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Section 4 / Page 110

JSA + Raping The Future, To Pay For The Present

Now for a small insight into the workings of government:-

Government backed mind games - most of the general public as you can see towards the end of this clip - really are clueless.

These types of people, will defend their own ignorance, whilst believing they are smart,  it is as the man said:-




Just remember this eBook, was written by a guy on the dole, a bit like the woman who wrote Harry Potter?

It's hard to get anywhere in life, if your time is taken up, flipping burgers or cleaning toilets for a living.

You have to deconstruct the whole system and the setup that placed you in the position they wished you to be in, if you wish to become a sane and rational being, the only question is:-


They told me I was unemployed and poor, they told me I should comply with their will, whilst taking any job they offered.

They told me I had NO I.T. skills, they then treated me like I was stupid, just one day after I had talked to Noam Chomsky no less.

I chose not to believe them?

Noam Chomsky - some consider him to be the most important intellectual alive today?

As he said most people don't have time to learn all this stuff, I had both the time and the inclination.

The best example I have ever seen of astute UK government policy making, was the introduction of Job Seeker Allowance (JSA). For those people outside of Britain, this was a scheme dreamed up by the conservative government which was deliberately concocted as a Damocles sword. If the British public voted in a Labour government, then they would introduce JSA on leaving office. This was a deliberate act to annoy the people who where most likely to vote Labour. It was basically designed to screw up, how social security payments were made to the poor and out of work. So making life a lot harder for anybody finding themselves in that position.

Anyway the JSA plan was held back, once the conservatives knew they would get back into office, so they kept it on ice until the next general election. When it became clear that they where going to lose, they hurriedly implemented the plan, so making it look like the next party in office (Labour) had implemented it. They even banned TV programs like Panorama, that had investigated the JSA plan, the less the public knew the better. The horrible thing is, they actually got away with it. JSA is now in place and to the ill informed, it is the Labour government that have been held responsible for it. As I said, here we have a relatively small number of people dictating policy, on how millions of people should behave, just for their own petty ends

It amazes me how people who are voted into power,  to represent the people who voted for them, then make policy decisions that can not then be openly discussed on TV, because they know the backlash it will cause. So the question we should all ask, is who do these people truly represent and the truth is as per normal, their own self-interests (or that of industry). Of course, their not all bad, just most of them.

I think most of the powers that be, will not truly understand my concepts, because they won't see them as being in their own interests. I.e. we get the machines up to speed and then do away with money, this should allow us ALL to have a much easier time of it. So if somebody in society had a problem, then the economic or at least monetary part of the problem could be nullified. The knock on effect that this could have throughout society, could make for a much better world and a much happier population, especially if we get the technology up to speed and manage to control it. Money has been a great incentiv and has managed to get the human race this far, but it may have to go, if we really want to end world poverty and make us all equal, just like most governments have been promising us all, from the year dot. There are enough real problems in the real world, that need to be sorted out, without us all having to worry about how much it's going to cost us all. Just look at the environment and the threats from natural disasters, a lot of these problems are fixable but current economic structures dictate that its not cost effective to fix these problems. Insane, we are raping the future to pay for the present, it's all about the money, no matter what effect we are having on the natural world.

An example, if you want a million plastic toys producing, no problem, as long as there is profit to be made, want a million water purifiers made for the 3rd world, can the 3rd world afford it, nope - oh well, Toy R Us it is then?

I am trying to lay the groundwork so as to let you see, what has now become obvious to me, so please keep reading because the big picture is incredible, but you need to grasp all of the processes I went through, so as to see the world, the way I do. There seems to be a kind of mind control going on which has to be truly understood, before you can then see all sides.

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Author Alan Keeling