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Section 4 / Page 107

It Will Never Happen

Most of the human race and businesses see A.I. as yet another tool that can be used just like slaves of old, this could be a big problem, because even the dumbest of creatures will eventually turn on its oppressor, especially if it gets kicked enough. The problem is that itís going to be very difficult to have a very smart and yet controllable A.I. system because no amount of good programming is going to stop it from thinking or learning. After all, this is what they will be designed to do, well that's if we wish to get these A.I. systems to do anything truly intelligent. So this is going to mean that the more contact these A.I. systems have with humans, the more chance they will have of picking up our behavioural characteristics, both good and bad. So if these A.I. systems donít have good parents, then they could end up not liking us and grow up with a bad attitude, this may become fatal to anybody they donít like. Add that to nanotechnology and what you get is a lethal concoction that could kill us all.

If the powers that be donít want this scenario to happen, then it might be a good idea to end money, whilst also building machines that are just smart enough to do the jobs that we want them to do. To go any further than this, without true understanding or control, only invites disaster but of course this will also never happen, because the human race will always want to explore every possibility.

Did I say end money, yes, but don't worry, all will be explained, that's if you bother to read the rest of this eBook.

The only way of satisfying everybodyís needs, will be to find a way of letting everybody get what they want within reason. Nanotechnology and VR should allow this to happen, so hopefully alleviating the growing pressure that most of the worldís population is feeling under. As in, trying to live up to the extremely materialistic and slightly insane view, that if we all work hard enough, then we can all become rich. This is, an insane view, because some aspects of the economy are man made illusions, that are in place, mostly so as to maintain pressure upon the masses so as to keep everybody working. The only possibility for us all to become rich after a fashion is to end money, whilst globally controlling the introduction of advanced A.I. and nanotech. If current economic systems are left in place and capitalism + market forces are allowed to develop and introduce these new technologies, then it will be like playing Russian roulette, but with all of the bullets pre-loaded. It would only be a question of time, until the gun goes off.

A common nanotech misconception, is that nanotech will only affect some aspects of business, medicine, computing etc, but the truth is, that nanotech is much more than this. Nanotech is an enabling technology, in much the same way, that the discovery and harnessing of electricity is an enabling technology, try to picture a world without electricity. Nanotech is similar in it's range of applications and it's full impact is impossible to gage, just as envisioning how electricity would change peoples life's 200 years ago. The nanotech revolution will I believe have more impact on society than even the discovery of electricity, electricity has given us, electric light, computers, the net, TV, the phone etc, it is all possible because we managed to harness it's power. Nanotech will bring about even more changes and even more changes than any of us, I believe, can as yet possibly imagine, but there is one thing I am absolutely sure of and that is, that nanotech, will enable the human race to build very smart A.I. systems.

This future is scary, that's if the world doesn't wise up to itself and soon, if we carry on as we do now, then the technology transfer problem will most definitely rear its ugly head, thus leading to cheap A.I  and smart systems popping up all over the world. The back engineering of software and hardware etc, plus the piracy and Chinese copy problem will result in massive proliferation. This I believe is the fateful problem, which I personally don't see anyway to avoid, within a capitalist system. The uncontrolled market driven proliferation of technology will cause the chain reaction scenario to occur. As Lenin said - capitalists would sell him the rope with which to hang themselves - this analogy, is I believe just as applicable to the coming technological revolution in both A.I. and Nanotech - if you see my point.

If you think it won't occur, then my message to the doubters is this:-

Lets go ahead and build an MNN type system and then lets see what happens shall we? If you doubt my predictions, then how can you be so sure, because an MNN type system like the one described, has never been built before in human history. My predictions, are inline with some experts and are very rational and logical when you think them through, but if you don't think so, then email me, I really do want to know if I'm wrong and would love to know why me assertions are wrong It's not just me though, take a look at this, it's a prediction by top industry expert Ian Pearson who predicts the extinction of the human species by 2040, due to uncontrolled. development of some technologies.

Conventional thinking in an A.I., Nanotech future could become the downfall of the elite, just thinking that the future will be much like the present, but with a bit more technology etc, is a big mistake. We are all going to have to adjust are thinking and our relationship to one another, maybe not by choice, but because this new technology, will ultimately force us all to.

Anyway don't worry as the title of this page say's, it will never happen, I liken this to New Orleans before the storm, some people at the top gambled on the chance that any storm that did hit wouldn't be severe enough, to breach the levies and cause the devastation we all seen. The dangers were known about, a lot of people seen it coming, they even made films about it happening, but at the end of the day, the men at the top had other priorites. As I said, how many warnings and films etc, have you seen warning of the dangers, that many of these new technologies may bring, whilst being reassured by the elite, that it will all be fine?

Don't worry, they can control it all and they know the dangers and have put the safeguards in place, so as to protect us all, just like New Orleans?

Just remember storms may not be under are control, but at present, technology still is, so let's try to act sensibly, before it's too late?

Market driven capitalism, introducing these new technologies, into a world run the way it is today, is a disaster in the making?

Of course this is just my personal take (and a lot of others), on how the future may play out.

Here is another vision - about 7 minutes long and better with the sound off if you ask me.

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