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Section 4 / Page 114

The Powers That Be

The powers that be, wanting a zero tolerance option to all forms of crime, could result in an undermining of their own power structures. Just clamping down on the parts of society which have the problems is not the way to go. Unless you give these people what they really want, which is basically a future that doesnít look so bleak (at least for that section of society), then obviously they will have nothing better to do than to cause trouble. Iím not attacking the governmentís policies just their understanding of the problems. This is about hope, these people just see a lifetime ahead of them, doing crap jobs, that they have been economically forced into doing, so government spin just pisses them off. I see some kids looking at their parents who never got anywhere in life and then some of them come to realise that they will end up the same way, so they just don't care. I have seen it with my own eyes, zero respect, no hope and a feeling that you will never get away from feeling like nothing.

No amount of telling the people at the bottom of society that itís all going to get better, will convince them that the future at least for them will get better and if they knew what I now know, then the problems would probably escalate. At least I vent my frustration in what I think is a constructive way (others wonít). The others that wonít and the others that try to tell them how to behave, may find these tensions increasing as the chain reaction spreads. Stability is the key to the worldís problems not suppressing peopleís frustrations. The people at the top who say, if we all work together, then this will produce the long sought after stability and riches we all want. Whilst this may sound like a good plan on paper or whilst having drinkies at Skibo, Hayman Island, Nemacolin or Gleneagles etc, back in the real world, there are a growing number of people, who are not blind to these  fellow equals, who tell us to work for peanuts, whilst living the high life. I believe people would become much more stable, if they didnít have to worry so much, about how they are going to pay even the smallest of bills, just like the powers that be. I just hope these types of people, have factored in some of the things written in this eBook within their future plans for us all?

The worlds top capitalists maybe missing the point, because the way I see it, is this, machines and smart software will become the most cost effective and efficient way of doing things, usually capitalists love efficiency = less work = usually more unemployed. If you extend this ideology out to it's logical conclusion, then what you end up with, is one person sitting at the top, with the rest us subjugated below them, possibly all being manipulated and controlled via machines? Of course this will never happen. but ideologically speaking, there is no reason why it couldn't happen.

Adam Smith may have something to say on the matter and the great unseen hand may also have something to say on the matter, but this technology must bring  about both an ideological and social revolution, otherwise the working classes may find themselves becoming obsolete or find themselves at the mercy of oligarghs. If the people at the top won't change, then history has shown us all, more times than not, that the people at the bottom, will make them. This is all part n parcel of the chain reaction theory, that we could all soon face?

Yob culture is just the tip of the iceberg, these kids are the future, so blaming them is to deny the role that modern society and previous generations have had in the creation of the problem. These kids may become the foot soldiers of the next revolution, right now they are bored, because they are bombarded by TV images of sex, violence, cool products / lifestyles etc, then they usually find themselves having to deal with a completely different reality to that seen on TV. Which leads them to anti-social behaviour, as I said they are just bored and frustrated, plus a lot of the time ill educated, but smart enough to see that their own future is going to be pretty crap, especially if their parents lives are no good, many of them see their parents as a reflection of their own future. So no matter what they do, they will probably never have anything more than a humdrum existence, so why bother socially fitting in.

It's capitalism that leads them to look for the easiest escape route out of the trap, so as they see it, it's all about the money and in western society, their not far wrong, so crime, in one way or another, looks like a fast and easy route to riches = nice lifestyle or you could work hard for 20 years and you still might not get anywhere, it's much easier for most of them to give up before they even start. Capitalism is only great, when your rich?

The old saying of garbage in, garbage out, is just as true for people as it is for machines, so kids raised by advertisers and spin doctors = at least at one level of society = a bunch of pissed of tracksuit wearing skinheads who don't think.

Anyway I am writing this because I think the chain reaction will eventually develop and affect my own life, so I might as well do something to help prevent it rather than just hoping, that society or the government will fix the problem. You can only fix a problem if you are aware it exists and hopefully somebody in a position to do something about this problem will read this and then maybe ask me to help. That would allow me to then do something useful and worthwhile with my life. The governments of the world are all being manipulated by forces outside of their control, and most are probably trying their best, but the true nature of the problem is too big to be fixed by any one government. I personally have no interest in politics I donít care who rules the country within reason.

I mean if the Nazi party want my vote, then they wouldnít get it, if you know what I mean. Political parties remind me of nothing more than a bunch of warring tribes, with no real answers to anything, but they all share one common goal and that is, to get into power and stay in power. As for the common good, well I believe that it gets lost, in the dog eat dog world, that is politics. At the end of the day, they say its all about politics, but in a free market economy, politics invariably gives into economics, not the other way round, This is why I truly fear A.I. and nanotech being unleashed within a global free market, government policies and laws won't stop this technological onslaught or it's impact.

Want an example, bottled water = millions of plastic bottles being chucked into landfill every year, just so people can feel good about the water they drink, but at least in most 1st world countries, tap water is invariably cleaner and safer than most bottled water and you thought chav's where the stupid ones?

This is about 12 minutes in length, but sums up so much:-


My life feels like an exercising in some one else's idea of marketing or to put it another way, how much for that bottle of water, 2 million dollars, really, yea, it must be good then? Aha, but governments tax the water sold, oh well as long as someone is making money out of it, it must be a good thing, common sense seems to go out the window, when there is a buck to be made

If you apply this type of logic to future technology markets,  then as long as the consumer wants,  robots, A.I., nanotech, VR, then there will be people trying to sell it to them, it may throw governments and some industries into turmoil for a while, but economics will win out every time. So we end up with nanotech producing everything, robots doing all the work, oh yea and no government is needed, because A.I. does all the thinking for us, whilst we play in our virtual worlds, but who pays for it all and who is making money out of it?

At the end of the day most civilized governments of the world are not stupid and do run their countries reasonably, but no matter what they do, no one government will be able to protect itself from the coming problems created by these new technological advancements. I am genuinely concerned because I donít think there's much time left, before something truly catastrophic happens. If we all keep pretending that it isnít actually happening, then events could spiral out of control. Then the public will get to see these problems once the technology is already too late to control, and the economies of the world start to collapse. Many top I.T. industry leaders are beginning to see the same problems I have pointed out, click here to see what the head of Sun Microsystems thinks.

What governments and all monetary based power structures have to consider is that the threat to these structures is not from people or another nation, it actually comes from their own short sightedness and no manipulation of people or shifting of resources will protect them. This threat will arise from their own need to protect the very structures, that will be causing the problems. Government and industry are integrally linked, but industries need to produce and governments  need to take care of their populace, but an out of control I.T. industry could become the biggest threat. See I-Robot or Rossum's Universal Robots by Karel Capek, so of course everything I tell you in this eBook is of course nothing new, it's just an up-to-date version of an age old tale, except their stories are works of fiction, just like this eBook. From the Master Control Program in Tron to VICKI in I-robot, but in reality we have Korea and its centrally networked ubiquitous robotic companions, the first step towards an all networked robotic society?

The rich and the powerful will not want to give up the best tool they have, i.e. money, so they will fight to keep their power structures in place. If another control mechanism other than money can be found, then these types of people could also be kept happy. The powerful could then keep their power, but they should not have that power at the cost of all our lives. Freedom is something we all want and freedom comes from choice, what most people want is not war or conflict, they just want to know that they will be ok and can afford to live. The frustration felt by most people on low income or below a certain educational standard, is that they are trapped in that position. Considering the fact that the majority of people are relatively poor, then the minority (the very rich and powerful) will have to learn that the power they have, should be used more fairly and not just for their own ends. Having a Ferrari is nice, but if you live in a society that has people with billions, whilst other people struggle to pay even the simplest of bills, then it's time to question the society you are a part of.

Keep in mind that the governments or corporations that are producing this technology are also the biggest pushers of it, the net in every home etc, just equals more cash for them. Just remember the harder you work, the richer, the rich get (see investors). My politics is, as you might have guessed, more Michael Moore than George Wanker Bush.

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