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Section 4 / Page 123

The Corporate Problem? 

What is it do you think that is driving this insatiable appetite of corporations to know everything about you, simple marketing or is it part of a larger picture? There is a genuine drive to develop totally personalised intuitive and interactive user interfaces, that will tie the user directly to the web . This is about the future, a future in which non localised computing and web based services, will be rented to the user, within a cashless society. Privacy will cost money, people may find it impossible to hide, from the prying eyes, of well, just about everybody actually.

Big Bill's infamous letter to the Homebrew computer club basically saying, "I wrote this software for money so don't copy it", this letter only goes to show that Gates doesn't really care, whilst the rest of the human race works to make him and Microsoft richer, we will all in effect become a little poorer because of him. It sucks and yet the masses with money will love it, but as he say's, you can always buy Microsoft stock, that's if he and the rest of the virtual middlemen, haven't made you unemployed, decimated your local economy and sucked your bank account dry. Don't believe me, then think about this, the next version of Windows, may no longer be a one off payment, it may actually be rented to you, via a monthly payment being taken out of your bank account, this is what the big M really wants, billions of users, paying on a monthly basis, to Mr Gates and friends. This is Microsoft's true corporate vision of the future for themselves, they wish to turn themselves into a public utility company, just like gas or electricity, but on a global scale.

I will spell this out for those of you not paying attention, that's a couple of dollars a month, being paid every month, by the majority of computer users world wide, equalling billions of dollars per month, being collected every month by the big M, now that's what I call,


Microsoft Added Tax.


Will it happen, that's a question only the future can answer?

Oh it makes me mad, but if you want to see how Gates made it then go watch the Pirates of Silicon valley, it includes a reference to JD?

Some would say the richer he gets, the richer we all get, through taxes etc, yep, the harder he works the richer we all get?

Don't worry though, the net based operating system maybe coming soon, which also may spell the end of the big M's stranglehold on us all?


The Next Big Issue - The Environment

Another good topic, if we use technology in the right way, then there is no reason to think that emission levels could not be lowered drastically. Imagine covering every home with solar panels or solar paint, currently expensive, but this is another one of those situations where common sense is overruled by cost factors. Wind turbines, wave power plus all sorts of other ecologically safe power production methods are not introduced because of cost factors. What you have to consider, is that the average oil well can pump out a million dollars worth of crude a week, (on that note, Iraq can pump out 1.7 million barrels of oil a day), so economically speaking, who cares about the environment when your making this type of money?

Money is obviously just more important than global warming, but donít worry about it, because we could always use some future version, of a universal nano-assemblers to fix the problem, thatís if we make it that far. Also totally safe nuclear reactors have been around since the 50's, called Triga reactors, these reactors are generally not used, because they inherently cost more, than other less safe designs. Chernobyl - 3 Mile island - Sellafield, all preventable problems, I bet the clean up and related costs to the environment, have costed us all far more, than the cost of building safe reactors. Mind you large parts of the Earth may become flooded before any of the predictions in this eBook come about, yet again causing massive economic problems, mind you it may stop many nations going to war over water?

Western society is incredibly wasteful and totally out of whack with it's environment, but before we can fix the environment we have to fix the system that is causing the problem. This means society has to change it's entire outlook, the truth is...the problem is money, it promotes greed inequality and in effect curtails society from wising up to itself and what it is doing. The question in my mind is this, is there enough to go around and do we have the ability to equally share the wealth, whilst also maintaining a balance with nature, on that note, did you watch Horizon on El Dorado, because if you didn't then you really should, it is truly amazing. A brief rundown:- increased and sustainable ecologically safe food production almost anywhere on the planet. Plus if we get biofuels and hydrogen systems right, then it should be possible to find a balance with nature that we can ALL live with. Carbon neutral systems are all well and good, but carbon negative systems is what we should all be aiming for and yes it is very possible, that we could achieve this goal. The Eldorado story above has an even more amazing twist, it can be used as a carbon negative system.

So will the human race change fast enough from a fossil fuel based economy, to something safer and will the people profiting from these carbon based systems let us. My hope, is that new breakthroughs in hydrogen production and storage will lead us towards a saver ecological solution to the needs of the emerging and existing energy markets, beats using dead cats? Anyway, I always remember an interview with the boss of Shell who basically said, if we don't do something soon, then we're all screwed, that's a hell of a statement from somebody that high up in the oil industry, it stopped me in my tracks and it should make you do the same?

I think we all know the consequences, if we don't get it right?

Global warming / Global freezing / Pollution / Ecological and biodiversity elimination due to human activity etc.

Or as Forrest Gump, sorry George Dubya Bush put it?

""Anyway, I'm so thankful, and so gracious -- I'm gracious that my brother Jeb is concerned about the hemisphere as well.""

What a guy?

Or as Penn and Teller may tell you, it's all BS?

But global dimming has now been proven and it paints a terrifying future, for the whole world.

Although climate change is hotly debated and some scientists say we just don't know enough to make rational decisions about what the climate is doing. I look at this way, if you put someone in a sealed room for long enough, however complicated the room, then pump in enough of the wrong sought of gases, then eventually they will choke to death, if you get the point?

For me, it's a question of time frames, so if you pump out lots of stuff quickly, as we did during the 20th century, then the world has only a limited natural ability to  purify or soak up all those emissions. The question is, will we choke or will we just splutter for a bit, before nature reaches a natural equilibrium, maybe by finding a way of killing of the problem, humans that is?

I can imagine all the rich people living in air conditioned, environmentally controlled building, whilst the rest of us wonder how we ever managed to let it come to that? Come to think about it, that's exactly how most Americans do live - they go from air conditioned homes, to air conditioned cars, to air conditioned shopping centers or places of work, God most of them may not even notice, whilst the rest of the world chokes, drowns and boils, but after Katrina, their leadership is being forced to deal with global warming, now their population has had a taste of just how bad, these types of natural disasters can be?

Oh well maybe they will come up with, a cheap clean energy source, so as to power all of their air conditioning units, along with fuel efficient cars? None of these things will matter of course, once you factor in bird flue or some other pandemic, nature fights back. As a species I find it strange, how we allow ourselves to be swayed by BS and spin from advertisers to buy into the crap their selling and yet the masses seem to generally be able to block out, hard facts? For example, I was watching the news, it stated the Arctic ice sheet has now gone past the point of no return, most of the people I observed watching this article, hardly took it in, but then there was an advert, for some new gas guzzling SUV, the point of course is that the advert seemed to grab their attention a hell of a lot more, than the last news article?


Of course before you believe anybody when it comes to facts and figures, always make sure you know who's done the survey, plus why they have done it and of course most importantly, who's paying the bill?

The truth is, that just maybe, nanotech and future technological developments may lead us to a cure, for all of our environmental nightmares?

But for now, I'm with the environmentalists when it comes to nuclear energy, as long as it is managed safely?

Sometimes, seeing all sides, is a pain in the arse.

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