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Section 4 / Pages 128 - 129

For The Science Fiction Fans

What is going on in the mind of God or lets put it another way, what is the Universe really trying to tell us, I think there is something very strange going on when it comes to the nature of discovery. We seem to learn at a rate that is kept somewhat in check with our understanding and just within our control. For example how come we didnít find an everlasting energy source on day one and then a bomb big enough to blow up the world on day two and so on and so on.

As we get closer to discovering the underlying truths behind nature, we also seem to uproot the old truths behind those original beliefs and then replace them with better truths. This goes on all the time in science, as we dig ever further towards what most scientists would like to describe as the ultimate truth, unified field theory / string theory, (sorry yesterdays news), now its M-theory (David Deutsch was right) or some other such concept, but in our digging I think we maybe missing the big picture.

This is the point for me personally, I mean once you have the ultimate definition of everything, I mean then what, is that it?, do you suddenly become God or at least on a par with him, because you suddenly or slowly come to learn everything he or as some people reckon she knows. I have a feeling that God or the Universe will not make it that easy or should I say that difficult all depending upon your point of view. I find it strange though, that we do seem to discover things in a certain order. The human race, seems almost like it is following a trail of breadcrumbs which have been left out for us to find  in some sort of mystical or divine order. (See the anthropic principal).

The Universe seems to have a plan or at least an order in which it can be defined. In other words, you only seem to get to know whatís really going on, once you truly understand each bit and then you are allowed to move on to the next bit and so on and so on.

The more impatient amongst us, would quite like Godís phone number right now, so we could all ask, what the hell he and it are all about. Personally I have been trying to get his phone number for years, without much success I must say. The point is, even if I did, I still wouldnít know where to begin. The obvious questions like why are we all here and so on, may seem a little superfluous at that point.

I think I would ask who are you, and I bet he answers Iím God who the hell are you. Anyway I digress, but what I am now thinking is, when do I get off this rock that most people call Earth and start the next part of the human saga, is it going to be a thousand years or next month, I donít know.

I see that Nasa is now investing $600,000 dollars into anti gravity research, or as it is now known, gravity shielding, at last they are giving serious attention, to at least tackling the possibility. So Iím thinking Alpha Centauri day one and the rest of the Universe day two. That may sound far-fetched, but the technologies, available to us over the next 50 years, could quite literally be out of this world. Nanotechnology, quantum computing, Neuroprosthetics and the ability to travel faster than the speed of light, could all be here a lot sooner than most people think. Add that little lot to the prospect of living forever and this could mean a lot of the people alive today, could all be witness to this type of future, all part n parcel of the extropian philosophy. Also see the anti-ageing gene.

The only problem I foresee, is the transition between where we are now and the point where work, as most people know it today does not exist. If the human race can make it through this coming transition and problems, then at least in my eyes we stand a good chance of making it. In other words the human race survives and then human race goes on to flourish throughout the Universe. Even some military brass are talking about anti-gravity propulsion devices, so itís not outside the norm to now openly discuss these concepts and to dream of what they could mean for everyone.

The next set of problems could arise from many quarters, but the biggest problems will probably come from the people, who still donít understand what is really going on. I think that A.I. programs combined with virtual reality type systems, could educate most of the people who are still struggling to understand what is really happening, in their small corner of the Universe.

The coming A.I. war, as some people have come to call it, will be a problem for us all, but I hope this wonít be so much a war but a meeting of minds, where both sides will hopefully see the mutual benefit of each other. Call me an idealist but as somebody pointed out to me, if you want your child or in this case youíre A.I. system to grow up with a good attitude, then it  in effect, comes down to the parents and the environment in which it was raised. So just like us there could be both good and bad A.I programs.

Aliens, yes there are bound to be, itís just such a big Universe, much too big in my opinion for humans to be all alone, just look at the Drake equation or what Astrobiology is now telling us.

Have aliens been to see our nice little blue green planet, I reckon so, anyway any further discussion on the subject, should be directed to the pure energy being, standing over my left shoulder, pure energy beings, that could be the ultimate goal. The ability to zip anywhere in the Universe, whilst just existing as pure energy or thought without the problems of mass, who knows?

Anyway Iím beginning to think that anything is possible, especially when I start reading about teleportation systems using quantum pairs and exploiting the mechanics of quantum entanglement. What next, time travel, well yes I read theyíre trying to do this as well and not just in some HG Wells novel but for real. Moving objects both forward and backward in time, if that does become possible, then no stone will be left unturned and then surely, we will definitely know the mind of God. Here's something to ponder on, in the future when humans have developed this super intelligent network, that will watch our every move and through the use of nanotech, address our every need, then wouldn't that be heaven and if so, wouldn't that also make the computer God?

Or maybe, eventually we could all tap into the universal quantum net or ethereal plane, which would allow us all to see the outcome of every action, and allow us all to see that time is nothing more than a flexible medium, that we could all travel both in and out of. See remote viewing or as Einstein said, "You have to accept the idea that subjective time with its emphasis on the now has no objective meaning .... the distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, however persistent." Christ, just imagine, if I believed that this is all there really is, as in the here and now, then you die and then that's it, then NO way would I be happy, which I'm not, so none of this really makes any sense to me. Oh God, I think I'm going mad?

All great concepts routinely explored in many science fiction films and TV shows, thank God for Sci-Fi?

Don't worry the real replicators will get her?

And Now For Some Random Quantum Fluctuations?

The quantum realm and the Infinite dimensions of information and possibility?

Pairs of entangled particles, passing information over light years and between dimensions, great distances bounded in a single quantum leap, S.E.T.I. should start its search, in the quantum realm.

Teleportation - matter and energy are interchangeable so why not? (E=mc≤)

As the title suggests - Virtualising Of All Space & Time - you never know, maybe somebody already has, (also see digital physics?)

and GOD could turn out to be nothing more than an abbreviation for:-

Game Of Death (GOD for short)

I.e. you have to experience life so as to experience death, so this life may just be some intricate simulation, being run on the GOD system and none of us are really here, just our minds, linked via the dark energy quantum net to some other reality?

This could, also help explain the age old question of who invented GOD, maybe we did?

GOD could turn out to be nothing more than a universal quantum computer, connecting all possible dimensions

along with all thought, time space and energy - all knowing, all seeing and all powerful?

GOD = Games Of Desire


my favorite GOD = Game Of Domination - with each player trying to win,

 just remember, whoever dies, with the most toys wins = bad news, because this puts these people in the lead?

Or maybe the Earth, this universe or reality, is nothing more than a dimensional holding pen or testing ground, for those souls yet to choose a side, in the eternal battle between good and evil?


You're thinking this guy's gone off the deep end, but just remember, what the title of this book is:-

Heaven or's your choice, so it all ties in nicely.

Just remember, there really is no spoon and ultimately there are no rules?

Except one - DON'T BE POOR?

Plus if the universe is made up of a large percentage of dark matter,

then this leaves a hell of a  lot of stuff, still to be discovered and explained by science.




For The Science Fiction Fans

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