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Section 4 / Page 116

The Optimistic Route Technology Could Take Us On

This being Known as the sales pitch for these new technologies:-

The diversification these new technologies will bring to us all in the short term, in both business opportunities and to personal communication, should allow us all to enjoy a much richer, more fulfilling life, whilst also sparing us all, from some of the drudgeries of everyday work etc.

This is known as the TV advert for the future, you know the, "I’m a supermodel and a mum and my life’s just great because I use this shiny new product" and so on and so on. Or even worse frivolous camp men or stupid TV personalities trying to sell us all on the Ikea f***ing lifestyle, who's biggest problem seems to be fashion or colour schemes. I see a lot of today's youth being raised by this culture of stupidity, it makes me think about the future these people face, this section of society has no clue. I can imagine the end of the world coming about, whilst this section of society decides what colour scheme should go with end times, it's an amazing value system?

 Be ignorant, be stupid, the more ignorant and stupid you are, the easier it is for the manipulators, to take your money.

I see adverts, pop TV along with the conscious will of the people, behind this manipulation of the masses.

Aspirational advertising trying to make us all believe, we can all live like Alan Sugar, if we all just work hard enough, the fact is of course, if we all did, then the world would grind to a halt and global climate change would be speeded up, some what - now where did I park my private jet?

My pet hate, pop-stars manipulating youth culture into becoming nothing more than brain dead consumers, hey buy my product. On that note, if you really want to make money, then just put on a short skirt and then prance around a bit, or make a public spectacle of yourself on TV. Make a fortune, retire early, invest it right, then watch real people work their entire lives, then laugh at them, because they didn't know any better. It's a case of thanks for the cash, bye...... are you laughing at them or are they laughing at you? The producers, promoters, publishers, middlemen etc, are the real benefactors, of the publics insatiable appetite for this type of  instant gratification. The same culture that churns out this type of mindless crap, is now looking at VR as a great new marketing opportunity, so as to sell us ALL, more of the same.

I know I'm not the only one who thinks like this, so marketing execs and advertisers take note, sod off.

As they say, it doesn't matter what your selling, just sell it, the more the better, because everything counts in large amounts.

This philosophy also explains why there is so much BS in the world?

Keep in mind, the virtual middlemen and most middlemen don’t care how you earn your money or how superficial and stupid  you are, just as long

as you spend your hard earned cash, on the things they manipulate you into buying.

The plastic society may soon face a new reality - a connected society of intelligent being's who manage to see the truth in everything?

TV is the current and largest virtual middleman, but this is about to change in a fundamental way. The viewing shift over to the Internet or more interactive based content, will see a decrease in the stranglehold that most current content producers have, on what we all perceive as the latest ’in movie’ or ‘in style’ or whatever.

Hollywood is still one of the biggest producers of content, but the diversification in content that will soon be available, along with the lowering of associated cost factors involved in production of such material, will result in much more competition and diversification in these markets. The availability of hardware that can cost effectively render photo realistic CG imagery, will also mean that everybody will be able to make really great TV and movies with good special effects at lower and lower cost.

High bandwidth portals will be able to pump out this new content to anybody who wants it. The Net and the Digital Video revolution, is currently scaring the hell out of Hollywood and it's bound to get worse. This small revolution is viewed by Hollywood, as the first real steps towards a global power shift, in both content production and distribution.

The first three sections of this ebook present the upbeat and nice money making aspects to this new technology. This also happens to be how most businesses are construing these advancements. The dangers are not really dealt with, because well, there's no money in it. This is the problem, we have, media moguls, virtual middlemen, corporations etc, all pouring money into turning the net into their new marketing opportunity, whilst governments promote it as a tool for learning and business etc. So either they don't see the negative or don't care, just remember, at the end of the day, it's all about power and money, at least for these people.

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