech was a great example of this principal, they floated themselves on the stock market making the moneymen involved God knows how much. I mean who cares about the technical problems involved and whether the drugs they were developing actually worked or even existed, after all it made a fortune and thatís all that matters to the people making the money. Commercial reality once again bearing little resemblance to reality.

In a virtual future, it makes me wonder, if the rich will even notice the poor?

The ability of most of the moneymen, to see this one coming over and above their own profit margins is slim, for a short time these people are going to be making a fortune and as predicted the Internet is becoming the new economy. The problem is, it may totally devastate the old economy, so adding to the aggregation of all the problems listed, all of these factors should help fuel the chain reaction theory.

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