Did you know, that according to science, we now live in a space time bubble floating within eleven dimensions. So the question is, do many of the things that go on, on this small planet, make any sense. If you live in the same reality as myself then you maybe surprised to know, that your mind has been controlled since birth.

You may have heard or seen these words, ďeverything you know is wrongĒ, you probably donít know just how true that saying is.

The powers that be do everything they can to make you believe in the work ethic. In other words they place you in school which trains you to accept a 9 to 5 routine, so mentally preparing you for the standard working day.

You are then presented with choices that best suit the state

and not necessarily the choices that you may want.

 In school you learn to accept a hierarchical system, making you feel powerless, whilst also making you subservient to the will of authority figures. This culminates in a grading system towards the end of your school life, this is used to determine your future usefulness.

This is a form of brainwashing that the state thinks it has to perform on you, so as to control you.

If you are not wealthy then you are economically isolated and then pushed in the direction of getting a better education or a job. You are usually presented with career paths and job opportunities that best suit them. So in effect, you have been turned into a standardised, graded, economically and ideologically controlled product, that can be bought and sold by the people who have the power to do so. Thatís all your CV sayís about you, it tells other people what type of product you have become and what grade you have been awarded.

So the trick is to learn from the very rich, you donít see most of them turning themselves into standardised graded products, (e.g. electricians, plumbers etc); they buy and sell stuff,

 after all thatís what the stock market is all about.

So whilst you might be doing your very best, working hard or trying to get more work experience or trying to get a better education.

Just keep in mind, all you are doing, is turning yourself into a better product, that the very rich can make even more money off.

The very rich and powerful donít work in any conventional sense; all they have done, is learn how to exploit you, whilst making you believe they don't.

If you are stuck in the position of looking for a better job or you want more money,

then the system makes you believe that the the only thing you have to sell is yourself and the only way to get ahead is through education.

In other words, through education, you can turn yourself into a better product for sale.


You will only ever get so much selling yourself, what you need to do, is learn to sell something else, just like they do.

Heaven or Hell is a new ebook, in which you can learn how the powers that be, have managed to socially engineer us all, into becoming nothing more than willing partners, in the biggest mind game ever.

The powers that be don't want you to read this E-Book

so in that sense

 you should.


Welcome to Heaven or Hell...itís your choice

 a new way of looking at the world and the multiverse we all inhabit.

 From A.I. to quantum physics, to the inner journey of the soul there is a link.

Read the book

it will take you on a mental journey

into the past

and the future

 that is beyond your imagination.

It involves governments, technology, big business & the military

but more importantly, the unwitting role

 that most of us play

 in maintaining a system

that is in essence

detrimental to us all.

Do you want world peace and a more equal society,

 well you aren't going to get it

 unless you first understand yourself

and the role that you


 play in the big picture.

This is an ebook so large in it's scope that there is no easy way to tell you everything that it contains.

This is an ebook that will change your perception of yourself and your view of the future.

 Nanotechnology, A.I., VR these are all things that most of us know about or have heard of, it's even old hat to some of us. So keep in mind that this ebook is designed to give you a clear vision of how these new technologies will impact on you and on society as a whole.


I think Heaven or Hell did have an impact on me, because I did become bolder in my own assessments of the ethics of doing certain kinds of AI and robotics which could have bad side effects.



Surely you must be at least as smart as me?

If you ever wanted to know what the system is and what it has done to you, then this eBook is for you.

You left school, you were standardised, you took an exam, you were graded, they made you believe in money, this is the last great social control mechanism.

There's more to this, than you can imagine.

This eBook is not anti-technology, it is about how the human race may use it and what it may lead to?

State sponsored brainwashing does exist, but to see it all, in all it's complexity, then you must be able to put all the jigsaw pieces together. watch and read this new video eBook, so as to see the big picture.

If your unemployed or hate employment zones then you will love this video eBook, section 4 of the book explains how and why you got screwed?

Artificial intelligence is coming and it may become smarter than any of us. Smart networks using grid technologies could become a threat to us ALL, this is the real Matrix.

If don't understand what you have just read, then read the book.

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