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The Matrix  & Terminator Trilogies, these are more than movies, they are a statement about a possible future in which society has to deal with out of control machines and software. The future of artificial intelligence (A.I.) could become similar to the Matrix's vision and if you haven't watched Terminator 3 yet, then you really should.

It is a wake up call, that this generation needs to understand, forget the time travel and Sci-Fi, think about the military angle exampled within the T3 movie?

Just as agent Smith could copy himself and just as Sky Net could use the power of the internet for its own purposes, the future of the net and the software contained within it, is closer to this vision, than you may think. The future shown in T3 and the Animatrix, the prequel to the Matrix could be far more real than anybody thinks.

Uncontrollable A.I. utilising global grid systems, now commonly refered to as cloud computing systems is a threat we all need to understand.

This ebook is designed to show you, just how close we could be to a Matrix or Terminator style scenario.

Unlike many books, this is not a sci-fi fantasy, this ebook is firmly based in reality.


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