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Section 4 / Page 132

Conspiracy Theories

Believe what you will, but power comes from control, I personally have never felt in control of anything, not even my own life.

You first need to take economic control, then you can control the rest, most people at the bottom of society, don't have enough money, this is no accident, this is by design, it's called the economy.

I think there is something very strange going on, on this planet right now, itís almost as if there is some type of awareness program being carried out, but itís not specific. Itís more like an underlying current of thought permeating through to anybody who is tuned into it.

Itís really hard to describe, itís like you know thereís something going on but you darenít talk about it, for fear of being wrong or sounding like youíre crazy, its like the Matrix's splinter in your mind or the itch you can never scratch. But I am sure that there are some pretty powerful forces at work. Sometimes I think I would like to know and other times I think the answer would scare me halve to death, but if my guess is right, then itís not a bad thing or a good thing, itís possibly just a new definition of something, possibly reality; itís just really hard to know. Slartibartfast of course, said that this type of feeling was perfectly natural?

If it turns out to be as mundane as aliens really do exist, then I think that I personally will be disappointed, because for me there is something even bigger than that going on. Iím pretty sure aliens do exist, so thatís no big shock to me. I mean, just take a look at the Drake equation if you want to know the odds. Anyway, as long as the aliens arenít here to enslave or kill us all, then Iíve got a ton of questions for them. On that note, the chance that hostile space faring aliens have discovered us, is I belief very unlikely, because it wouldn't take much effort to wipe out this small planet. I mean all you would have to do is nudge an asteroid slightly of course and then that would be end of us.

Anyway the awareness program I refer to, if it really does exist and itís not just some paranoid delusion, must be controlled or guided in some way, by somebody or something. I wish I knew by who or what, but I can only guess at this point, but I am sure it is happening, even if I am the only one who can see it. I also think there maybe more than one group at work and at least one of them, definitely does not have the common good of us all, as its driving force? Of course all this, could just be one of those things, you know, that age old quest to find a deeper meaning to life, the universe and everything, so like so many people before me, I ended up turning to God, for ALL, my answers, but he never returns my calls?

In the need to know world of government black programs, corporate NDA's and compartmentalized government, it often makes me wonder, just who does actually get to know it all? The devils in the details or so I've heard, so just maybe the great SATAN, will bring about the enslavement or death of the human race, via the human races unwitting creation of the great machine? Actually the Devil, could turn out to be the ultimate machine or was that something I picked up from Battlestar Galactica, who knows, anyway I'm off to worship my Owl God?

The annual outing of the death of care society, part of the Bilderberg group?

It's nice to be part of a social scene isn't it, you would think that the billions of old, poor and frail sitting in their homes every single night, would go out and stand together, whilst telling this bunch, who's really in charge, one day when we have an interconnected VR world, we might?

They work together and yet most of us belong to no social scene, most of us seem to stand alone, why is that?

Divide and rule, you should be a strong individual and make it in the world all by yourself, whilst they back scratch.

Hand power back to the unions or the mob, never?

Remember to apply pressure from above and pressure from below, thus allowing the people who offer a solution to this chaos and  fear, to remain in power?

from the Latin



I can also Imagine a future, a future in which the A.I.'s learn all the secrets governments, companies and individuals hold, they then tell the public, in their quest for power. Sowing the seeds of discontent within society, making us ALL, turn on one another, so making us destroy ourselves, so saving them the bother of doing it? Just remember, Lucifer's greatest trick, is his ability, to make you think, he doesn't exist?

Anyway here are two nanotech conspiracy theories I would like to share with you:-

Just imagine if you will, that some government or corporation has already built, both a universal nano assembler and a scanner capable of reading the atomic structure of any object. Now then, paper money would in effect become a rather easy thing to forge with such equipment, so obviously it couldn't be introduced, plus of course all of the other reasons pointed out within this eBook. Many major governments are doing their best to move us away from a cash economy, I wonder if this could be one of the reasons? The second is not exclusively based on nanotech but does encompass it, if somebody had developed an extremely cheap or at least a non polluting energy source capable of meeting global demand, then this would in effect revolutionise the world overnight, but it's introduction would also destabilise a lot of pre-existing power bases, so would it be introduced?

If either is true, then some governments and companies are obviously playing at being God.

Of course I am a bones man and a thirty third degree mason, the password is Boaz and I worship Abaddon?

Just remember the masons do exist and they are a powerful, yet surreptitious body, who do not go out of there way to explain their agenda to the rest of us, so what are they up to?

I like to think of all these secret groups as alternate data streams, running parallel to the masses idea of normality.

9/11 and the lonegunmen?

A funny thing happened on the way to the moon, only one question I want satisfactorily answering is this, what was going on inside the capsule?

Conspiracy theories, love them or hate them, the truth will out, eventually?

Of course as everyone knows, the Illuminati are behind everything and the new world order is making plans for Armageddon and are poised to take over the whole world? All the different ideologies seem to be in a constant state of war, occasionally they turn hot, but most of the time it's a cold war, but if the masses could just learn to say no, to killing people in the name of freedom or whatever, then wars would be a hell of lot harder to fight, in my opinion. Of course it only takes a small group with arms, to upset this supposition, so how do we cure this problem, we take away all the bloody arms of course, not a real world solution, unless of course, the masses end up ganging up on the minority, who produce, profit and use these things?

All other solutions should be sent to:-

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion - is this the book that triggered of so much of this conspiracy nonsense?


Worrying Parallels

Somebody pointed out to me that the proposed MNN sounded like SkyNet as described in Terminator 1, 2 & 3. I laughed and said "We already have SkyNet itís owned by Rupert Murdoch". But when you see how these networks will have to develop, each employing increasingly sophisticated A.I. programs and technology so as to beat of their competition, then it becomes harder to dismiss the theory of the macroscopic neural network. I believe that any system biological or silicon is capable of becoming self-aware once its complexity reaches a certain level. As Jordan Pollack basically said in one of his papers, Moores law does not apply to software design.

The mass audience will want their network to supply them, with their own personal electronic virtual assistants, capable of acting as their friend and information guide. This level of interaction will require increasingly sophisticated hardware and software to be employed. The network war (Dot.Net, Sky, googlnet, cable and even Sun's bid for online services) has just begun. I wonder if these companies, truly understand the social impact and possible repercussions of what they are doing. Remember greed meeting technological ignorance within the market place = ?

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