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Section 4 / Page 113

A Possible Solution?

If the global economy could be transformed so as to fit in with all these new technologies, then they could be introduced safely allowing the whole human race to grow beyond the confines of money. The problems have already been pointed out, but the obvious solution, is that everybody in the world agrees and understands that this technology could be used to benefit everybody, if it is controlled and allowed to happen in a society that is not stretched to breaking point by monetary issues.

This is going to take some doing, but the alternative is more than likely global war, so at the deepest levels of global power the people at this level will have to see the logic of this type of future, or suffer the consequences of their own short sightedness. If the people at this level could be convinced that it would be in their own best interests to stop this potential disaster. Then I think the majority of people / public could also be convinced that it would  also be in their own best interests to control this technologies introduction, without market forces etc, having to decide all our fates. If this could be done on a global scale, then these new technologies could be developed and then allowed to help people, without us all having to worry about how we are going to pay for it. This would allow the people at the top of society to remain in power but in a different way, they would still be able make decisions and conduct affairs of national interest, but the society they controlled could become a lot easier to control because the population could rest easy in the knowledge, that they didnít have to worry about money all the time. Once a certain level of power is reached, then money is no longer a driving factor, it becomes just another tool in the arsenal of the people who wish to manipulate or maintain control.

If the standard of living was shown to be on the increase for everybody and nobody had to worry about money, then people should be able understand that this type of society has got to be better than the alternative. Not everybody will probably like it, but the majority, who after all, will be the people who will most benefit, will probably come to accept it?

If we allow the current economic situation to continue with an increasingly intelligent population (well in some quarters), and you force that population into jobs that are going nowhere or are menial, then it wonít take long before these people start feeling annoyed at being semi-forced into doing things, that they donít actually want to do. Slavery is alive and well, in the minimum wage world.

On the left is the lifestyle that most of the poor in Britain have to deal with, me included in some ways, what they want is the lifestyle they see on the right, they are then asked to work for McDonalds or to go adventure climbing etc, no competition, they know what they want. The government offer them nothing, but dead end work, gangster rappers, offer them the dream?

If you wish to drive people crazy, then show them what they could never afford, no matter how hard they work?

Like I said, if you overdose a population on these types of BS dreams, then reality does become the come down and for some, it becomes a case of, we ain't going to what you tell us or join in with your stupid society, not unless you can promise us, a lifestyle like 50 Cent at the end of it.

The age old dream of what would it be like to be rich, is now given form via TV.

The world is changing and the powers that be will have to change how they handle the populations they control, otherwise that population will fight back. Iím not an anarchist or a revolutionary but I am a member of the general public and  if I can think this way, then how many others are also thinking this way. This is going to become a big problem for the powers that be, this growing feeling in certain sections of society will only help fuel the chain reaction. Itís a situation that is going to get worse, especially when most people in dead end jobs, find even those jobs being taken by increasingly smart machines.

This is an amazing time in human history and the world may at last be using reason over force in it's approach to some of its problems. The next step would be to do away with the old policies that maybe slowing the world down, or holding us back from doing the right thing. The right thing is to get the technology up to speed whilst ending money, thus doing away with poverty, most crime and a large section of the worldís population feeling like nothing more, than service engineers, helping to oil a great machine.

This is not just my view this is actually a prevailing view, as in the workers built the infrastructure so itís about time they actually got to enjoy what they built. The rich and the powerful take a lot of that infrastructure for granted and yet, it is mostly the poor that have to keep it running. For example, I watched a pop star the other day talking about online piracy and how it had affected him. He said whilst sipping a drink next to his pool in his mansion in the sunny hills of California, that if he gets a plumber out, them he expects to pay the plumber and the same goes for his music, if you listen to it, then you should pay for it.

What's wrong with that view, you may well ask, well the point is, the plumber doesn't have the ability to copy himself a couple of million times and sell himself simultaneously to a global market, he has to physically be there doing something, whilst he gets paid by the hour. Of course all this is obvious, but you would be surprised how many working class and rich pop stars never really grasp these concepts?

The kids in the report above, I guarantee, have no idea about business, ideology or how the world really works, not because they are stupid, but because their minds have not yet been told the truth, What is the truth, ideology, some take it for granted, in other words, they where taught what the word means, I guarantee, if those kids went to an average UK inner city comprehensive, then most, if not all of them, have probably never even heard word, never mind its meaning.  This is the crux of the problem, imagine trying to make sense of the world, when nobody goes out of their way to explain it to you, don't get me wrong, I do know that this is by design and not some accidental oversight.

I will do my best to explain more about this, as you progress through this eBook.

The machines which could soon be built, could end up doing almost anything we can do and virtually free of cost. So it's not unreasonable for the powers that be, to allow the situation to develop in the ways I have suggested, by the way, Iím not the only one who thinks like this.

The future is what we make it, which in essence means, it is down to us and not some bureaucratic red tape that cannot possibly be altered. So the powers that be will have to understand that this is a good idea for both the world's population and themselves. The logic behind my recommendations is sound and if you can not see that, then you donít understand technology or where it is going. The time frame for this type of reform requires action right now, not in 10 or 20 years, the problems highlighted throughout this eBook could arise in the next 5 years and certainly within the next 10 to 15.

So just like Russia, we could all find ourselves being caught in a chain reaction that is beyond any one governments control. Russia is a warning, it shows what happens to a society when its economy breaks down, if the developed nations donít wish to suffer the same fate, then they should act now to stop it. If they wait, then it will be too late and nobody may survive to talk about it. I say that because you only have to look at Russia and its nuclear weapons stockpile to understand just how dangerous a society can become.

At one time, Russiaís strategic rocket forces used to be a well trained, highly motivated fighting team, but nowadays itís degenerated into an unbelievably dangerous mixture of half trained, poorly educated troops, that receive virtually no pay and live in near poverty. If the developed nations end up going the same route, then we could ALL find ourselves in a similar situation, but having developed nano and A.I. weapons which by their very nature, would be much easier to deploy and if there was no infrastructure left to support or maintain control of these weapons, due to economic collapse, then you work it out. This is known as the Messy state problem.

If the capitalist ideology is left to continue as it is today, then we could all be left with an extremely deadly problem on our hands. At least with nuclear weapons there is some sort of control, with nano / A.I. weapons there could be none. If Russia had already developed nano & A.I. weapons, then in its current state, I personally wouldnít give the world two cents for its chances. Nano / A.I. weapons would be extremely easy to smuggle, and without a doubt these weapons would surely fall into the wrong hands and  just as surely, these types of people would be mad enough to use them.

If people are willing to die for their causes, then none of us will be safe, from the uncontrolled global proliferation of these types of weapons. Also the chance of a bent spear or broken arrow type situation occurring, will become extremely likely, that's if A.I. and radical nanotechnology is allowed to develop commercially. This is one of the biggest problems we could all end up facing, but if we get the economic policies right, then society should be a hell of a lot safer, if the public doesnít feel threatened then it wonít react or degenerate the same way it has in Russia or even in some parts of the Uk?. Doing away with money will be a tough job, but probably the only real way, to avoid the fate, that has befallen Russia. Iím no macroeconomist just a concerned citizen, so hopefully the powers that be will either come up with a better plan or see the logic of some of my suggestions.

War is not an option that any sane person wants, but looking at the history of the human race, should scare the hell out of anybody. We are not rational when threatened and we sometimes attack the wrong things, so making a situation worse than it already is. In an A.I. / nanotech future, then home grown weaponised versions of A.I. and nanotech, is not a prospect I look forward to. The flipside to this, is that this technology will allow the powers that be, so much control over everybody and everything, that the masses could find themselves having no option but to play ball with whoever the powers that be, turn out to be.

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