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Section 4 / Page 115

Old lessons - new era

They say that money is the root of all evil and I think the human race is about to find out just how true this is. I can almost feel the Devil himself laughing at us all, saying well you where all stupid enough to buy into that monetary based system, what did you think was going to happen. Jesus "reportedly" showed us all, by turning the tables over of the merchants outside the temple, showing us all the right way to to be. But man's greed may just get the worst of us all. (P.s. I'm not religious, I do believe in something, but I couldn't tell you exactly what, but organised religion always seemed just a little bit weird to me, seeing as how most of them, seem to be praying to the same God).

We could all end up fighting to survive against a technological monster of are own making, this may bring about economic Armageddon, followed most likely by real Armageddon. This is not going to be a war that the powers that be can fight, talk or manipulate their way out of. This potential war, will in no way, be like any other, because the enemy will be technology itself.

So just as with any war or conflict, either both sides will have to come to some type of agreement or one side or the other wins. If technology wins without us all reaching an agreement with it, then we could all lose. So how do you come to an agreement with technology, well the simple answer is you canít, so you have to come to an agreement with the economic and power structures that produce that technology and that comes back to the people in the loop.

The more automation introduced, the less work there will be so causing more unemployment, itís a totally obvious problem. The solution to this is also just as obvious, do away with money so every time a job goes to a machine, the person who loses that job is compensated. Otherwise you will have another person left with an unstable future and a threat to the economic structure that created the problem. Just as obviously this threat will keep increasing as this type of technology becomes smarter and more widespread. So if this situation develops unchecked, then this destabilising of people will result in the destabilising of the structure that holds society together and ultimately the powers that be will be held responsible, ultimately spelling disaster for both them and probably the rest of us.

Think of it like this, the PC market is huge and so will be the future robot market, at first there will be a huge global battle to standardize the hardware and to some extent the software, but just as with the PC market, standardization is a flaky issue at best. If the same philosophy is used to introduce a future robot market, then this could mean millions of pieces of robotic hardware and software being produced, which will inherently produce millions of possible designs, but unlike today's PC's that can not move about and leave the cooker on, one software bug in a home made robot, could lead to whole streets going up in smoke. Technologically speaking if the robot market develops in anyway, like the interchangeable PC market, then we could all be in big trouble. Right now robots are a luxury, expensive and somewhat stupid technology in commercial terms, but once this technology is ready, then the capitalists will try to sell it to us. I just wonder how many people may die, before we wise up to the problems this technology could bring with it?

Don't worry though, because your new smart home will not allow its-self to be burnt to a crisp. Imagine getting in from work to be greeted by a scene of mayhem, every smart device arguing with every other, domestic bliss, whilst the house is wrecked and the sprinkler system has shorted out all the fail safes. Insurance companies introduce the act of robot clause making God, a secondary problem.

Of course the market will not buy all these new products if they are that unsafe, therefore we all be safe from this vision of the future and robots and A.I. systems will become are plastic pal's, who are fun to be with?. How many cars, smart bombs, cigarettes etc, kill people every year, the market does buy inherently unsafe stuff, risk is part of the equation, but in an A.I., nanotech, robotic future, the evil doers could use this technology in ways yet undreamt, so the question is, is it worth the gamble?

No matter what happens, even if we end money, we are not going to stop people working on technology, because people are basically curious. So in that vain, you will never stop the never-ending quest for knowledge, at least I hope we donít. So the economy will have to be changed to meet the demands of this technology, rather than the other way round, because the path this technology is taking the whole human race on, is quite clear, smarter machines equals less work for us all and thatís a fact. So getting the powers that be to realise this and then the public, would greatly improve everybodyís chances of a more peaceful future. The technology wonít go away and neither will our increasing dependency upon it, so new economic tools and rules will have to be thought up, so as to help the people who need it most, which could end up, being all of us. We can not let the capitalist ideology dictate how this technology is introduced, in my mind, it is a disaster in the making. Robots and software produced to the lowest cost and inherently the lowest standards, is a very worrying prospect.

Everything is a matter of perspective and for most people who work 9-5 in a dead end job, the perspective they have, is that happiness would be doing a good job and maybe being rich. Most of the starving poor wish they had food, or maybe if their lucky, a dead end job. While the rich will pay $1000 dollars an hour, to other rich people, who will then council them, on how to cope with the psychological problems of being richÖ.?, thereís nothing like a good perspective is there.

If you consider the poverty and the general low living standards that most of the world lives in (about 20 percent of UK children are considered to be living below the poverty line). Then it would make sense for the whole human race to wise up and end money or at least begin to phase it out. Before monetary forces drive a wedge so large between the rich and poor, that the poor are left with no option but to revolt.

"Oh no" I hear you cry, yet another 2-bit revolutionary with no real idea about how the real world works. The fact is, the smarter the machines get, the more chance you have of losing your job to a machine, which will probably do it better and cheaper than you, so forcing your employer to fire you and hire a machine, which will work 24/7, won't steal, talk back, phone in sick and it wonít even ask for a pay rise, so your screwed. Especially now the government is trying to implement the American system in the UK. So even if you worked for 40 years, paying into the UK system, then the system will only give you, 12 weeks dole money and then that's it, your on your own.

They are trying to set this system up and sometime in the next 5 years, so add those people, to the chain reaction and what you get is a disaster in the making. Its a case of everybody for themselves or do as the people who can afford to buy and sell you, tell you to do, great bloody system. I wonder how many people, will have to live in poverty or be put into work camps, within Britain before the public speak out. Honestly Gordon Brown said work camps for the unemployed will be introduced, check out one of his budget speech's, it's in there. Could you honestly imagine seeing Brown putting his kids through this type of brain washing. Christ when I heard it, I thought oh my God, it's 1940's Germany all over again?

Minimum wage is the prelude to the introduction of the American system, (welfare for work), so eventually you will be forced to take the job the computers will match you to and you had better take it. It's all part of the new Job centre plus deal, any reasonable job offered must be taken, that's fine I thought, I'll be PM and the PM, can go flip burgers, sounds reasonable to me how about you, fascists. On that note the Spanish have shown that this type of government policy making is not acceptable to the masses, I can only guess that the UK government has managed to get away with it, because most of the public are still asleep.

JOB = Just Over Broke?

You have to keep ALL the people working all of the time, otherwise the system may crumble?

People need to believe that we are all working together for the common good?


Its despotism once again, always remember to keep the minds of the masses busy or focused on smoke and mirrors, otherwise they may revolt or even worse think for themselves. In that vain, I have a message to the powers that be, the mass media could always be used to educate the public or would that also be considered too dangerous. I mean, at least when the masses are dumbed down, their easier to control. I dare you to explain to the masses , the real truth behind your motives. The politicians now blame WMD on bad intelligence, you have to wonder who the hell they think they are kidding, the only bad intelligence in this case, was in the minds of the political leaders, who dreamed up the excuse in the first place. If they had just said look, Saddam is a really bad guy, we are the good guys, plus we think that in the long term it is both strategically and economically better if we control Iraq, rather than some psychopathic loony, then hey, the public and the UN, would have had said NO WAY, but at least it would been an honest attempt, to justify future actions.

The rich just keep getting richer whilst the poor just keep getting screwed, in an A.I. / nanotech future then this situation could take on a whole new meaning, (see the workforce). Anyway, the only real difference between the very rich and the rest of us, is about ?? billion dollars. This should show you that the divide between the rich and the poor is a slightly lopsided one and in any reasonable personís eyes ever so slightly wrong, especially when you consider how many people are struggling in the world. So the real truth is, that while these people get rich, the rest of us will have to struggle to come to terms with the fact that automation will leave most of us unemployed and struggling to survive, in a world dictated by market forces rather than common sense. Don't worry though, the government has plans for us all, work camps great bloody idea and while your at it Bush and Brown etc, why don't you just shoot anybody who disagrees with you. Mind you they will probably say, I'm mad and have me committed for life under the new mental health act.

For the powers that be, it is all about control and ideology and as long as the public doesnít get out of hand, then as far as the powers that be are concerned we can basically do what we like, as long as it doesnít interfere with their plans. The powers that be are not just the governments of the world, but the big banks, multinationals and the industrialists, these power structures make decisions everyday that affect millions of peopleís lives. So money gives them that control and money is a very potent tool, so its continued existence is in their own self-interests. The coming battle between the rich and the rest of us, could be a very bloody one. Money is an enabling technology, it enables the people who have it, to manipulate the people who don't, which is a hell of a way to live and as for the rest of us, well we get to watch?

The powers that be have a lot to lose in their eyes, power is a very seductive and addictive drug, but hopefully they will come to realise that nanotechnology will allow them and everybody else, to have all of the material wealth, that any of us could ever possibly want or need and if the human race gets it right, then it wonít cost any of us a penny. DREXLER has a dream, I like many others, want to believe in that dream.

Radical nanotechnology I believe is achievable, the question in my mind, has always been when will this technology mature into the vision, Eric originally had for it, nature shows us what is possible, to think we can not go beyond it, is I believe, naive.

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