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Section 4 / Page 106

Money, Freedom, Power and Undercurrents

People should be made to see the ultimate consequences that could arise, from having an economy based on money. This should allow them to understand why this technology should be kept under some form of control, so that no hacker or lone nut, government or whoever, could initiate the chain reaction or a possible nano / A.I. war. This is going to take some major changes in peoples perception of just how much freedom they think they should be allowed to have.

The powers that be are also going to have to wake up to how a society based around understanding rather than money is going to change their power structures. This will have to happen, otherwise the consequences could be catastrophic, the power structures that we have today will have to become more like a combination of group consensus and common sense, rather than the prevailing structures we have today. In other words, we have more money than you, so do as we say. The powerful will have to realise that this technology, will take no notice of the power they have.

Governments and financial power structures will have to adapt or be quashed by a growing swell of disenchanted and increasingly unemployed people or people forced into work they don't want to do. The French revolution showed how this could happen and there is no reason why it couldnít happen again. Most of the power elite within the French nobility didnít see it coming until it was too late and the same applies to a lot of the people who where in the power structures of the old Soviet Union. Itís funny to think that a lot of the neoconservative's (or as they have been commonly described, the crazies), told us all, that the Reds, only looked like a dyeing empire, but where secretly, stronger than ever. These so called experts now advice the Bush regime about whatís really going on out there, so if they didnít see the demise of the Russian economy, an enemy they watched incredibly closely, then it makes me wonder if these same experts, can see the same problems that may arise within their own economies. Of course, their public face is nothing like their private, although being just a humble idiot boy from Liverpool, means I am only supposed to believe what they say, at least publicly, how about you?

Half the problem is that most of the governmentís economic experts donít see technology in the same way I do. They see it as helping grow the economy rather than killing it. The production of more goods must be a good thing, is how I believe most government experts see it, not really grasping that most people canít afford most of these new goods. Most people are having an increasingly hard time trying to tell their children why they canít afford all these new products. This problem perpetuates itself and has produced a growing undercurrent or feeling within a certain section of society, this feeling is, that no matter how hard they work, they will never be able to afford any of the new things that they want or their kids keep demanding. This growing feeling should not be underestimated, it is an incredibly hard feeling for most of the people trapped on low income or in a dead-end jobs to dispel. This feeling is something that the rich and powerful may not pick up on until itís too late.

They may eventually find themselves being lynched by a rampaging mob of in debt students, backed up by a bunch of unemployed and totally irate minimum wage workers. Who are finally fed up of feeling worthless, whilst also being told just once too often by television and government spin doctors, that they can make it if they just try hard enough ! On that note understand this, consumer dept is one of the biggest businesses there is and in times gone by, if you couldn't pay your dept then you could end up becoming the slave of the person or group, you owed the money too. Nice to see some practices still go on, even if embellished with a bit of modern day spin and garnish.

Of course your not supposed to see it in these terms, now where did I put my credit card?....oh yeah I'm bankrupt, the legal and modern way out of economic slavery. Always remember, the system doesn't care if your in debt, because at the end of the day, it knows that you will have to work, so as to get yourself out of it, which of course, is the point. Wow, to see manipulation on this scale is an amazing thing to behold, billions of workers paying into a system they don't truly understand and then you see so many asking the age old question, why is it like this. The answer is, because most people don't understand the capitalist ideology, but at the end of the day if you want a better system, then the change is ultimately within you. It's harder to manipulate the informed, that's why advertisers and even governments like their audiences to be ignorant, so don't be ignorant.

One of the real problems in this case is television, because the masses are now seeing more than ever what it is they maybe missing out on. There is a certain part of the population that is getting very annoyed when they see the lifestyles of the rich and shameless. This section of society knows they will never get to enjoy that lifestyle without some major luck or by working themselves into an early grave. This is another one of the symptoms of this economic imbalance that is increasingly obvious to anybody who has bothered to look, especially if you look at the global picture. The perspective for most people on low income, is one of despair; there is an increasing feeling amongst these people of being left behind and in a race that they were never even entered into. Most of these people have hopes and dreams that they know they will never achieve, they can see their own future and in that sense, it only leads to greater despair. In Britain we talk about youth crime and gangs on the street etc and yet it is society that has helped creat these kids and to a large extent the problems these kids have to deal with, so who is to blame?

The average person, can see what they want or at least think they want from life, a lot of people then try to figure out how they can get it. If money is blocking the path to whichever goal it is, that they wish to achieve, then this just leaves the individual frustrated. This is the underlying tension that is affecting the majority of the poor. I believe that eventually, as the rich get to play more and the poor have to work harder, then this tension will manifest into violence. I don't want to be right, but the chain reaction scenario could find fuel in this disparity between rich and poor, just as it has in the past. Most of the poor see what the rich have and they also want it for themselves, as always, but if cheap virtual workers push the poor into an even worse corner, then the poor will react and probably not in a good way.

Corruption and mismanagement at the highest levels, also makes it hard to come to terms with the idea of freedom and justice for all. Enron being a perfect example, whilst the workers, California and most investors got screwed, the boss took the 5th, which is lawyer speak, for "hey we aren't talking because we don't wish to incriminate ourselves, so its up to you to prove what we did, even though we shredded most of the evidence". So while the CEO hid behind lawyers, money, political friends and the 5th amendment, the investors and employees had to deal with real life. WorldCom also shows how companies built on hype and BS, managed to suck unwitting investors in only to screw them. If you are an investor, then you have too much money, but seriously always keep in mind, one of the reasons corporations exist, is to help limit the liability of the owners to some extent. So if the corporation gets sued, it is the corporation that pays the settlement (usually). The corporation may go out of business, but that is the worst that can happen usually, so the top people at Enron and Worldcom probably thought they were safe no matter what they did.

The concept of crime, is a difficult concept to grasp at street level, when you see exec's unofficially borrowing millions and not giving a dam and governments spending billions of tax payers money on weapons of mass destruction. Zero tolerance on crime is the attitude?, I wonder if this applies to the people at the top? I could have gone out of my way here, to find a millions of different video clips, but I don't have it in me to go and dig about finding them, but I am sure there are countless examples, that you yourself can recount.

Just a load of Polonium?

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