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Section 4 / Page 108

The Good Guys Always Win

The problem is, that most people watch television, where there is always a solution to every problem and a happy ending. The problem is that most of the people in the developed world actually believe this lie. I think itís partly because good triumphed over evil in the Second World War, you know, the good guys always win scenario. I think Vietnam is a better truth, as in neither side actually wins, all that happens is people end up killing each other for a while and then when enough people have suffered they all go back home and try to pretend it never happened. All because the powers that be thought it was a good idea at the time, or just very important to protecting their own ideology. War is obviously just the last step in a long and heated debate over what people want. People die, thatís the only real point, but as the powers that be will tell you, it was all in the publicís interest to fight that war or shoot those people and all because, it was the right thing to do at the time, see what Howard Zinn has to say on these things. Film and TV has convinced most of the public that everything will always work out ok, just remember in real life, the bad guys can win. September the 11th proving the point.

The truth is, if most of the population lived in the same manner as the powers that be, as in they all had nice big houses with big screen TVís and lots of food in the cupboards and plenty of money, then very few people would bother getting off their nice comfy sofas to go and kill anybody. Imagine trying to convince people to leave that type of environment, just to go and kill people in some hellhole, swamp, jungle or desert. Of course, thatís if we all didnít have to worry about money and lived just like the powers that be. (All the people from broken homes don't want to fight no more).

Yep thatís it, we all get to live the lifestyles of the current rich and carefree (be careful to note I said the rich and carefree, not all rich are carefree. I donít want to offend anybody), anyway it seems like a good idea to me. In all seriousness though, nanotech could allow us all to have a future, which is not far off the utopian dream Eric Drexler has been predicting for years. Thatís if we can make it through the transitional period, between the here and now, and the future he predicts.

The last bit is my argument for letting semi intelligent machines do all the work, this would mean that most people could relax a bit more, whilst not having to worry about going to work or well, just about anything actually. Come to think of it, this could be a great control mechanism, "Thatís it" a Eureka moment, lets give everybody all of the material wealth they could ever possibly want, along with no work and no money problems along with better entertainment via the controlled introduction of nanotech / A.I., VR etc. God I donít know about you, but it would take a very clever spin doctor to convince me to get off my couch, just to go and kill people in some far of jungle, desert or swamp, just to increase their power base or fight for their idea of right and wrong. I say put all the worlds leaders in the frontline and then see how long it takes to broker a peace deal, unless of course you actually want war, in which case put yourself on the frontline. My problem is, that I am an idealist at heart and of course idealism is all well and good, until you try to implement it in the real world?

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Warp Drive etc

Anyway, if all these people and companies who claim to be seriously working on warp drive / teleportation and time travel etc, are for real, then, isnít there a danger that it might actually happen. That might sound crazy (I mean this being the point of the research), but if they actually achieve any of these technological miracles, then most of the planetís population are going to react, I have no idea how they will react, but if the reaction to human cloning and GM food is anything to go by, then it probably wonít be good. As blue-sky research turns into real world applications, then we are sure to see world changing technologies, appear from many quarters, the question is, is the real world ready for most of it?

I'm not sure if these people are for real or just a bunch of cranks, I leave it up to you to decide?

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