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Sorry to diverge a little here, but I need to delve deeper into the economics of everyday existence at least for the majority. I know of no better way of doing this, than to talk from personal experience, so as to point out some underlying problems with the system, which I think is critically flawed especially in the light of what is to come.

First of all I must say, I am not a number, I am a free man, a classic saying for a modern age, but most of us are still prisoners in one way or another. The prison I find myself in, is the one of having no money and not being able to do what I want, when I want, if I had money then I suppose I could at least to some small degree. This book after all, is about degrees of freedom, you either understand or you don't?

The question is this, is the future set to be more of the same, as in roughly four distinct social groups, the well off, the moderately well off, the working classes, followed roughly by most of the people living in the 3rd world? Can this continue or is the human race capable of growing beyond this rather simplistic sharing  of wealth?

So the way the world works at the moment is like this, you are told to work and in that sense you will be paid and then you will be able to afford a lot of the things you want? This is not really the case, even for most people who work, my friend worked two average jobs for over 10 years and still had no money, she has never been on holiday and until very recently didn't even have a phone and I live in Britain. Low income, no car and a bed sit, great life and too busy working to get a better education, plus no real financial backup meant if she quit her jobs, so as to look around for another job then she would have found herself out on the street, which she almost did. This is the reality I see and if your eyes are open, then you will also see, that this is how it really is, for a hell of a lot people, people who are working too hard, for too little, have very limited choices.

The TV would have most people believe that we all have good jobs a nice car and 2.4 kids. The truth is that most of the worldís population only dream of achieving this level, of so called living. I have watched so many people try so hard, only to see them get nowhere and yet I have seen others effortlessly float through life.

The problem is, that people are all different but due to a standardised education system, then most people who do not conform or fit into the norm, find themselves being penalized in a system that doesnít really care (itís a case of fit in or else). My personal experience of this is one of the reasons for writing this book. I currently find myself surrounded by people who are both I.T. illiterate and more interested in the everyday. So trying to tell most of these people about A.I. / nanotechnology and the coming dangers, is usually met with the usual response, "Shut up" or "Whatever". These responses I personally find to be the norm, especially when I try to introduce these concepts into any conversation, Ignorance and arrogance, as is usual, going hand in hand.

A quick guide to some of the top conversations I have had about this eBook, which just beg believe:-

I read your eBook, its basically rubbish - but if you get a chance can you fix my PC for me?

My own father said to me, your books utter bile - my reply - well actually my thinking on most of these subjects is inline with Stephen Hawking - the reply - who's that, another one of your stupid mates?

Cool phone call - hey HAL - turn on the TV quick, there's something on about that guy you met in Holland, you know, Bill Gates - my own mother?

Or the best one yet,

Me talking to someone about the book - well actually the top A.I. guy in the world mentioned me on his website and praised the eBook at a seminar at Yale,

The reply - well I hope he paid you, plus isn't A.I. a film, I thought it was rubbish personally and what's Yale -my own brother.

A local guy I know, who owns his own business, we had been talking about films, I said have you seen Pearl Harbour - he said what's that, I tried explaining and it was only when I mentioned WW2, that he said, "who's interested in that crap"?

I debated long and hard with myself, about attributing those comments, but they are just normal people and I am the abnormal one?

These quotes are representative of the mindset of a large section of the standardised products that the system produces.

These are also some of the same people who tell me I'm stupid, I should get a job, have 2.4 kids, go to the pub more often and become more like them. They consider themselves quite bright though, because they compare themselves with the types of people who may have shot an 11 year old in the head?

I live in and around the types of people being interviewed and shown within this TV program and I live only about 10 minutes walk from the shooting, I feel trapped, because in reality I am, mentally, physically, emotionally, economically. I want out, but the system has managed, to push me back in, I often wonder how many others find themselves trapped in a similar position to me. I was born into this type of environment and have spent a lifetime trying to understand why it is like this, the answer is, there is a set of despotic bullies at the top of society and their ideology has infected the rest of us?

I often discuss with the locals, A.I., Nanotech, the economy, ideology, the division of labour, positive and negative liberty etc?

Double click on the playing window - to make it full screen.

Where we went wrong is simple, the education in this country in my personal experience teaches only the privileged, what the meaning of the word ideology is really about. How can you become a sane rational, understanding person, if the state and mass media take control of your mind and those around you, from an early age. These peoples hardware, as in their brains, generally speaking are no different to the brains of the so called ruling class, so what went wrong, environment and PROGRAMMING. I could be just like the so called normal people interviewed in the program above, except I did something different, I took my programming out of the hands of the state / mass media and decided to program myself. I do my best not to go out or interact with the locals, I find it to be both hard work and depressing, as Marvin said, I have trouble trying to think down to your level.

My problem, is that I have always been interested in subjects that have no direct relation, in most peopleís eyes, to their current view of how the world works. In that sense, I have always felt like an outsider trying to describe what I think is totally obvious, to people who have no idea what I am talking about. Most of what I have written here is totally obvious to me and I have spent over 20 years worrying about it and in this time, I have yet to see any real solutions suggested, yet we keep getting closer to the dangers, that I and many others predict.

So now I have spent roughly 8 years working in virtual poverty (a dole cheque and very little else), to put down on paper all of the problems that I can see coming about, if an uncontrolled proliferation of this technology and software development goes unchecked. Machine and software development should be controlled and implemented for the benefit of the whole human race, not just to help gain profits in the short term for companies that donít have the foresight to deal with the effects on society, that their machine or software developments may have. There is as yet, no real legislation governing the introduction of smart machines or A.I., but I think there really should be, before it becomes a big problem, otherwise the A.I. scientistís predictions of a war between humans and smart A.I., will happen.

I was eventually given no option, by the way, I now have a job, if it makes you happy?

Just remember this, if you don't want to become a number or work from 9-5, then do as the rich do and let your money work for you. So become an investor, in this way you will be paid a dividend, if you have enough invested then you can live of this dividend. So imagine if you will, that this dividend is equivalent to let's say £200 a week, now this would be more than minimum wage and enough to pay most domestic bills etc. So now that you have this regular income, you could concentrate your time, on doing other things, like making even more money or spending quality time with the kids. Now how come they never mentioned any of this during my education, "aha" that would be because, if we all lived like this, then who would work for a living and produce the wealth these people steal?

Of course there will be some people reading this, who will be thinking, I already knew that,

well I'm sorry, but the above paragraph was written for the billions, that don't.





The whole world as the village, is this the goal or is this someone else's idea of perfection?

Freedom is something we should all want, but so few of us, in reality actually have it and most of the people at the bottom who think they have it, are deluded?

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