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The simplest implementation of these concepts, i.e. just letting online users interact within reasonably realistic 3D virtual environments, has already been developed, off the shelf solutions already exist. This software (middleware) could then have been customised, to suit the purposes of the proposal in its simplest form. This type of image and sound database could have been produced relatively cheaply and as can be seen below, the capitalists have already moved into virtual space, the future is taking shape - at least virtually.

At first the databases were seen as being pushed as a virtual tourism gimmick or maybe as a meeting place for online users. This would hopefully attract a user base large enough for the concept to spread, so making the system profitable and attractive to advertisers. The user base could then be charged for access to any of the environments contained, along with any advertisers wishing to have their messages displayed. The implementation of these concepts in the way described, would hopefully have allowed the revenues to be generated to produce better interfaces, so allowing for more complex interactions to take place within the network. Many of the possible uses for the databases are listed within this ebook, but within Virtual Reality, there is an almost unlimited number of possibilities. (This is the real beginning of a Matrix style environment).

All network operators are looking for the best content for their networks TV / radio, print media the internet is no different in this respect.  A charge per usage system was ultimately envisioned as the goal. The net is looking more and more like a tool of business, rather than a nice free place to surf and if big business gets its way, then net based subscription services will become the norm.

The VR environments to be contained within the databases, were not all seen as being the same, each network operator (franchisee), was seen as having access to the networks models, along with custom models for their particular database. The linking of the databases, using the backbone of the internet to transmit information between them, should have allowed the database operators to develop their own non localised virtual networks. This virtual network was envisioned as having many databases containing many different VR models, running on many different pieces of networked hardware, the whole network was then seen as being centrally controled by the franchise operator..

Each end user was then seen as being able to connect to any of the VR models, no matter which database on the network contained those models. As commercially available hardware becomes more powerful, then the networks and the end users were to be exploited into hosting part, or even all of the networks content. Which would have been good news for the content provider or in this case the owners of the databases and bad news, for most network operators. In other words, the database owners, could eventually cut out the network middlemen altogether, by utilising the end users hardware, to host the entire network. (This is explained in more detail further on). Think P2P or Torrent but operating in a very sophisticated way, a bit like Content-centric networking.

The VR database network, should be seen in context, the net appliance market is flooded, add this together with lots of bandwidth and what you’re left with... is software. In my estimation the future for both the Internet and the network middlemen supplying all of these new platforms, will lie in VR style data. This is because as good as most Internet trading systems are, they will never really compete with television, not until the Internet becomes as user friendly or as easy to access, as TV currently is at least for the masses.

 Good and easy to access content, equals user interest.

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