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Section 4 / Pages 135 - 136


The passing on of patterns within society is one of the most fascinating things I personally have come to witness. I see all the different countries and their individual cultures right down to individual tribes etc, all passing on what they class as relevant information between one another and itís an amazing thing to behold. The tribes come in many shapes and forms, from the tribes of the Amazon to the many tribes within modern society, pop culture, the jet set, the yuppies, the hooligans etc.

All of these people have in effect learnt patterns of behaviour from other people and itís not hard to see why so many problems exist in the world. The establishment of set behavioural patterns within society has probably resulted in more conflict between people, than anything else in human history. The established religions of the world, the differences in ideologies between cultures and the usual patterns of violence shown between competing people, all adds up to a whole bunch of learnt responses to set patterns, after all when we our born we are no more Muslim than we are Christian. So in that respect we must have learnt to become whatever it is we are, through the patterns that we have picked up on our journey through life.

The problem is that everybody is beginning to see lifestyles that they either disagree with or want to be a part of, but the real problem is money, and most people only want money so they can achieve a lifestyle that best suits them. The problem is, that only the rich will ever know what itís like to be rich. The rest of us can only dream of how that must feel, this makes society very dangerous, because we are now providing the information to an increasingly educated public of how their lives could be if they had money.

There are entire sections of society that are getting increasingly angry due to the fact that they were not born into a rich family or some other privileged position and know, no matter how hard they work, study or whatever, they will never achieve more than a mediocre position or lifestyle. These people are the majority of the worldís population, so why do we all allow it to continue. This is a very big question, I mean, why is it that less than one percent of the worlds population, actually owns and controls 80% of the worldís wealth. Trust me, I have been around enough rich people to know that itís not because they are all smarter than us (us being a relative term, i.e. smart people with no money). My personal experiences, have shown me thatís itís usually because they are more arrogant or at least more selfish than the rest of us.



Anyway here is a bit of philosophy, I personally believe in the interconnectedness of all things (Edgar Mitchell style, or try the quantum ether or Zen) and that unless we have a more balanced approach to all of the worldís problems, then as chaos theory suggests, a very small effect could cause major problems. A large effect such as the introduction of very smart A.I. systems, into a society that has its economy based on competing market forces, will more than likely result in chaos. The best example yet of this scenario was the September 11th terrorist attacks on America, it showed how just a couple of events managed to cause ripple effects all over the globe. E.g. the lay off's in the airline and aerospace industry because of the attacks, are a really good example of corporate business practices. The average person is laid off and yet again finds themselves having no choice but to except their fate, its all about money over and above the well being of people, great system.

Government brain washing techniques (state education system) has turned us all into standardised graded products, that employers can buy off the shelf and then put back on the shelf whenever it suits them, this is wrong, this is exploitation of the worst kind. This is a form of legalised slavery, this means that companies, governments and anybody with money or power can exploit the poor. This is a horrible setup, businesses and governments that treat people in this way are sowing the seeds of discontent within society, the average person is just looking for some type of stability in their life, but when your poor, all you have is insecurity and the feeling that companies, governments and the rich only care about you, when you are of some use to them, which is exactly how it really is. The poor and the working class have been turned into nothing more, than rentable products for the rich and powerful, well screw them, I refuse to recognise their higher moral stance, because it is based on self interest, not the common good. There is no longer a job for life, you end up feeling like a ball inside a pinball machine, constantly being battered from pillar to post, this feeling is destroying western society and the people at the top either don't see it or don't care.

Anyway, I personally know that I am not a standardised product that any employer wants to hire (simply because I'm not standardised), bit of a shame really. I may understand most of the stuff in this ebook, but unless you are prepared to do 4 or 5 years getting a qualification to prove it, then itís a bit of a waste of time applying for a job. Then there's the up and coming problems pointed out, throughout this ebook, so why bother getting a job, or doing another 5 years of training when you can see all this coming about. The old established order, of how things have worked and how they have been done in the past, will have to be abandoned in light of these new technologies.

I see my nephews learning IT skills at school and I can't help thinking what a waste of time most of it is, they are being taught to use office and simple web design tools and yet I know and after reading this, you should also know, that most of  these skills are already pretty useless. I call this, the learning of dead skills, all these people who are now learning to become experts in certain types of application software, will have a very limited shelf life. These applications will soon become obsolete and therefore these job skills, will also become obsolete, this is going to become one of the major problems for many of today's IT workforce. There is already talk of doing away with programmers completely, see link, plus IBM is already planning how it can be done. The state is still holding on to some old believes and they are, that if you provide people with training and a skill base, then the people with those learnt skills can then sell those skills along with themselves, to both industry and government etc, but the speed at which technology is now progressing, makes this ideology, an antiquated notion. The average person can't keep up with this new technology. Ultimately A.I, and nanotech will make this old style managing of people, pointless.

The division of labour problem see's my nephews learning dead skills and the rich leaning to shuffle numbers, not paperwork, so as to get rich? I wonder why my nephews school, doesn't teach them about markets, IPO's, hedge funds etc? I guess if they tried hard and got the right qualifications, maybe, if their lucky, their software, sorry minds, could be engineered into becoming mechanics, good job, good old state controlled brain washing, teaching your kids how to be thick?

So anyway do I get another job, which to me, is just like burying my head in the sand and hoping everybody else will get it right, which going on the human-raceís past record, seems like a very bad bet, or do I go and learn a dead skill, just so as I can be made redundant by the time I've learnt it. If we leave it up to the powers that be, to make decisions based around this technologies introduction, then they will probably take their own economic and power structures into consideration, over and above the considerations of the common man. This could mean that no matter how smart we all become, we may still all be left on the scrap heap by the very rich and powerful. If you don't think that this could happen, then just take a hard look at the world and you will see, that this is how it already is.

So the education system and the economy will have change so as to fit in with these new technologies, thus allowing this technology to help take the burden of work off  the people. If we can get a machine to do the job... then letís get a machine to do the job, even if that puts somebody out of work. That might sound insane and you may think you canít do that and you would be absolutely right, especially with current economic structures left in place. Yet that's exactly what has been happening for years (the car industry etc), this process has been relatively slow up until now, but now the infrastructure has been built, it will begin to speed up dramatically. The point is, the chain reaction can be stopped, but only if the ideology is changed and these technologies are globally controlled in their introduction. The introduction of smart software and robots should be monitored for its social impact over and above profit; otherwise we could all be in a lot of trouble.

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