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Rabid Prototyping (RP) - Showing the way forward, for all manufacturing

The video above shows the first real steps towards a new type of manufacturing in other words allowing CG models to be directly transferred into real manufactured objects, as we approach nanotechnology then these types of processors will become more widespread and more capable, ever threatening current day manufacturing techniques.

The implicit threat that this type of manufacturing and its future developments have in store has got to show anybody who cares to look, that the human race will eventually approach a point, were we can produce CG models so accurate, that they could be used as blueprints by nano assemblers so as to build anything. The more control we gain over matter, the more likely this will come about.

Other uses for this type of technology are already being found:-

Using desktop printers, scientists at Clemson University and the Medical University of South Carolina have produced three-dimensional living tissue a breakthrough they say holds promise for transplant patients and others.  The scientists hope to eventually produce complex tissues and entire organs on printers modified for the specialized work, said Thomas Boland, an assistant bioengineering professor at Clemson.  Click >here< for the full story. Shattered bones could soon be replaced by segments of artificial bone that can be "printed" within hours. The artificial bone is strong enough to bear weight, and would slowly be replaced by new bone.

Its the future for agile manufacturing, from molecular modeling software direct to the nano-factory of the future?

As I have said, the ultimate ending for this type of technology is exampled throughout this eBook, but I still believe, that a market driven and unchecked proliferation of the home universal nano replicator, is a very scary prospect.

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