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Section 4 / Pages 119 -120

The End Of Money As A Control Mechanism?

Control and power will have to be redefined, money will not necessarily equal power, so what will?

This is the big question?

The answer could be the controlling of the blueprints (see nanoimprint lithography), that allows universal nano assemblers to build any of the material goods that we all want. The database network (or should I say the future of the net, a little nod and a wink to the powers that be there), could be used to control the blueprints that reach these future nano factories. This should allow the powers that be to maintain a form of control, whilst also allowing the public to have all of the material goods that the powers that be, think we should be allowed to have?

This future nano-net could be used by the powers that be to centrally control all of the blueprints reaching any nano-assembling plant. This new control mechanism could be used to keep a form of control and then both sides in the coming nano economy struggle could be kept happy, so hopefully preventing the foreseen problems.

Security of the nano assembling plants will need unbelievably secure systems, nanotechnology will need this type of security because any breach could spell disaster. I'm thinking, non networked production plants with an interface unit requiring a lock and key type mechanism, followed by incredibly stringent rules of access, it may take this, if the nano-computer-virus becomes a reality, as it was envisioned on page 105. The nano assembling box, just like having a microwave or printer, is a little scary in my opinion, simply due to the problems that could come about, from people offering hacked firmware or rogue governments, using them for less than desirable reasons, plus of course for all of the other concerns raised in this eBook. For a modern day version of this scenario, then see link, plague infected mice, escape from a US lab?

If control is to be maintained, then it will take global consensus of all the people or nations that wish to share in this coming technological revolution. Any government or country that wished to share in using this new technology could be shown the benefits to both themselves and to the populace that they either represent or control. The first three sections showed how to set up a global network, that could have been in place and ready to go when nanotech became available, this was seen as an incredibly useful system in maintaining control of this type of technology.

Everybody that wished to use nanotechnology, could have used the proposed VR database network as their gateway or steppingstone. The network could have shown the public what nanostructures or goods they were allowed to have or build, the powers that be could then have centrally controled the blueprints and possibly the software systems that would have the ability to break those structures into their atomically perfect blueprints. This has got to be a reasonable alternative to what could otherwise be a global economic disaster, that’s if nanotechnology and A.I. is allowed to proliferate without control or if market forces, dictate its introduction.

The controlling of this type of system and its blueprints was seen as giving both the powers that be and the public the ability to become comfortable with nanotechnology and its proliferation. This is going to be very hard to do, but not impossible, because people have a way of adapting and as long as they can see the benefits for themselves, then they should see that the proposed system and its control would be far better than the alternative. The proposed system could also be used to show the public the inherent dangers that could be caused by continuing with the current economic structures and today’s manufacturing techniques, along with the pro’s and con’s of the suggested system. The proposed system could be used to educate the public and show them via the utilisation of VR, just how things could go. That’s if A.I. and nanotech is not controlled in the way described, then people maybe more inclined to go along with the listed concepts, this approach to the coming A.I. / nanotechnology revolution maybe the only way to avoid the problems that may come from using this level of technology.

The controlling of matter at the atomic scale will mean that the only costs involved in the manufacturing of anything that can be seen or imagined, will be the cost of development, the blueprints and the raw materials. Most raw materials will be pretty cheap, so the controlling of nano-blueprints and the nano-assemblers will be the only control mechanism left to the people wishing to stay in power. This is how I see the future of the world’s economy. The controlling of nanotechnology blueprints, will I believe, become the economy of the future. So putting the proposed system in place before nanotechnology gets here, should be seen as a good idea. The A.I. problem is still going to be a monumental one, simply because it will be very difficult to produce a network, as sophisticated as the internet will become, without it at some point becoming self aware, thus becoming a threat to us all. We are the dominant species, because we are the most intelligent species on the planet, if machines become more intelligent, then I guarantee you, we will no longer dominate.

A universal nano-assembler by definition, will be capable of building anything almost free of cost, so if we wish to use this type of technology, then I personally cannot see how any type of economy based on money can continue. The closer we get to this level of technology the more danger the current economic and manufacturing structures will be put in. Implementation of some of the concepts listed within this book (not all), should give the powers that be, access to all of the markets that may come under threat. This should allow a stability that may not otherwise be there, by having access to that amount of end users / consumers and a large TV audience, then this should allow the powers that be, to gently introduce the public to these concepts.

As the net transforms itself into the VR database network, then it will gain access to most markets, so it could then be used to gradually phase in nanotechnology. In other words, if the introduction of nanotechnology was going to devastate a particular power or manufacturing structure or a particular community or system, that was still relying heavily upon current economic structures, to maintain control of its populace, then its introduction could be implemented in stages.

  • The first stage, would be to try and get the network into as many countries and markets as possible, the net is that system.

I don't like adverts in general - but you get the idea.

Note – the introduction of TV is still having an amazing effect on local communities, the fragmentation TV has brought to local communities is still being felt today. The problem with TV, is that it has always been a one-way medium. The effects of TV on society are massive and complex - see TV and Bhutan. We are pattern recognising machines after all, so no wonder the people in Bhutan started copying western behaviour, after viewing it. It just makes me wonder, what affect VR will have on the global village, I reckon it will be cultural evolution on speed?

Who controls the nanotechnology blueprints and these future nano-assembling plants will have to be decided on before they are introduced, if this could be done, then the governing or controlling body will need to be regulated through a more balanced version of the democratic process. The hierarchal structures we currently see within society will have to become more like a collaboration of equals, rather than the situation we have at present.

The true powers that be, as in all of the major players within the global markets and the major governments could get together (however difficult this maybe) and come to some sort of arrangement. This would be in their own best interests and would allow a consensus to be agreed upon of how best to introduce nanotechnology to a mostly unsuspecting public. My proposed system was at least in my mind, a very good way to introduce nanotechnology into a global market, without the damage that maybe caused by an uncontrolled market driven introduction.

The global consensus needed if agreed upon, should then allow for the introduction of nanotechnology, without upsetting most of the major power structures and the populations that they may control or represent. Most of the public still don’t understand this technology and what it will truly mean to the world’s economy, but by implementing the system, then a global control mechanism could be put in place. This will be needed to make a comfortable transition from today’s type of economy and control systems over to a future using nanotechnology and advanced A.I. This may sound like a counter statement to what I have already said (i.e. we shouldn't build it), but if the human race is going introduce these technologies then some sort of control mechanism must be maintained and the network, is still the best idea I can think of.

A runaway A.I. system is still a bigger concern at least in the short term, in my opinion, than radical nanotech.

This page being my, I have a dream speech.

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