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Section 4 / Pages 130 - 131

The Future History Of The World

Nanotechnology, Aliens And Virtual Reality

First of all let me state that I am totally sane and this is just my personal belief, the future history of the world according to me Mr A. Keeling.

The obviousness of the underlying truth, is that when humans can intelligently manipulate and build structures at the same level that biological systems operate, then there will be no stopping us building systems that are much more intelligent than ourselves. Just as obviously, this also means that somebody eventually and worryingly will. Nanotechnology may well give humans this ability and without a doubt this will result in some form of unforeseen interaction, I just hope weíre ready for it. The prospect of developing such systems with current economic, governmental and social structures left in place, is an obvious recipe for disaster.

The first small steps into this future, will be the VR revolution, it will be coming to every home, whether it be in the form of the personal computer or some set top box or one of these new consoles. VR also comes in many forms, it does not necessarily mean that we will all be wearing helmets or goggles. VR is just a CG image displayed on any display device capable, this could be a TV or a computer monitor and not just a head mounted display.

So as technology becomes increasingly sophisticated thus allowing us all to display and interact within VR, then we will all become accustomed to interacting and communicating not only with real people, but also with computer generated characters. These A.I. characters could be used to acclimatize everybody to communicating and interacting with creatures that are not human. This may sound strange but every time you play a computer game, then you are doing precisely that.

What I am saying is, that both the level of interaction and the realism seen within these these virtual creations, will allow us such a natural level of interaction, that eventually you will not be able to distinguish A.I. controlled characters from real people. This may well lead to some very interesting scenarios arising, with people never actually knowing if the online interactions they are having, are with real people or not. (It's the ultimate Turing test with millions of interactive users).

So people will be having interactions with lots of real and imaginary creations online, these creations could look like anything, just as they do now in computer games. So you could project your virtual self into a VR world and make yourself look like, well just about anything. Personally I would go online and make the VR me, look like somebody famous just to see who would actually believe it, but the point is, you may never know if the interactions you are having online, are with real people, or something else. The something else, could be ALIENS or other intelligences, if you were a friendly alien or A.I. life form etc and you didnít want to upset mankind by landing on the Whitehouse lawn and saying "Hey earthlings hand over your planet or else", then I personally think this would be a great way for aliens etc, to introduce themselves.

These creatures could enter into the online community on the quiet and make themselves look like us or even show themselves as they really look. In VR it wouldnít matter because there would be lots of weird looking aliens and space monsters already online, created by us. This should allow them to gently transform how we would all perceive them, so when we actually do meet them in the flesh, then none of us would actually be that shocked because we would already have spent years interacting with them. This is just my pet theory mind you, I don't have any hard evidence of alien life-forms. But if the powers that be, have already made contact and have decided, that the rest of us are not yet ready, to meet the aliens, then I think this would be a good  method for them to employ, so as to gently introduce us all, to these creatures or entities etc, along with how they may look. Of course books, films and TV etc already do this, real proof of course is harder to come by?



Anyway look at what Starlabs was up to, before you pass judgment on what is or isnít possible. If this type of stuff is happening in the white world of research, then the black world is going to be even further along, because any legal restrictions will more than likely not apply. Governments are not the only ones working in these research fields, there are plenty of contenders, all pushing the edge of the envelope.

Nanotechnology is I believe the yardstick that allows any race, human or alien to become part of an intergalactic community. Nanotechnology is, or will be, pretty much the ultimate manufacturing technology. It would allow any culture to create anything that can be seen or imagined, free of cost and atomically perfect. This I believe, is the last great challenge for any society to overcome, as in, if any species achieves nanotechnology without destroying themselves in the process, then they will be seen as being worthy enough to be welcomed into a universe, that is probably much less lonely than most of us think.

Hopefully virtual reality in conjunction with very smart machines, could educate most people into accepting this new type of society, letís not forget the feeling of global community we could all get, from all being online with each other. If your best friend turns out to be in Russia and you live in the USA then you would probably have a hard time, trying to convince yourself, that this person was your enemy and so probably less likely to Nuke them, if you see the point. One big friendly online world, all we need to do, is keep on talking.

The faster than light travel needed by aliens to reach us or for us to reach them, will probably come down to some type of mechanical manipulation of space time. Possibly through the lowering of mass, by the manipulation of high energies (the linking of the forces), possibly through some type of anti-gravitational device using large spinning superconductors or so Iíve read (Also see Electrogravitics).

It makes me wonder just how much further along the black world is, when it comes to some of these technologies?

Manipulating gravity is the only real way that I can see to achieve faster than light travel. Gravity can be seen as the warping of space time around an object or mass. So in theory, if you can manipulate that warp, then, it should allow an object to become independent of our space time. So in effect allowing the object to travel at any speed, (EP violations, hinting that this maybe possible?). And for all of those people who are not up-to-date, then yes real scientists do think there is some type of dark energy at least acting like anti or negative gravity (the fifth essence).

Then there's the whole vacuum energy debate, anyway M-theory is bound to open the doorway to speculation of inter-dimensional travel, (Sliders or Stargate for real?). If one looks at what quantum theory brought during the 20th century (lasers, nuclear power, computers and maybe even fusion), it is hard to imagine what M-theory might bring, in the 21st century.

Anyway, this is now getting into the realms of speculation, just like saying Area 51 or should I say the Utah Launch Complex (not likely according to eye witness accounts) definitely has some link to aliens. The proof of these things will always lie with the people who donít want us to know, after all, if we all knew what these people knew, then they wouldnít be so important, now would they (remember knowledge is power).

If aliens etc, have been in contact with any of these important people, then here is a message, the games up we're on to you, we know who you are and we will be round to sort you out, thatís if you donít tell us about the deal you have struck with the little green men. The X-files is all the proof we need to know, that all these things are real and we donít care that you, as in the powers that be, tell us any different.

Some weird thoughts, if aliens, God, Gods, time travellers, angels, higher beings, spirits or whatever, do exist, then, just maybe they are so intelligent and powerful, that they could manipulate us all in ways that we can not even begin to imagine. If the brain works at, or is affected by events happening at the quantum level and lets just say, these incredibly intelligent beings have the ability to manipulate us all at that level, then how would any of us ever know, that we were being manipulated?

Do you ever have the feeling that somebody is pulling your quantum pair?

As I said for the Science Fiction Fans and just remember we created the Cylons and then they turned on us?

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