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Section 4 / Page 118

The Final Step For The Net

The final step for the proposed network and probably the Internet, is a future prediction based on an analysis of the hardware currently being worked on.

There are many companies working on all sorts of technologies, from transmission systemís which are capable of having near infinite bandwidth, to processors working at the quantum level, this is all heading in the same direction which is towards nanotechnology and beyond.

As storage mediums, (check this out, 650 million MB on a CD size disk) and processing power become so powerful, that a hand-held device could have more computing power than the average Cray, (see SPOT Small Personal Object Technology, a tiny step towards what I am talking about - or yet another FRED).

In the future, data itself may become the only real currency. Nanotechnology may not be here yet but itís only a matter of time and I think that virtual models could become a new form of currency within a nanotechnology future, after all with a universal nano assembler the only thing that should cost anything will be the raw materials and possibly the blue prints. Nano bots could build almost anything that can be imagined, all from the creations that each of us may have dreamed up, within our own virtual worlds.

This will be the start of a new revolution in both thinking and manufacturing and I don't believe anything that we have seen in films or on TV, has really prepared us for how this future may look. Nanotechnology is the single largest revolution, in my opinion, that any society could possibly face, because after it, nothing will be the same again.

The human race will have invented this technology and no one individual or company could possibly take full credit for it's development. This means we should ALL share in the wealth this technological revolution could bring along with it. Money in this future, would ultimately have no meaning, that's if Drexler is right.

It's funny, I watched Drexler chairing a small meeting on a downloaded file the other day, with him was a bunch of graduates, I.T. people and some physicists and one guy who was sent there by his firm, so as to check out what nanotech was all about. Anyway when it came to Q&A, this guy but his hand up and asked, so how do you see this technology affecting my particular industry, the whole room seemed to stop and stare in disbelief at this guy, he obviously just didn't get it. This is as I see it, is a typical reaction, between the people who understand what this technology means and the people who can not see the bigger picture, hopefully this eBook has allowed some of you, who didn't already know, to see the bigger picture. The guy who asked the question though, is representative of the majority.

It needs to be the other away around, that's if the human race is to get through this, coming revolution. Don't worry though, the kids and the Sci-Fi fans already know all this, because nanotech and A.I, has already been dealt with in so many books, films, TV etc and now they all look forward to the singularity?

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