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Section 4 / Page 117

Worrying Developments In The Interactive A.I. Stakes?

How many jobs do you see being eventually taken by these types of systems?

Interactive experts in many fields are on their way - game developers are usually the pioneers in these fields, the next step is interactive VR workers.

I have no problem with this level of technology as long as the people at the top realise, that we at the bottom, can not be told to just get another job?

All this stuff is great, as long as WE CAN ALL AFFORD to share in the benefits, this technology brings with it.

Money is the problem and just remember, the people who in effect print it are also the people who take it off you, once you understand this carrot and stick approach to social manipulation, then you will also come to understand, both the world and government.

Please think about what I have written here, it is important.

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