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Section 4 / Page 111

Where Is It All Leading

The future entertainment systems that could be made available to the general public should eventually allow for holodeck type technology (donít laugh it is already being worked on) and so hopefully most people should be happy with that level of entertainment. Holodeck technology should allow any individual to try out any scenario, in an immersive VR type environment. This may allow people to see the consequences of any action that they maybe thinking of taking. (See Pax Wrarrior a start down this path to enlightenment). The computing power by this stage should be able to understand how to model any situation we ask it to. This would be a great tool to educate most people, but then again by this stage most people will not be the same as they are today. Most people will be either genetically altered or probably have some sort of enhancement, (wet ware) or some other type of implant to help improve themselves, well thatís one way of looking at it.

The Holodeck of today - way cool.

Nanotechnology should allow people to literally plug in or more likely, wirelessly connect to the global net and then God knows what will happen after that, I mean thatís a pretty awesome set up. People will have to get used to it because the youth will go nuts for it, as most of them have already been brought up by television, science fiction and MTV. This would be just like being rebellious when you were a teenager, just like  smoking or getting a tattoo because it was supposed to be cool. There is bound to be an element within youth culture that will go nuts for it, so trying to stop it will be very difficult. I can Imagine exams of the future, with teachers asking students if they could please shut down their neural net implants and stop using any smart devices they may have about their person. Companies and advertisers may come to love it, imagine targeted marketers of the future, plugging directly into your mind?

When you think about it in these terms, with this type of technology, then exams etc, will become meaningless. Students being taught by teachers also becomes a slightly strange concept, when you can think or say the question into your smart device and a couple of milliseconds later, the answer is downloaded to you along with any additional information, including hyperlinks, interactive VR simulations etc, all direct from the global grid.

I can also imagine some students saying, hey miss, I can't switch off my implant, because if I do, I will die?. These types of problems would obviously make any testing system pointless, we could all become intellectual equals, to some extent. So the question is, who will work in the burger joint, oh yeah sorry, that would be the robots, nope hang on, the high street no longer exists and nanotech produces all of our food, so there are no more burger joints and McDonalds goes pop?

Life as we know it today is rapidly going to descend into the history books or more likely the genetically enhanced memory implant. I can just Imagine the immortal student cyborg,of the future, asking, so what was it like to live back then. The A.I. / VR history teacher replies, do you really want to know, because if you really want to know, then we can upload the experience to your neural net implant, but the experience is best, when you are unaware of it. Could explain a lot if you know what I mean, am I really here or am I already inside some type of simulation, being beamed directly into my brain, by the Sony corporation? (see Sony patent ultrasound technology, to beam images, sounds etc, directly into the human brain). The Matrix is coming soon, to a mind near you?

The commercialisation of nanotechnology is at least in my estimation a complete misunderstanding of this technologies true potential. Nanofabrication is a different matter, but if Drexler is right, then commercialising nanotechnology will not be possible and anybody who thinks they can, is in for a rude awakening. It is as I said before, an enabling technology, but once you see it's true potential, then concepts such as money, make no sense.

Imagine a future in which a scanning device could map out the exact atomic structure of any object, this scan would then be stored within a computer systems memory, then via the use of universal nano-assemblers, we could then recreate that object. Food, clothes, goods of almost any description, if we can imagine it, build it, grow it etc, then in a nanotech future, we  should be able to scan it and copy it, cheaply efficiently and with no waste. Once this technology is up to speed, then it should literally be a case of pulling up the design of whatever we wish to recreate, in our VR holodeck of the future and then hitting the copy button.

So who will have to work, when you have a molecular assembler and the truth is nobody. Crimes based around the acquisition of material goods or money should almost completely disappear. I mean whatís the point in stealing something when you can perfectly recreate or copy almost any object from the atom up. Logically this situation will result in having to maintain a smaller police force. The knock on effects that these technological changes will bring, are incalculable, but most people wonít care as long as they get what they want.

Man has a short time to live, this is very true, we also have, a very short time in which to absorb all the information available and itís very hard for most people to keep up with everything that is going on in the world. The way its shaping up is like this, we will all have to become cyborgs or genetically enhanced to compete in the job market against are own A.I. and robotic creations, so how mad is that. The ideology of capitalism will have to go, if this technology is to realise it's true potential and benefit us all?

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