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The concept of the online franchise, was to allow the developers to centrally supply and control the distribution of any of the VR style data contained or inputted into the proposed network. The central control of the databases was seen as an essential ingredient for the development of the grid set-up and the macroscopic neural network concept.

The controlling of images and their distribution, has been the mainstay of Hollywood since its creation, itís time for a change and this could be it. The controlling of virtualised media is becoming the next great gold rush. Many many companies are now jumping on the back of the interactive VR online revolution, mostly for profit.

Television is still the biggest single provider of entertainment in the home, but within the next 10 years, computer technology will allow for increasingly realistic CG images and sounds to be generated and in real time. This means the public will not know if the sounds and pictures they are seeing are real or CG. So the proposed database network was seen as supplying all of the multi-media content the user could want.

The technology to do this is only just here, so its time to use this technology to grab or get into this huge and as yet mostly untapped market. The operator could be at the top of an extremely lucrative and growing network that is quite literally at their fingertips, and all or partially under the control of one single company. The network itself was envisioned as being a vast virtual database, which could share and cross-reference the information it contained with all other parts of the network. In this way, it was not seen purely as a simple network supplying VR imagery, but as a very sophisticated non-localised virtual database, able to optimise itself through the employment of A.I. principals built into its structure.

The more detailed the imagery the better, because people love to watch, television proves this, so the centrally controlled database network, was seen as allowing the operators to tap into the largest possible mass audience market there is, i.e. the TV audience. The revolution is no longer a fledgling industry and at the time of writing this, the mass market is still addicted to television, the key to grapping and converting this mass market sector will be the man machine interface. (Click once on the Image below to see a next generation interface).


Its when the interfaces between computers and people become easier to use, that the mass market will switch over to using the internet in the way the original people, had investors believe. The proposed network was envisioned, at least by me, to have allowed the developers to capture at least some of that global TV audience. CG sounds and images will be the future of both TV and Internet content, so owning that content will be the key to the future of distribution rights.

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