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Section 4 / Page 109

Ignorance and The Market Place + the chain reaction continued

When you have ignorance and greed meeting in the marketplace, then this is usually a recipe for disaster, the implosion proofing it. In my opinion A.I. mixed with market forces is a disaster in the making, it is just waiting to happen and if that doesn't kill us off, then a market driven proliferation of nano-tech combined with A.I., very probably will. Diplomacy may work at one level, but being diplomatic with technology wonít have any effect on it at all, it will just keep on progressing whilst at the same time providing industry with many more streamlining tools.

International radio broadcasts and powered flight have only been around for about 100 years, so as far as Iím concerned the next 100 years will progress just as dramatically, technologically speaking. The problem is, that most people in general have a way of ignoring things that they donít want to see or hear. This leads most of the population into having no real idea about technology, they just accept the things they see and hear around them, whilst hoping the powers that be, will get it all right. This type of thinking will result in most of the population getting very annoyed, especially when this technology starts to interfere with their jobs and everyday lives or more importantly, their income. This is when the chain reaction could really become a problem, just like the petrol crisis. Itís funny to see how the petrol crisis managed to affect so many different areas of society; this proves the chain reaction theory can happen very quickly and even within the most developed economies. It also shows how one simple problem can affect every part of society. Power cuts in the US and the UK, plus September 11th also proving the point.

The ignorance shown by most of the worldís population and market investors when it comes to a lot of the latest technological innovations is astounding. This ignorance is also reflected by most politicians, who often seem to have no real grasp of whatís happening in the technology field. This ignorance will undoubtedly lead to decisions being taken that will more than likely cause even more problems, so increasing the speed of the chain reaction. Technology is changing society faster than it ever has and the human race is playing constant catch up.

I could do that job, but not according to them?

The reaction time of the powers that be, who will at first be trying to understand the problem, then think of a solution, then try to implement that solution, will more than likely find themselves being overtaken by events. This is why, very advanced A.I. systems will have to be controlled. Their introduction by competing market forces, I believe is a recipe for disaster, especially when you consider how many bugs the average computer program contains.

These problems will get worse, because what most big companies and players in the markets along with most governments, donít seem to understand, is that even very small companies using A.I. experts will represent major competition. I can see Angel Capital being poured into cheap startup companies promising low overheads and huge profits, because A.I. experts cost very little to run. This will mean that the big players will also have to use the same or better A.I. systems, to keep their overheads just as low as their competition, which of course means more fuel for the chain reaction and therefore even more unemployment. Job creation in new markets will be small compared to the unemployment this new technology could bring about. Outsourcing is a buzzword in industry, if companies take this route with A.I. systems, then we may see massive problems occurring within the employment market, with cheap virtual workers replacing real world workers and very rapidly, so destabilising major parts of the global workforce.

The economists may bleat that it will never happen, but ask four economists a question and you will get five different answers, in the same vain, this eBook is just my opinion based upon a lot of hyperlinked facts and of course other peoples opinions, so make your own mind up. I say forget economists and look to the people who really understand the technology.

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