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Section 4 / Pages 121 -122


Tabloid news presents Heaven or Hell another true story.

In my opinion, I think some powers that be may have already thought of all these things:-

As in Microsoft,


In other words


Mr Gates and his new X-Box 360 / Dot.Net / Vista / Datacenter , X-Box live systems etc.

Microsoft will eventually be able to link to any net device via Dot.Net and supply content to any user connected, whilst also profiting from them of course.

At the same time, Microsoft will be collecting data on every single licensed user. That data is very valuable, there will be many parties wanting that data, advertisers, research companies, the CIA, etc.

Which just equates,

to us all,

 yet again,

 being fleeced by the second richest man in the world?

My letter to Bill

Dear Bill, you've made enough out of us all, so why not give away Windows and Office and while your at it, why not give everybody in the world their money back, because you didn't actually earn it, they did.

This would prove that you really are a nice guy

arrrhhhhh now go on

go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on.... go on


if you want Bill,

we will even let you keep a couple of billion back

so as to make sure, your ok.


Anyway, the world is going to have to wake up to A.I. and nanotechnology along with all of its implications, thatís if we wish to use this technology, which of course we will.

The current discussions on how to commercialise this technology is a complete misunderstanding of this technologies true potential.

As soon as we develop a universal nano-assembler then say goodbye to manufacturing along with most of the service sector, as we know them today


not long after that

the economic and power structures

that depend upon them.

The new world economy will be based on nanotechnology blueprints.

The people who control those blueprints

and this technology may become the New World leaders.

This ebook should ultimately be looked at, as a staged development plan

 to implant a global control mechanism, for the safe introduction of

advanced A.I. & nanotechnology.

Well Maybe.

Delusional - maybe, but watch every video clip, click on every hyperlink and then tell me who is the insane one?

A new type of economy will be born out of this technology, that's for sure.

But it looks like the idea of a future economy based on digital blueprints is shared by Jordan Pollack,

now I have to wonder

did he get the idea from me or did I get the idea in some way from someone else or was it already in the ether?

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